Friday, April 28, 2023

Censored News: 14-Year-Old Japanese Girl Killed By Covid Vaccine

This is the video by Dr. John Campbell that was removed from YouTube despite the information presented being published by a group of Japanese doctors and pathologists, in the peer-reviewed journal, Legal Medicine. It details the death and pathology of an otherwise fit and healthy 14-year-old Japanese girl from the Covid 19 vaccine. As you watch this disturbing video, ask yourself who is trying to prevent this information from becoming available to the general public, and why. Also ask who is cooperating with these censorship attempts, and why. 

The video remains on Rumble, at


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R-03 Resilience and Self-Reliance - The Foundation of Resistance

Resistance 03

By Tim Gamble
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Simply put, the less you need them, the less power they have over you. 

I've talked about this before, but wanted to make it part of the ongoing Resistance series. It is a hugely foundation requirement to have an effective Resistance program. Of course, I am talking about resilience and self-reliance. 

The more resilient and self-reliant we are as individuals, families, and communities, the less need we will have for government, and the less power the Elites will have over our lives. This fact is is obvious to the Elites, which is why they have focused so much effort on attacking the concept of self-reliance, labeling it as too hard, unrealistic, unfair, and selfish, among other things. The Elites want us as dependent on government, and therefore on them, as possible.

This desire to control the people through dependence is why the Elites have dumbed-down our educational system, attacked Biblical Christianity, destroyed the traditional family structure, pushed the concept of victimhood, and promoted the welfare state. And it is why the survivalist mindset is so important.

Survival isn't about heading for the hills, hiding from world. Instead, survival is about developing resilience and self-reliance as individuals, families & communities, so that we don't need government or the Elites. Not needing government takes away most of the power and influence of both elected politicians and unelected bureaucrats, as well as the lobbyists of the corporate world.

If you want to be a part of any Resistance against the Elites and their plans, you must develop your resilience and self-reliance. Otherwise, they win.

Ad: Survivalist Family: Prepared Americans for a Strong America, by Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness), is a great guide to beginner and intermediate preparedness and survival for both short-term disasters and long-term emergencies. Highly recommended!!!  

Thursday, April 27, 2023

R-02 Resistance - Defining Terms

Resistance 02

By Tim Gamble
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In today's resistance message, I want to define a few terms that are often misunderstood:

Resistance - The exercise of the right to defend against oppressive or tyrannical governments, corporations, and/or individuals, by all means peaceful and moral. 

Official Statement on Resistance - "We the people have an inalienable right to resist, by all means peaceful and moral, any and all oppressive or tyrannical governments, corporations, and other authorities, including individuals who by their wealth, station, influence or other means, exercise or attempt to exercise power over others."

Oppressive/Tyrannical - Any exercise of power that is illegitimate, authoritarian, unjust, or causes undue hardship. Any exercise of power that interferes with the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and private property, including the free exercise of religion, speech, assembly, self-defense, and parental rights, among others.

Self-Defense - The inalienable right to defend oneself or others against harm, including threats to life, health, liberty, and property. Includes the inalienable right to the tools of self-defense (firearms, knives, etc.), as guaranteed by the Second Amendment. 

Self-defense does NOT allow for retaliation, revenge, and vengeance. Self-defense does NOT include the unwise and inappropriate use of force. This includes being too quick to anger, and lacking self-control. "Employing potentially lethal force out of anger, hatred, jealously, or revenge is always wrong and is condemned by Scripture" (from The Biblical View of Self-Defense, on the Biblical Self-Defense website).

Rebellion/Revolution - Armed rebellion or revolution uses violence to remove those in authority from being in power, usually to stop various abuses by those authorities. It is always illegal, since it is the authorities in power that determine legality, but is sometimes necessary and moral (example, the original American Revolution).

Technocracy - Technocracy is a movement, an economic system, and a proposed form of government. It is also a form of social engineering. Its primary goal is to replace free enterprise and capitalism with a resource-based system using energy credits as its basic accounting units, rather than traditional forms of currency. 

This new economic system would be run by technocrats - scientists and other so-called "experts" - who would control 100% of the means of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. In a more dystopian twist, the "experts" running the system would include artificial intelligence and computer algorithms making many of the decisions. Technology, including AI, social credit scores, and sustainable development, will be used to monitor and control the people, ensuring compliance.    

Nationalism - Often intentionally confused with White Nationalism or National Socialism, the term Nationalism actually means neither of those things. By nationalism, I simply mean national sovereignty, a strong military, secure borders, and a sense of patriotism - a pride in and love for my country and putting the needs of my fellow countrymen first (America First). I hope citizens of other countries feel the same way about their country.

NB!  The specific focus of this website is peaceful and legal resistance, NOT a call for violence or for armed revolution.  
AD:  Total Resistance - The classic study on resistance & underground operations, by Swiss Major H. von Dach. Recommended by Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness). 

