Thursday, August 31, 2023

They want you fat, out-of-shape, lonely depressed, scared, addicted, and utterly dependent.

By Tim Gamble 
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A couple of days ago, an account named @Illuminatibot made a very interesting, and accurate, post on Twitter: "They want you to be godless, sexless, genderless, childless, depressed, anxious, afraid, fat, drug addicted, lonely physically weak, mentally weak, in debt, isolated, living in a pod, eating bugs, and dependent on the state for everything."

To that list, I would add: They want you mentally ill, physically ill, out-of-shape, unarmed, unhappy, self-loathing, self-censoring, and without hope.  Arguably, they have been working towards these ends since at least the 1960s, if not before?

Why? It is simple, really. The weaker we are - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - the easier we are to manipulate and control. The less trust and hope we have in ourselves, our families, our God, and our traditional values, the more we will turn to them for guidance and help. 

The want us utterly dependent on the State for everything. They want us to blindly follow their approved experts, no matter what they say. They want us to become willing slaves of the State, trusting only in them. They want blind loyalty, with no competition from family ties, religious beliefs, traditions, or even commonsense. They want us to fear, loathe, and even hate those who think differently and are not willing to be slaves. 

How do we resist? It is simple, really. Don't be those things they want you to be. Work hard to become physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strong. Don't fall for their indoctrination. Lose weight. Start working out. Get out of debt. Build savings. Reconnect with family and friends. Make new connections. Overcome your addictions. Read the Bible. Pray. Become self-reliant. Think for yourself. Seek ways to get out of the worldly system. Seek to build alternative systems. 

Simple. But not easy. It will be hard work. But if you value your life and your freedom, you must be willing to do the hard work. Or you can just sit on your couch, take it easy, watch some Netflix, eat some ice cream, and wait for the next DNA-altering vaccine to be mandated. The choice is yours. 

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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Protecting Your Family From the State and Society (Part 4)

By Tim Gamble 
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Legal Help For Patriots

One of the greatest weapons that has been direct at We The People over the last few decades is Lawfare. Lawfare is defined as "the use of legal systems and institutions to damage or delegitimize an opponent, or to deter individual's usage of their legal rights" (Wikipedia article). The last few years in particular has seen the obvious rise in the weaponization of the FBI, the US Department of Justice, and District Attorneys' offices around the country. In today's reality, many regular folks need legal help to fight back against attempts to take away their rights. To that end, I present here a list of possible sources of help for patriots. 

Note:  I am unaffiliated with the following organizations. I cannot guarantee that they will be willing or able to help you with your particular legal issues. I am providing this list of possible sources of legal help for your reference only. Please contact those that seem appropriate to you and discuss your particular situation with them. Good luck. 

Legal Help with First Amendment (Religion, Speech) Issues

American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)
Legal helpline: 1-757-226-2489

Christian Law Association (ALC)
Telephone: 1-888-252-1969

Liberty Counsel
Telephone: 1-407-875-1776

First Liberty Institute
Telephone: 1-972-941-4444

Alliance Defending Freedom
Toll Free: 1-800-835-5233

Legal Help with Second Amendment Issues

Gun Rights Attorneys
   Listings by State:

NRA Attorney Referrals
**The NRA keeps a list of attorneys who have identified themselves as willing to consider firearm related cases. This list is available free of charge to NRA members only. For assistance in obtaining a referral from the NRA, please call (703) 267-1161. Or visit their website at for more information. 

Legal Help with Homeschooling Issues

Home School Legal Defense Association
Telephone: 540-338-5600 / fax 2733 

Legal Help with Other Issues Concerning Patriots

Already mentioned under First Amendment help, the Alliance Defending Freedom may also be willing to help with other legal issues, including student and parental rights (issues such as schools/teachers pushing critical race theory, gender identity politics, and secret or hidden "healthcare"). They also have some interesting information on their website for dealing with various Covid vaccine mandates

Alliance Defending Freedom
Toll Free: 1-800-835-5233

>>>>>>>If you know of other organizations providing legal help for these issues, please let us know in the comments section below. 

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Friday, August 25, 2023

Protecting Your Family From the State and Society (Part 3)

By Tim Gamble 
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Part 3 - Dealing with an Intrusive Government
Part 4 - Legal Help For Patriots (coming Sunday)

Government Intrusiveness 

A big problem and growing problem in our current dystopian world is government intrusiveness (as well as that of schools, companies, landlords, homeowners associations, and other "authorities"). 

