Saturday, June 25, 2016

Patriots' Prayers for 6-26-2016

"Let my prayer be set before You as incense, The lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice." -- Psalm 141:2 (NKJV)

Please Pray for America

Save and protect, O Lord, these United States of America and have mercy on us. As a nation, we have turned our backs on you and have sinned. We have allowed our God-given liberties to be taken away. We have allowed the epidemic of abortion to fester out of control. We have allowed prayer to be eliminated from our schools, and Your Word and commandments to be banned from our public squares. We have allowed Your place in our nation’s history to be erased from our textbooks and our minds. We have turned our backs on Your teachings. We no longer look to You and Your Word for our standards of right and wrong, replacing those absolute truths with the whim of our own opinions.  We have allowed decadence and depravity of all sorts to become public and commonplace. Common decency has become a thing of the past. We confess these and all our sins to You and ask forgiveness for ourselves and our nation. Bring us to a state of true repentance - a returning to You - as both individuals and as a nation. We confess Your lordship over every aspect of our lives and our nation. Help us to follow You once again. Restore your mercy and blessings to these United States of America, and re-establish a hedge of protection around us. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.

Please also remember these prayer points throughout the week:
  • Pray for the victims of the devastating flooding in West Virginia, with at least 26 dead and hundreds left homeless.
  • Pray for all those still suffering in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Orlando - the injured recovering from their wounds, the survivors dealing with the emotional stress and turmoil, and those grieving for murdered loved ones.  
  • Pray for all those serving as police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, and other first responders.
  • Pray for all current and former members of our military.
  • Pray especially for your pastor or priest, and for your home church.  

Monday, June 20, 2016

Things To Do Before The Collapse

Here are some suggestions of things you should do now, before any future collapse happens. Some of the suggestions for things most people know they should do, but for whatever reasons they simply put them off and don't do them. Other suggestions may be new ideas to you.

Buy guns for your children and grandchildren. When I was a kid, my grandfather gave me my first shotgun for Christmas. A few years later, he gave me my first rifle as a birthday gift. If you are thinking of doing something similar for your kids or grand kids, go ahead and do so. Frankly, the second amendment is hanging by a thread with the current vacancy on the Supreme Court. Even if the Second Amendment is never fully repealed, it is likely that serious restrictions will make buying guns much more difficult, and much more expensive, than it currently is. If your kids or grand kids are too young, go ahead and buy the guns now, so that you can give the guns to them when they are old enough. Of course, obey all guns laws, and make sure you instruct them in gun safety!

Get a metal roof on your house. They are more costly than regular roofs, but they have several benefits, including increased energy efficiency (thus lowering your power bills), fire resistance, and durability (life-expectancy of a metal roof is about 50 years).

Do any other home improvements that will either increase your homes energy efficiency, or reduce future maintenance needs. Ideas include increasing your home's insulation, installing a wood stove, installing energy-efficient windows, switching to LED lighting, and upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances, including hot water heaters, heat pumps, stoves, refrigerators, etc. This last may be especially true if your current appliances are over ten years old. NOTE: Some home improvements may b tax deductible. See your tax professional for advice.

Increase the food production capacity of your property. Prepare additional garden space, plant fruit and nut trees, or install a greenhouse. You're going to need food a lot more than you will need a pretty, well-manicured lawn in the future.

Turn your swimming pool into a water reserve, fish farm,  or even a greenhouse. Many years ago, a friend of mine bought a new house that had a swimming pool in the back yard. Since he and his wife didn't have kids, and cared nothing about having a swimming pool, they converted it into a greenhouse. I've heard of other people who turned their swimming pools into small fish farms. 

You and everyone in your family/group should get a complete physical exam within the next few months. It is much better to catch problems early, and deal with them now. I'm a bad example of what can happen  when you avoid the doctor too long, as I wrote about last year.

You and everyone in your family/group should get a dental exam and cleaning within the next months. Go ahead and get any dental work you need, sooner rather than later.

You and everyone in your family/group should get a professional eye exam this year.  Had I been getting regular eye exams, my health problems would have been caught much earlier, and I wouldn't have had to have eight procedures done on my eyes over the last year!

Double your planned food- and water-storage. Based on what is happening in Venezuela, where people have been reduced to dumpster diving and even eating family pets to survive, I recommend even more food storage than you (or I) were already planning. Consider at least doubling what you think you need. 

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Patriots' Prayers for 6-19-2016

"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." --2 Chronicles 7:14 (NKJV)

This week, I hope you will join me in praying for our government officials and for the Church and clergy in America.