AD:  Resistance Operating Concept (ROC) - Another great resource for resistance & underground operations. Recommended by both Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness) and Bear of Bear Independent. 

Thursday, April 20, 2023

R-01 Who, What Are We Resisting?

Resistance 01

By Tim Gamble
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Resistance. It is the new focus of this website. But who or what are we resisting? 

There are forces at work in our world which are trying to fundamentally change human civilization. Not for the betterment of humanity, despite their claims, but rather for their own benefit. 

"They" are known by many names: the elites, the monetary elite, the power elite, the globalists, the ruling class, the 1%, the 2%, and so forth. I will generally refer to them as either the elites, or the power elites. But the name doesn't really matter. What matters is their goals, and how close they are to achieving those goals.

The elites want to destroy America and Western Civilization to create their version of utopia (for them). They believe Western Civilization and culture is bad, that America in particular is evil, and that traditional Biblical values and ethics are too restricting (for them). They hate free market capitalism, even though they have greatly benefited from it. They look down on the lower and working classes with great disdain (we are uneducated, unsophisticated, vulgar...).   

The elites want to create a world with no borders (for them), where they are basically global citizens unrestricted by normal laws and ethics. They desire a large underclass (they need workers), only a very small middle class (they do need a few working professionals), and an upper class made up of themselves and their fellow elites. An elite class who, by virtue of their obvious superiority, have absolute control over the lesser classes. 

Over the decades, the elites have already done great damage to traditional Western Civilization. The introduction of centralized banking & fiat currency is one example. Destroying traditional Western education is another. Current attempts to restrict Free Speech and Free Press (in the guise of stopping "misinformation" or protecting "vulnerable" groups) comes straight out of the elites desire to control the lesser classes, as does their desires to eliminate the Second Amendment, and to greatly restrict parental rights. Their antagonism to traditional ideas of religion, patriotism, nationality, gender roles, sexuality, and marriage is very much a part of their attempts to overcome traditional Western Civilization.

The Deep State, made up of powerful bureaucrats and career politicians, along with their corporate allies, have sold out to and work for the Elites, as have the mainstream media and academia at at levels. They also find themselves in much ideological agreement with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and greatly admire the CCP's near absolute control over the Chinese people, both in China and abroad. 

The following is how I described the elites in an article published in January, 2023 (link to full article):

Who are the Power Elite? In short, they are the "bad guys." They are the ones trying to control the masses for their own profit and power. 

Power Elite is a term first used in the 1950s by the American sociologist C. Wright Mills to describe a loose-knit group of government, military, and corporate leaders who are the center of wealth and power in the USA, and therefore tend to dominate American political policies. 

Over the decades, the USA Power Elite have increasingly cooperated with the Power Elite from other Western Nations to push a globalist, technocratic agenda. Since at least the 1990s, China has used their money and access to their vast markets to exert influence over the Power Elite, a situation made even easier by the Power Elites' admiration for the Chinese system of highly centralized, authoritarian control. The type of control they want to implement in the USA and throughout the world. 

The Power Elite are fractionally a very small segment of the population, yet they control a vast amount of wealth and power. And they have many "useful tools" on their side in academia, the media, union leadership, throughout pop culture, and amongst the many "social justice" warriors. 

This should give you are good idea of who and what we are resisting. I will be going into more details, including naming specific names, in future articles. I will also spend much time giving specific ideas on how we can resist. Please subscribe by email (click this link) so you won't miss any of those articles. 

Ad:  The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism, by Patrick M. Wood. Technocracy wants to rule the earth in a panopticon of scientific dictatorship. Transhumanists want to live forever and become omniscient. Both are mechanistic systems that see nature as something to be studied, manipulated and conquered. Both see themselves as the new intelligent designers of the world, including humans. Both seek to craft a future for planet earth that nobody asked for, voted for or wanted. Technocracy transforms the structure and economic system of the world, while Transhumanism transforms the people who live there.

Monday, April 17, 2023

R-00 Information Warfare Resource

As this website shifts over to a resistance-focus, a great resource you should watch is the hour-long documentary by S2 Underground, called 5th Generation Warfare: History, Modern Context, and (Some) Solutions (click the link to watch it on YouTube for free). If we are to understand what is being done to us, so that we can resist it, we need to understand information warfare. This video is a great introduction to the topic. 

I'll be launching a regular series on Resistance later this week. Stay tuned. 