No person or government has the moral right to tell you how to live your life, express your beliefs, or raise your children. No person or government has a moral right to prevent you from being self-reliant, practicing self-defense, or being prepared for an emergency. No person or government has the moral right to control your body against your will. However, many politicians, bureaucrats, and other busybodies think and act as if they have that right, and they are increasingly giving themselves the legal ability to do so. 

Know Your "Lines In The Sand"

Choose your battles wisely. Don't make everything a contest of wills between you and the authorities. They have rigged the game in their favor. Figure out ahead of time what is worth fighting over, and what isn't. 

Your employer tells you you MUST get the vaccine. Your kid's school says that all students MUST get the vaccine. Is that your line in the sand? Will you actually quit and find another job, or will you knuckle under?  Will you pull your kids out of that school (options include private school, home school, or move to a new district), or will you knuckle under?

What if you discover your kid's new teacher, Mr. Smith, is a trans activist who wears makeup and high heels in the classroom? Will that be your line in the sand? 

What if your state passes new, very restrictive gun control measures which would require that you turn in several of your guns? Will that be your line in the sand? Will you hire a lawyer to fight it? Will refuse to comply? Will you finally move to a second amendment state?  What will you do when law enforcement shows up to take your guns? 

Will you comply with new facemask requirements? If not, how do you plan to work, shop, and so forth? What will you do when the store calls the police because you refuse to wear your mask? 

What if they order churches to close down again because of the new Electionyear variant.? Will you comply? What if the church you currently attend complies? 

The point is to think through the multitude of various What Ifs we may face, and decide now where your lines in the sand are, and how you will respond. This will help you act rationally and calmly, rather than emotionally. 

Operational Security

You will have to be clever to work around the impediments they place in your way. Although I would never suggest anyone do anything illegal, there is a saying "Its easier to get forgiveness than permission." You have to obey the laws and rules whenever possible, but you don't have to sacrifice yourself to those laws and rules. You have to decide where the lines are for yourself and your family.

This is where Operational Security (OPSEC) comes in - what they don't know, they can't complain about. Review part one of this series for some ideas on OPSEC.  Besides, once the infrastructure breaks down post-SHTF, there will be no one in charge to tell you to take down that clothesline or to not have some "pet" chickens. Or, if there is anyone in charge, they'll be too involved with real problems to deal with your outlaw garden.  

Where You Live Matters

Let me politely suggest this, even though this bit of advice upsets some people: If you find where you live too restrictive and controlled, consider moving elsewhere. You don't have to move to the deep country if you don't want, but perhaps you can find a less restrictive city or even a small town to your liking. Or maybe you just need to move out of your current neighborhood with the overbearing home owners association and into a neighborhood without one. 

As a general rule of thumb, red states (conservative) tend to be less controlling and restrictive than blue states (liberal). Small towns tend to be less controlling than 
big cities. 
And home owners' associations are the worst, with petty egotistical tyrants controlling everything.     

Generally speaking, the more rural an area is the freer it is. One practical reason is local governments, law enforcement, and schools simply don't have the money to push for too much control and ideological BS. This is a major advantage to living in "poorer" areas. 

Another reason is that the people in authority in small towns and rural areas are literally closer to the regular folks. In the Big City, the mayor lives in a gated mansion surrounded by security personnel. In a small town in the country, the mayor lives just up the street from you and shops at the same Walmart you do.

Keep Careful and Detailed Records

Whenever dealing with anyone in authority - LEOs, landlords, employers, bureaucrats, teachers or school administrators, your HOA, etc. - always keep careful records. Note details of exactly when and to whom you spoke, what was said, what the outcome was, and other details. Note any expected follow-ups by either party. Always save copies of any paperwork involved. Take photos of the situation if applicable. This level of detailed record keeping will help discourage any "misunderstandings."

Be Polite, But Firm 

When dealing with authorities, always be calm and polite, but firm. Losing your cool or getting emotional won't help the situation, and likely will make things worse. It is a good thing to be very firm and clear in your communications, but never use obscenities, vulgarities, or slurs. You can raise your voice slightly for emphasis, but never yell or shout at them. Smile. Even if they stoop to insults or threats, don't sink to their level. Again, remain clam and polite, but firm. 

Never, Ever, Make A Threat 

Making a threat against an authority, even in the heat of the moment, is never a good idea. Authorities take threats very seriously, and they have given themselves special protections against threats that us ordinary folks don't have. Remember, the system is rigged in their favor. 

This means never threatening an authority in person, or on social media. Think before you post! 

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Kaleb House

Kaleb House is one of the charities I support. Rescues and restores child victims of sex trafficking. Special donation matching is happening today (8/23) and tomorrow (8/24). Please prayerfully consider donating. I have. Go to for more info. Thank you. 

