Wednesday, May 17, 2023

R-10 Privacy Is Paramount

Resistance 10

By Tim Gamble

This may sound strange coming from the guy who regularly puts his political, social, and religious opinions - often controversial and very anti-woke - out on the Internet for all to see, and has been doing so for the past 20 years. In our new Dystopian world, privacy is paramount

The more I study what is going on, the more I realize the importance of privacy, and how difficult it is to guard. Don't fall for the "only bad guys have to worry about privacy" line of faulty reasoning that many people push. 

Its been more than ten years since Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made news by saying  that people no longer have an expectation of privacy and that privacy was no longer a "social norm." Its even truer today. The end of cash, should it happen, will be another major hit to privacy, allowing government and corporations to track our every transaction. This situation suits the Elites just fine, as it aids their plans to utterly control every aspect of our lives. 

There is so much that can be said on this topic, but in this article, I want to stress one important, but often overlooked, fact: The single biggest threat to your privacy is you, your spouse, and your children. 

That's right. The biggest threat is not government, Facebook, or Google. Its not online hackers. Its you saying the wrong thing in front of the wrong person at the wrong time. Its your spouse oversharing on social media. Its your kids talking to their friends or teachers. 

Examples of how we give away our critical information:
  • Public conversations can be overheard by anyone nearby.
  • Private conversations can be revealed, accidentally or on-purpose, by anyone involved.
  • Our trash/recyclables can reveal our purchases, financial and medical information, even the supplies we are stockpiling.
  • Nearby neighbors can physically see much of our activities. 
  • Children, especially young children, tell EVERYTHING to their friends, schoolmates, teachers, neighbors, and other parents (even if you've told them not to).
  • Social media and over-sharing online, even if you are "hiding" behind a screen name or other fake identity (sorry, you are never really hidden online).
  • Parking stickers/permits can reveal where we work or go to school.

Have you considered how much personal information your car is giving away? Think about those family stick figures that are so popular today. Folks, justifiably proud of their families, put them on their back windows as representations of their family. But think about what it reveals to the world: the  number of family members, their sex and approximate ages, even what pets you have. Many of these stick figures often also show the interests of the family: Dad holding a fishing rod, Mom swinging a tennis racket, a young boy holding a baseball bat, an older girl wearing a cheerleader outfit.  And look, the family has two cats, but no dog. The bad guys now have a real good idea of the make up of that family, including many of their interests. 

But it doesn't stop there. That parking sticker reveals where you work. This bumper sticker reveals where you attend church (which, in turn, reveals much of your religious beliefs). Another bumper sticker reveals where your honor student attends school (which, in turn, reveals the general location of where you live). Favorite sports teams, various causes we support, what groups we belong to, and other interests can also be revealed. Quite a database of private information we put on public display without a second thought. 

Bumper stickers and window decals can also reveal political affiliation and ideology, even who we voted for in the last election. Or who we plan to vote for in the next. Pro-life? Pro-Gun? Pro-Trump?  Liberals are getting triggered just reading your car in the parking lot. And, thanks to those bumper stickers and parking permits, they now know exactly where you work and where your kids go to school. Think about that. 

My next article in the Resistance series, I will discuss privacy solutions (hint: its not about paranoia or becoming a social hermit - its about mindfulness and balance) or That article, Protecting Critical Information (An Intro to OPSEC), should post tomorrow.

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