For Our Government Officials

Save, O Lord, and have mercy upon all leaders, politicians, and civil authorities of these United States of America. I especially hold up to you President Barack Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, Chief Justice John Roberts, House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. I also pray for all the President's Cabinet members and advisers,  the associate judges of the Supreme Court, all federal, state, and local judges, all members of the House of Representatives and Senate, as well as all governors, state legislators, and local authorities. Grant them wisdom in their duties and decisions, and have them serve Your will in all things. Block all of their plots and schemes that run counter to Your good and perfect will, or that threaten the inalienable rights You have given to us. In the name of our Lord Jesus we pray, Amen. (Additionally, please feel free to pray by name for any elected officials at any level, especially those with jurisdiction over your locality.)

For the Church in America

Heavenly Father, please remember Your Church, which You purchased with Your precious blood – protect it, strengthen it, and multiply it. Keep Your Church in peace, and bring to naught all plots and threats against Your Church. Have mercy, O Lord, upon the whole clergy of Your Church, and grant them the courage, wisdom, and strength needed to boldly preach and do Your Will during these perilous times. In the name of our Lord Jesus we pray, Amen. (Please pray by name for your church, your pastor or priest, and fellow church members.)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Comments on my Post-Collapse Skill: Weather Forecasting article

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article entitled Post-Collapse Skill: Weather Forecasting. In it, I pointed out how useful the ability to accurately forecast the weather would be in a post-collapse world, where we no longer have the national weather service, weather satellites, etc.  One o f my twitter followers, Cindy McCafferty (@CMcCafferty3), an amateur weather forecaster according to her twitter bio, sent me a series of tweets on the topic. Here are her suggestions**:

** "Acurite has a station battery and solar powered $100 Walmart, $200 internet recording on"  

** "Mine is the Acurite 1010 Pro several years old $80-100 at Walmart. Mine does not connect to internet/stats on Wunderground"

** " My old Acurite 1010 Professional indoor monitor panel buy the one with all the bells and whistle"  Her tweet included this pic:

Folks, here's the link to the Amazon listings for AcuRite weather stations. 

** "You can also use stats from other people's stations on Wunderground"

The website for Wunderground is Its a really interesting website, which uses/posts stats from thousands of personal weather stations. You can easily pull up info from nearby weather stations.

** "And don't forget aneroid at hardware stores, garage sales set altitude"

McCafferty is referring to aneroid barometers, which are instruments for measuring pressure with a method that does not involve using a liquid. Remember to adjust them for your altitude.

In some other tweets, McCafferty also suggests being careful of where you place your weather station. Too near a building, for example, might interfere with wind speed measurement, etc.

Additionally, she says ** "The 1010 dies not connect to internet yo share data. Wish mine did. But you can take advantage if local station stats of other via Wunderground."

She also stresses the need for complete weather information for accurate weather forecasting, and that not all weather stations have all the information you really need, therefore: ** "Always buy the professional stations" if accurate forecasts are your goal. 

Thank You, Cindy, for you comments. I found them very useful, and will likely be getting my own AcuRite weather station in the next few weeks!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

How should we respond to the Orlando terrorist attack?

In this post, I want to talk to my long-time readers. Most of us identify as Christians, Americans, Constitutional Conservatives, and Preppers/Survivalists.  As those "things," those labels, how should we respond to the horrific terrorist attack that took place at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, in the early hours of this morning?

As I write this post, authorities are reporting that Omar Mateen, described by his father as a "devout Muslim," attacked the Pulse Nigh Club in Orlando, Florida, killing at least 50 people, and wounding dozens more. Authorities are also reporting that the killer pledged allegiance to ISIS just before carrying out the attack.

How should we respond to this horrific event? 

As Christians, our first response should be prayer.  Please pray for the victims of this terrorist attack. Pray for healing for the wounded. Pray for comfort for the friends and families of the dead and wounded. Pray for the those who were at the scene of the tragedy and survived. Pray for the first responders who went into harm's way to help. Pray for the medical workers and others who are still dealing with the aftermath of the attack.

As Americans, our response should be to rally to the aid of our fellow Americans. Blood donations are needed, if you are in Florida (thankfully, the media is reporting long lines of people donating blood today). There may be need for other donations (money & resources) to relief agencies in the area.

As Constitutional Conservatives, we need to defend the truth. We need to make sure that people - especially the media, politicians, and activists - are honest about what happened in Orlando. Do not let anyone spin this tragic event as anything other than what it was - a well-planned terrorist attack. There are already people trying to spin this as a "random act of gun violence" and a gun control issue. It was not. "Guns" did not cause this tragedy. Instead, radical Islamic ideology was the cause.

As Preppers and Survivalists, this serves as a reminder of how dangerous the world can be. This type of tragedy can happen anywhere. It was a nightclub in Orlando this time, but could happen again in a shopping mall, movie theater, comedy club, or anywhere people gather in groups. We also should realize that the gun control crowd will (and already are trying to) use this event to strip law-abiding American of there Constitutional rights. Prepare as you think best.

You may also want to check out my past article, Fight Back! -- Defending the Second Amendment.