Protecting Your Family From the State and Society (Part 2)

By Tim Gamble 
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Today, I want to take a close look at a very common threat most of us will face, but one we sometimes don't think of as an actual threat - The Busybody Neighbor. 

The Busybody Neighbor

Whether they are just overly nosy or actually malicious, the Busybody Neighbor seems to exist in every neighborhood and community. Who is the Busybody Neighbor? Here are some signs:
  • Constantly watches you and your family from their window
  • Asks overly personal or inappropriate questions
  • Constantly makes critical comments about you, your family, home, or yard 
  • Constantly complains about everything you or your family does
  • Spreads gossip about you or your family
  • Makes it obvious they disapprove of you, your politics, your religion, etc.
  • Snoops around your trash, mailbox, or yard
  • Reports you to the home owner's association or local authorities about whatever they disapprove of, no matter how small...
These are only a few of the possibilities of a Busybody Neighbor. Busybodies can be anything from mildly annoying to outright dangerous. So, how can you deal with the Busybody Neighbor?

1) Ignore them. If they are just being nosy or mildly irksome, simply ignoring them my be your best option. Constantly getting into tit-for-tat disputes with them won't accomplish anything.

2) Make friends with them. Many people, particularly the elderly and shut-ins, become busybodies out of sheer loneliness or boredom. Spying on you makes their lives a bit more interesting. Try making friends with them.  Besides, having an extra pair of (friendly) eyes watching your home when you're not there could be a good thing.   

3) Politely, but firmly, refuse to answer personal or inappropriate questions. Just being neighbors doesn't make you friends, and its okay to point that out to them. "I'm sorry, I don't talk about my finances/politics/religion/whatever with acquaintances" is a perfectly valid and acceptable response. So is a polite "That's really none of your business."  

4) Politely confront them. Let them know that you know about their bad behavior. "Please don't snoop in my mailbox again, or I will report you to the post office." When they angrily deny it, simply smile and say "Then you have nothing to worry about. Just remember, my phone takes excellent video." Then walk away from them. There is no need to extend the confrontation.

Similarly, if you notice a neighbor staring at you from their window or yard, smile and wave at them. This will let them know their behavior has been noticed.  

5) Practice OPSEC. OPSEC, or operational security, is mostly about taking commonsense measures to protect your privacy. Shred sensitive documents (receipts, bills, etc.) before throwing them away. Keep your curtains or blinds closed at night and when your not at home. Collect your mail from the mailbox as soon as possible. Don't have loud conversations of a personal nature within earshot of your neighbors (keep those conversations indoors). 
A "yip-yip" dog is great fore alerting you when someone is sneaking around. 

Talk to your kids about not answering certain types of questions from neighbors (and teachers, coaches, scout leaders, etc.). If a neighbor asks them something that is out-of-bounds, have them simply reply "I don't know. You'll have to ask my parents about that.

6) Keep your house doors, car doors, garage, outbuildings, and fence gates locked. You can even get a lockable mailbox, if that is a concern. Just remember, locks don't work if you don't lock them. 

7) Install privacy barriers. Put up a fence to keep people off your property. 
Post a No Trespassing sign. Get a dog to further discourage trespassers. Put up a privacy fence to block snooping eyes. Plant roses or other thorny plants outside your windows. 

8) Live in an apartment? Your options may be limited, but you still have some: Put up blackout curtains or blinds, and keep them closed to block peepers. Always keep your door locked, even when you're home. Get a small yip-yip dog and they'll let you know when someone is snooping outside your door or windows. Don't talk too loudly when discussing personal matters, even when you are inside. Keep your WiFi secured with a hard-to-guess password. Document any problems you are having with neighbors, then let the landlord or building manager know about it.

9) Get the police involved if its serious enough. If you are concerned about the safety of your family, absolutely contact the police. If someone has crossed the line and become a stalker, if they are making threats, if they may be engaging in illegal activities, or if they are repeatedly coming onto your property without you permission or good cause, keep careful record of their activities (log times & events, get eyewitnesses, photos or videos), and report them to the police. 

10) Install an alarm system and/or security cameras. A multi-camera CCTV system with DVR recorder can be had for under $200 (here's one such system on Amazon). These cameras can not only alert you to problems, but provide visual documentation for the authorities, making it more likely they take action against the problem individual. 

!!!!!!! One last bit of advice:  Never threaten or retaliate. In sports, it seems like it is always the player who retaliates that gets caught. If someone threatens you with physical harm, that is a crime. If you threaten them back, that too is potentially a crime. "They did it first" isn't a legal excuse. Get the authorities involved if things become bad.

(Click here to read Part 1 of this article. Part 3 will hopefully post on Friday.)

