Tuesday, May 23, 2023

GREAT Community Resource - PrepperWebsite.com

By Tim Gamble

If you've been around the prepper, survivalist, or homesteading communities, chances are you already know this GREAT resource. But if you are fairly new to these communities, you may not have discovered it yet. That GREAT community resource is www.PrepperWebsite.com - "The best handpicked prepper content online. Every day."

Prepper Website has undergone a recent revamp, with a fresh, clean, uncluttered look. But it still has daily links to the best handpicked prepper, survivalist, and homesteading content from across the Internet. Typically, they have about seven new links every day. 

Prepper Website also does in-depth product reviews. A couple of examples:
Prepper Website does occasionally post links to my articles (Thank You!), but I am otherwise unaffiliated with them. I do visit them almost daily to see what articles others have written. If you haven't checked them out yet, please do so soon!

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