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Monday, April 3, 2023

R-SP02 Agents & Infiltrators At Patriot Rallies

Resistance Special 02

By Tim Gamble

Yesterday, I warned Trump supporters and other patriots of the dangers for a Jan. 6 style set-up this week as Trump is being arraigned. At the very least, the Left is hoping instigate some sort of violence that they can blame on Trump supporters. I've shared this bit of advice in the past, and now is a good time to repeat it:

Protesting Patriots Show Their Faces

We have plenty of proof from the Tea Party movement of a decade ago to the events of Jan. 6, that the Left is more than willing to infiltrate conservative protests to spy, to instigate, and even to attempt false flag moments in order to disrupt and discredit conservative movements. They use not only Leftist activists (Antifa, BLM, various anarchists, and even SJWs), but also Federal agents (FBI, ATF, etc.) to do so. This has become standard operating procedure for them. 

Peaceful, non-violent protests are a 100% legal and morally acceptable way to raise awareness of issues and attempt to influence the political process.

This fact is accepted by the media, politicians, and law enforcement when it is the Left protesting (even when those protests do include looting, rioting, and burning entire city blocks). But whenever the Right does it (without the looting, rioting, and burning), protests are suddenly unacceptable and must be stopped at all costs - even if it means instigating situations or even creating false flags to shut down conservative protests, and clamp down on our freedoms. 

Here are a few quick tips to spotting a potential infiltrator:
  • The unknown person who shows up at the protest unannounced, acting as if they are a long-standing supporter of the group/movement. Yet no one knows them.
  • The unknown person who wears a mask, won't show any ID, and obviously is trying to avoid having their picture taken.
  • The person who says all the right things to make it seem they are part of the group, but also seems to be trying hard to "push the buttons" of the group or individuals to get other people to do or say something violent or racist. 
  • The person that shows up with a sign that is racist or threatening, or that is otherwise off-message for the protest. 
  • The person who tries to get the group to suddenly change plans and to do something or go somewhere that was not already planned. Stick to your preplanned agenda. 
  • The person who gets overly-emotional or uses over-the-top rhetoric, especially if they seem to be trying to get others to follow their lead. 
  • The person who advocates violence or illegal activity. 

What to do if you think someone is an infiltrator?
  • Peacefully confront them about their behavior, signs, language, etc.
  • Ask them to remove their mask. 
  • Ask them to identify themselves, and to show ID.
  • Notify event leaders and organizers of a potential problem.
  • Let other protestors know of the potential infiltrator.
  • Take photos of them, especially photos without their face hidden.
  • Take videos of their actions. 
  • Denounce them, their language, and their actions. 
  • Always be polite, but firm.
  • Do not act violently towards them or make threats of violence against them. 
Most importantly, don't let them influence the group. Stick to your pre-planned activities. Don't go along with their ideas, rhetoric or theatrics. 

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Sunday, April 2, 2023

R-SP01 Warning To All Trump Supporters and Patriots

I had initially planned a different article to start this website's new focus on Resistance. However, circumstances dictate a different article be first. Lets call this article Resistance Special 01. The regularly planned articles will begin later this week.

By Tim Gamble

You all know by now that Trump's arraignment is scheduled for Tuesday in New York. Some folks may be planning protests in New York or elsewhere. This will be a huge mistake.

Do not participate in any active protests next week, either in New York or elsewhere. The Left is most likely planning some sort of Jan. 6 trap for protestors. They are expecting violence, even if they have to instigate it themselves. They are expecting threats of violence, even if they have to twist our words to find it. They are expecting racial slurs to be hurled at Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, even if they have to pretend they heard what was never said. Don't give them the excuse.

Yes, protests are a valid means of resistance, but only if we are smart in how we use them. We must decide for ourselves the when, where, and how of our protests. We cannot allow the Left to manipulate our emotions in a way that gives them what they want. 

Jan. 6 was a disaster because it was predictable that Trump supporters would go to the Capitol to protest. The Left had plenty of time to arrange the set-up and spring their trap. We allowed the Left to use our emotions against us to make sure the protest happened according to their when, where, and how. And they were ready. We were not. 

Tuesday in New York could be a repeat. That is what the Left is hoping. Don't give them what they want. Stay out of New York, and away from any protests. 

There are other, better, ways to show your support for Trump:
  • Wear Trump, MAGA, and America First hats and shirts next week
  • Fly Trump, MAGA, and America First flags
  • Put up Trump, MAGA, and America First yard signs and posters
  • Donate to the Trump campaign, if you are so inclined
  • Control the narrative:*
    • in conversations with others
    • in communicating with your congressman and senators
    • when calling in to local talk radio
    • when writing a letter to the editor of your local paper
*Control the narrative, stick to these three points:
  1. This is purely a political stunt
  2. The Manhattan DA does not have jurisdiction over federal election laws
  3. Both the DOJ and FEC, who do have jurisdiction, investigated these accusations and both found there is no evidence of a crime
When talking to others about these events, do not make any threats, or say anything that could be even remotely misunderstood as a threat. Stay polite at all times - do not use obscene or vulgar language. Do not use racial slurs. The Left is looking for these things, so don't let them find them.

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