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Monday, August 21, 2023

Protecting Your Family From the State and Society (Part 1)

By Tim Gamble 
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The political and social environment in which we live can be just as potentially dangerous as the physical environment. Threats to our safety come not only from criminals, thugs, and other obvious bad guys, but from many government officials and even a large segment of regular folks. This can include many doctors, teachers, co-workers, and neighbors who have been brain-washed into considering traditional values, beliefs, and lifestyles as not only wrong, but potentially dangerous. 

Religious and political persecution is very real these days. Many people who stand up for traditional and conservative values are losing social media accounts, losing jobs, losing friends, and losing their reputations. Some are being "debanked," being placed on no-fly and terrorist watch lists, and otherwise being cancelled from normal society. Traditional folks are increasingly being reported for "hate" speech and being charged with "hate" crimes. They are being harassed and even physically attacked for their religious and political beliefs.

What can we do about this situation? One thing is to face the current reality: that our religious and political beliefs can get us in trouble, even if those beliefs were considered normal and mere commonsense just a couple of decades ago. Then, we can take prudent steps to protect ourselves and our families.

Apply situational awareness not only to your physical surroundings, but to the social and political environment in which you live. If you don't fully understand situational awareness, please start by reading my article Survivalist's Guide to Situational Awareness and the OODA Loop.  It is a lot more than just paying attention.

Figure out the political and social dangers you face. How progressive is your local mayor and city council? What about your local sheriff? Is your city a sanctuary city? How restrictive are state and local gun laws? How liberal is your local school board? What about your city manager (a non-partisan position in theory, but in reality they have a political ideology)? Same goes for your kid's school principal and teachers.  

What about in your neighborhood? Any busybody neighbors spying on you? Do you have a Home Owners Association? How much power do they wield? 

What about where you work? Any social justice warriors (SJWs) among your co-workers? How liberal are your bosses? Are vaccines required? Are facemasks required? What are your company's polices regarding everything from sexual harassment, to workplace discussions on politics and religion? Are HR courses on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), or containing critical race theory (CRT), required? Is there an official pronouns policy? If you are white, are you required to admit your "white privilege?" If you are non-white, are you treated differently because of your "oppressed" status? 

Be aware that Big Brother is watching you, and your family. Under Obamacare, the government began pressuring doctors to ask their patients about guns in their homes, making your medical records a de facto gun registry. Recently, this attempt to turn doctors into something akin to a secret surveillance force has increased, with medical professionals being encouraged to report parents who refuse suggested vaccines and procedures for their children. Patients are being encouraged to tell their doctors about any mental health concerns they may have about themselves and other members of their family and household (chilling considering the big push for red flag laws). 

Schools, too, are being used to collect data on the private lives of students and their families. In recent years, both individual teachers and entire school systems have been caught asking students about their parents' religious and political opinions and affiliations, who their parents vote for, whether or not there are guns in the home, and even whether or not their parents are obeying local recycling regulations!

It is important to take an honest look at your situation. This can be uncomfortable. One example: For years, many parents were aware of problems in the public school systems. However, it was always "other" schools, not their kid's school, that had the problems. They would fiercely defend their kids' schools and teachers. Then came the lockdowns, and their kids had to do school from home. This forced many of these parents to finally take an honest look at their kids' schools and teachers. What they saw was shocking, and lead to the ongoing parents revolt against school boards across the country. 

These are just some of the things you need to think about as you practice sociopolitical situational awareness. Once you have honestly identified the potential threats, you can act to protect your family from the State and society. 

Discuss with your spouse and children the importance of privacy. Explain that certain things are "family business" and not to be shared with outsiders, including teachers. Discuss what and how much can be shared with non-family members, such as bosses, co-workers, neighbors, doctors, and teachers. Discuss what should and should not be shared on social media. 

Consider changing jobs, if you realize you are working for a very liberal, politically-correct company. 

Consider moving, if you find that you are living in a highly liberal city or state.

Get your kids away from leftist schools and SJW teachers. Move, homeschool, charter school, private school, or whatever else you need to do. As a parent, this should be your #1 priority. 

(There will be a part 2 to this article posted soon). 

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Friday, August 18, 2023

Announcement for

By Tim Gamble 
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Apologies for not posting this week, but my bout with severe food poisoning, along with the associated sleep deprivation, took more out of me than I realized. The good news is that I am at least 95% back as I write this, and I plan to start posting new articles next week. (Taking this weekend to rest and fully recuperate.) 

Thank you for your patience, and I hope to see you here next week!

