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1) Who is Tim Gamble?  The owner and editor of this website (as well as Dystopian Survival), I have 20+ years experience in the prepper and survivalist community. I also have professional experience developing Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Policies for businesses and museums. I have Bachelor Degrees in both History and Accounting (with a minor in Economics). I have held appointed positions in both local government (Environmental Advisory Board) and state government (Transportation Planning).

For a more complete biography, click here.

2) What is TimGamble.com? TimGamble.com is a current events, political resistance, and dystopian survival website. Dystopian Survival is my term for a new type of survivalism based on the realities of the modern world marked by rapid technological change, the centralization of economic and political authority into a small elite class, the loss of privacy and personal freedoms, and the decline of traditional Biblical and American values. 

3) What are your objectives for TimGamble.com?  My objective for this website is to provide information and opinion on a variety of topics typically relating to current events, technocracy, political activism, preparedness, survivalism, and self-reliance. It also may contain religious content (from a Biblical literalist perspective), political content (from a Constitutional literalist perspective), economic content (from a small market capitalism perspective), and other educational materials. 

4) I've heard or read that you claim to be a nationalist. Doesn't that mean you are a white supremacist or a neo-nazi?  No. Absolutely not. You are thinking of White Nationalism or National Socialism. I'm neither of those things. By nationalist, I simply mean that I believe in national sovereignty, a strong military, and secure borders. I believe in patriotism - love of my country and putting the needs of my fellow countrymen first (America First). I hope citizens of other countries feel the same way about their country.

5) What are your views on racism?  I simply don't believe in racism. As a Bible-believer, I know that there is only one race, the human race, since all humans are descended from Adam and Eve, and later Noah and his wife. Differences in skin tone, eye shape, coarseness of hair, and other physical characteristics are merely inherited family traits among more closely related people groups. Not only is this the Biblical view, it is also the scientific view supported by modern genetics. 

6) I've heard you mention agrarianism a couple of times. What is agrarianism?  Agrarianism is an economic and social philosophy which places primary importance on agriculture and related fields, and in rural living, as opposed to industrialized, urban living. I believe the agrarian lifestyle is much more conducive to living God's way rather than worldly ways. I also believe agrarianism is a healthier lifestyle, both physically and emotionally. Read my article on this: Biblical Agrarianism - A Way Forward?

7) I like what you're doing. How can I help support your work?  Thank you. You can help support my work  in these ways:
  1. Tell others about my websites. Post links to Gab, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites and discussion boards. If you have a website or blog, please include links to my websites.
  2. Subscribe by email, or to my social media (links to subscribe are typically at the top or bottom of each article).
  3. Be sure to bookmark my websites, in case I am "cancelled" again by Big Tech.
  4. Purchase products through the ads and affiliate links on this website: 

8) Can I link to your website or article from my website or blog?
  Yes. Please feel free to do so.

9) Can I republish elsewhere one of your articles (or a portion thereof) from your website?  Yes, provided that 1) I am credited as the author, 2) a link is provided to my website, and 3) you do not change the article and you clearly delineate between my article and any comments you may add.

Business Inquiries

10) Will you write an article for my website, blog, or company newsletter?  I am happy to write articles professionally for your website, magazine. newsletter, company or organization. The articles can be credited, anonymous, or "ghosted." Contact me at the email address provided at the bottom of this FAQ page.  Be sure to provide me with the desired topic, suggested length, and where/how you want to publish it. I will respond in short order to discuss my availability and rates. 

11) Will you review my book or product?  Yes. You need to provide me with the book (a digital copy is fine) or the product you want me to review. I do not accept payment for reviews to ensure that the review is honest. If I cannot give a positive review for some reason, I will contact you first to discuss the situation instead of just releasing a negative review. Contact me at the email address provided at the bottom of this FAQ page to get a shipping address.

12) May I submit an article for publication?  No. I do not accept article submissions at this time, paid or unpaid.

13) Will you exchange links with me?  No. Sadly, my history with such link exchanges is largely negative. I no longer maintain a "Links" type page on either of my websites. When I do recommend a link, it is because I genuinely believe it is high-quality, on-topic and useful for my readers. 

14) How can I advertise on your site?  Contact me at the email address provided at the bottom of this FAQ page.

15) Will you appear on my podcast or radio show?  Probably. Contact me at the email address provided at the bottom of this FAQ page.

16) Can I interview you for an article I'm writing?  Probably. Contact me at the email address provided at the bottom of this FAQ page.

17) Can I hire you to consult or write a disaster preparedness plan for my family or small business? Probably. Contact me at the email address provided at the bottom of this FAQ page. 

Website Policies

18) What is your privacy policy? Your cookie policy?  See the Privacy Statement, Cookie Policy, and Important Notices at the bottom of every page of this website, or click here.

19) What is your email subscription policy?  See the Privacy Statement, Cookie Policy, and Important Notices at the bottom of every page of this website
, or click here.

20A) Why am I getting your email newsletter?  You signed up for it AND you confirmed your subscription through Follow.It, which manages my email list for me. That is the only way you can get on my email list. I do not buy email addresses from third parties, and the double-confirmation prevents other people, including me, for signing you up without your knowledge and consent.  

20B) I signed up for your newsletter, but I'm not getting it. Why not?  Several possibilities: Are you sure you gave the correct email address with no typos? Did you check your SPAM or Junk folder? Did you unintentionally unsubscribe at some point?

21) How can I unsubscribe from your email newsletter?  You may unsubscribe to email at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email and following the instructions.

Contact Me

22) Where can I leave a comment about this website or an article on it?  At the bottom of each article, there is a comments section. The comments are unmoderated, but please keep the discussion civil and on-topic.

23) I am offended by something you wrote or said. Where can I registrar a complaint?  I don't know. Your psychiatrist? If you are offended by free speech and need "safe places" to hide from life's realities, I do suggest you seek professional help. Seriously, if you don't like what I write, you do have the option to simply not visit my website or read my articles.

24) How can I contact you?   This website now has a new email address: TimGamble@zoho.com  (email link is intentionally not clickable - you'll have to type it into your email program). Old email addresses don't work. Please include "Dystopian Survival" or "TimGamble.com" at the start of the subject line to help me quickly spot your email. 

25) Why haven't you responded to my comment or email? Please understand that I am a one-man operation, and cannot constantly monitor comments or emails, 24/7. I typically check email only once a day, most (but not all) days. Please be patient, as it may take me a few days to read and reply to your email. Please include "Dystopian Survival" or "TimGamble.com" in the subject line to help me quickly spot your email. If you have not heard back from me after a week, please try again - your first email my have ended up in the SPAM folder, or simply been overlooked among the hundreds of other emails I receive every week. 

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