Sunday, May 14, 2023

R-07 Building the Foundation (aka Becoming More Self-Reliant)

Resistance 07

By Tim Gamble
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In Resistance 03, I talked about resilience and self-reliance as the foundation of resistance. Simply put, if you want to mount any Resistance against the Elites and their plans, you must develop your resilience and self-reliance. Otherwise, they win. 

Another way to think about it is: the less you need them, the less power they have over you. 

Building Foundation of Self-Reliance

You need to become much more self-reliant as an individual, but also as families and communities. Be able to think for yourselves, and do for yourselves, as much as possible. Do everything you can to build as much self-reliance as possible while there is still time. 

Self-reliance starts with thinking for yourself. Thinking for yourself starts with uncluttering your mind of all the rubbish coming out of the mainstream media, pop culture, and academia. Stop blindly trusting "experts." Turn off mainstream media and the late-night comedians. Tune out much of the current pop culture. Explore the alt-media, but don't just blindly accept what they are pushing either. Read a variety of sources, investigate for yourself, and think for yourself. Ask yourself questions: Does this really make sense? Is it logical? Does it fit what I already know to be true? Does it give facts that I can check, or is it just speculation? 

Self-reliance is also being willing and able to do for yourself. Take responsibility for your own life. Don't sit around waiting for others, or the government, to do things for you. Get informed. Make your own decisions. Learn skills. Gain experience. Do things. 

The Self-Reliance Mindset

1- Assume responsibility for your own life. Don't sit around whining that life is unfair. Instead, get off your a** and do something about it. You are in charge of your life, so act like it.

2- Take the blame for your own life. If you are blaming someone else, you are not being self-reliant. Even when things happen that seem beyond your control - such as being robbed, being laid-off, or even your house burning down - you are still in control of how you react to those things.

3- Be informed. It is your responsibility to find out the facts and information you need to make informed decisions. Keep up with current events, especially on the local level. Keep up with the trends in your industry. Know where to get good information. Ask questions. 

4- Know where your going. What are your goals, for yourself, your family, and your community? What is your purpose? What do you hope to accomplish? Don't just drift through life. Think. Know yourself. Plan ahead.

5- Make your own decisions. Don't let others run your life for you - and that especially includes the government. Don't worry about what others think of you, or about being politically correct or socially acceptable. Don't just "go along to get along." Be informed of the issues, and decide for yourself.

6- Learn skills. The more skills you have, the more self-reliant you can be. And by skills, I don't just mean various homesteading and bushcraft skills so popular with most preppers, but other skills as well, including mechanical skills, computer skills, negotiating skills, business skills, financial skills, budgeting skills, leadership skills, networking skills... 

7- Gain experience. Experience comes from doing, not from reading books or watching videos. Nothing beats actual real world experience. Find ways to gain that experience.

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