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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Civil Defense Information


I am posting a series on Civil Defense on my Dystopian Survival website. You may be interested in checking it out, as there is included a lot of information useful for Resistance of all enemies, both foreign and domestic. The first two articles are already posted, with the third article currently scheduled to post on Sunday, and more to follow:

1) Civil Defense (part 1 of a series) - Just a quick introduction to the series. 

2) Civil Defense: Sweden's Example / Prepare for War - A highly detailed look at Sweden's efforts at Civil Defense, including their 2018 "Prepare for War" booklet and several instructional videos produced by the Swedish government. LOTS of information, advice and insights in this article. 

Get Prepared.  

*** You can find Tim Gamble on social media! Follow at Gab (@TimGamble), Instagram (@DystopianSurv), Twitter (@TimGambleSpeaks), and TruthSocial (@TimGambleSpeaks) 
AD: David Kobler (aka SouthernPrepper1) has a new book out this year, entitled Nuclear War Survival: A One Hour Crash Course - Learn the basics fast, just in case. It is a short book that is exactly what it says it is - a crash course covering the basics for nuclear war survival. Only $8.99 for the paperback on Amazon. 

Monday, August 7, 2023

R-37 Four Keys To Surviving Dystopia

By Tim Gamble 
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This article by previously published on my Dystopian Survival website, but I think it is a good fit here, too. For those who don't know, Dystopian Survival is my preparedness, survivalist, and self-reliance website. There are over 450 articles on that website, so be sure to check it out. 

Four Keys To Surviving Dystopia

Dystopian Survival is not your typical prepper or homesteading website. It is about survival. Not surviving the fantasy of a week alone and naked in the wilderness, but rather surviving the long-term reality of life in a dystopian world marked by tyrannical governments and powerful corporations.  A world ruled over by an Elite class of the ultra-wealthy, privileged few. A world where those not of the Elite class are little more than slaves of the State and mega-corporations, without any real freedoms, privacy, or hope. 

How do we survive Dystopia? Here are four keys to our survival:
  1. Detach.
  2. Simplify.
  3. Localize.
  4. Tribalize.
1) Detach.  Detach from the System as much as possible. Our current worldly system was created by the Elites, for the Elites. The deck is stacked against the common man to an impossible extent. The only way to beat the system is to leave the system. So, leave it. To the extent you can, get out of...
  • the cities and mega-suburbs
  • the doomed financial system
  • the public school system
  • the corporate news media
  • the liberal/progressive churches
  • the pop culture and corporate entertainment system
  • the failing healthcare system
  • the attitude of victimhood and dependency that is being intentionally fostered
See my articles:
2) Simplify. Simplify your life as much as possible. Be a producer, not a consumer. The less you need, the better off you will be. The less cluttered your life, the better off you will be. Know your true priorities, and stick to them.

3) Localize. The more localized your life is, the more control over it you have, and the less control they have. I've previously called for "a return to the old paths of self-reliance and local economies built around agrarian communities." For ideas, see my articles:

4) Tribalize.  Like it or not, we all need other people. No one individual, or even one family, can go it alone for the long-term. You will need other people at some point. The "lone wolf" prepper fantasy is just that - a fantasy. Work hard on finding or building a community of like-minded folks whom you can trust. I know it is hard to trust other people, particularly in today's world. Caution is a good thing. Just don't let your caution become full-blown paranoia. 

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R-36 The Reality of Resistance

Resistance 36

By Tim Gamble
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"We the People have an inalienable right to resist, by all means peaceful and moral, any and all oppressive or tyrannical governments, corporations, and other authorities, including individuals who by their wealth, station, influence or other means, exercise or attempt to exercise power over others."
Now is the time for Resistance. Resistance is mostly peaceful, thoughtful and boring. It isn't as violent, thrilling and action-packed as Revolution or Civil War. 

Resistance is about simply saying No to the authorities. Resistance is about telling our school boards No when they push CRT or the LGBT agenda. Resistance is about insisting on using cash as they try to force us into a digital economy. Resistance is about going to Church when the government doesn't want you to go (remember the lockdowns when liquor stores and abortion clinics were allowed to remain open, while Churches were not?). Resistance is about firing the woke pastor at your church, or finding a new, non-Woke church to attend. Resistance is explaining to your kids why their teacher is wrong when she tells them that we need to adopt socialism to fight climate change. Resistance is in the everyday, seemingly little things of life. 

I found this illustration on Social Media recently. It does a good job of illustrating the reality of Resistance. 

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AD:  Total Resistance - The classic study on resistance & underground operations, by Swiss Major H. von Dach. Recommended by Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness). 

AD:  Resistance Operating Concept (ROC) - Another great resource for resistance & underground operations. Recommended by both Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness) and Bear of Bear Independent.