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Changes, of a sort, are coming in April for this website, www.TimGamble.com. Actually, it is more of a sharpening of focus, than anything else. In April, I will begin focusing this website on Resistance - Who/What to Resist, Why to Resist, and especially, How to Resist. I already have a long series of articles outlined on these topics, so expect almost daily articles beginning next month. As part of this new focus, I will continue to post "red-pilled" news and analysis, as well as other information and educational materials. Think of the new TimGamble.com as your Resistance Headquarters! 

Things are going to get really interesting, and even fun, on this website as I shift focus. Please stay in touch by bookmarking this website in your browser and visiting it often. And please consider joining the email list to receive notifications of all new articles and videos. We promise to respect your privacy by not selling or otherwise sharing your email address with anyone. Subscribe by clicking this link: https://follow.it/tim-gamble?action=followPub

For the sake of the federal agent assigned to monitor my websites, as well as any easily triggered liberals who might happen across this article, let me make one thing crystal clear: This new focus will be a call for peaceful and legal resistance, NOT a call for violence or armed revolution. 

Resistance Is Crucial,

Tim Gamble

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Sunday, March 26, 2023

US Air Force Academy Makes Anti-American CRT Training a Top Priority For Cadets

3-26-2023 (Washington, DC) – The U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA) has made race and gender instruction a top priority in the training of cadets, according to 167 pages of records obtained by Judicial Watch.

The records include recommendations that the USAFA considers “Behavioral Science 362, ‘Class, Race, Gender, and Sexuality’ as a core class,” that all curriculum be reviewed for “D&I” (diversity and inclusion) topics, and that all cadets and staff be educated in “specific D&I concepts and skills in order to decrease incidents of microaggressions, unconscious bias, etc.”

Judicial Watch obtained the records in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit on behalf of Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services, Inc. (STARRS) against the U.S. Department of Defense for Air Force Academy records regarding “systemic racism,” as well as records of critical race theory at the Academy.

In the introduction to the September 21, 2020, “U.S. Air Force Academy Internal Racial Disparity Review,” Superintendent Lt. General Jay Silveria writes:

"Systemic racism exists in our society. Identity groups, whether based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability, have all experienced less-than-equal treatment in our nation, both historically and persisting in the present day. Ongoing events across our nation and around the world are a stark reminder that racism and social injustice continue to afflict our society. We must acknowledge that at USAFA we are not immune to these issues. What happens outside our gates also happens across our installation, and throughout the Cadet Wing. We would be naive to think otherwise, and negligent to ignore the impact of racism and injustice on our cadets, our permanent party and their families and our entire USAFA community.

Our military superiority relies on an incredibly diverse force of innovative individuals who must work cohesively as a team. There is no place in our words or actions for discrimination or racial bias of any kind, nor can we allow these behaviors to persist in the culture of our institution. A disregard for dignity and respect is corrosive to mission success, and will not be tolerated. To address these issues we must each, and as a cohesive team, look inward to continually examine ourselves and our institution for the prevalence of racism, discrimination, and injustice.

To that end, I directed what I hope will be an enduring, lasting effort to promote racial understanding and diversity in the context of leadership. These actions included the establishment of a Critical Conversations Working Group (CCWG), led by the Center for Character Development (CCLD), to facilitate recurring USAFA-wide critical conversations for cadets and permanent party. In addition, my Director of Staff and the Director of Equal Opportunity co-chaired an internal assessment and review for biases within our policies, processes, practices, curriculum, and artifacts. The objective of the assessment was to identify racial disparities unique to USAFA."

Under a heading “Limitations” in the “Purpose and Context” section the review states:

"We must continually work to build future leaders and reinforce the principles that underpin our “Leader of Character” framework- living honorably, lifting others, and elevating performance- in the context of equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion, and respect for others. As an institution that develops officers to lead a diverse force, USAFA must instill these principles in those we teach and lead. These young men and women will ultimately shape the future culture of our military, and in turn influence the larger American society. As such, there is no place in our words and actions for discrimination or racial bias of any kind at USAFA, or in our Air and Space Forces."

Within the section titled “Diversity and Inclusion at USAFA [U.S. Air Force Academy],” under the heading “Additional Data Sources,” the review cites a 2020 Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) survey of cadets in the Class of 2024:

The survey collected information on student’s opinions on racial understanding, racial discrimination, preferential treatment (based on race/ethnicity), and other D&I (diversity & inclusion) related topics. Cursory analysis of the CL24 responses indicates:
    • 16% of our incoming cadets find that helping to promote racial understanding is not important ( 17% of Caucasian cadets, 15% of Minority cadets). The remainder of the cadets responded that it was somewhat important (38%), very important (28%), or essential ( 18 %). 
    • 24% of our incoming cadets agreed that racial discrimination is no longer a major problem in America. The remainder of the cadets disagreed with that statement. 
    • 75% of our incoming cadets rated themselves as average or above average when comparing themselves to the average person their own age in terms of their understanding of others. 
    • One question asked whether the student agrees/disagrees whether individuals from disadvantaged social backgrounds should be given preferential treatment in college admissions. 65% of the Caucasian and 45% of the Minority cadets disagreed while 35% of the Caucasian and 55% of the Minority cadets agreed with that statement. 
Later in that section, under the heading “Equal Opportunity (USAF/EO,” the Air Force Academy’s Equal Opportunity office recommends the Academy:

Consider implementing Behavioral Science 362, ‘Class, Race, Gender, and Sexuality’ as a core class or pulling the content into shorter transition-week training opportunities spread across a cadet’s USAFA career. The material is highly regarded by cadets and graduates, and the information could be implemented on a larger scale (to include training for basics and sessions for each year group) to help cadets mature into D&I professionals for the Air Force.

In the section titled “The Way Forward,” the review introduces a “Triple Threat Group,” which was established in June 2020 “after national conversations surrounding police brutality, release of news articles addressing racial disparities in the AF discipline system, and the height of racial tension.” The review continues: “Triple Threat’s ongoing efforts align theory and considerations on how USAFA could address racial tension and unrest using a 3-tiered, ‘triple threat’ approach of Acknowledgment, Action, and Advocacy. In clarifying the need to address this issue, as well as to demonstrate the importance of these efforts, Triple Threat solicited shared stories from current cadets and graduates from the past year that captured realities and perceptions that bring awareness to the ‘Black experience” at USAFA [U.S. Air Force Academy].”

Also in that section of the review is a heading titled “Recommendations” that includes:
  • Ensure Diversity and Inclusion is incorporated into USAFA [U.S. Air Force Academy] guidance and policy. [Academy’s] Diversity and Inclusion plan must be updated as a strategic document guiding D&I [diversity and inclusion] efforts across the institution. 
  • Expand the DF-led [dean of faculty] curriculum review to ensure all [Academy] curriculum, as identified under the Course of Instruction, is reviewed for D&I [diversity and inclusion]topics. 
  • Educate and train cadets and staff on more specific D&I [diversity and inclusion] concepts and skills in order to decrease incidents of microaggressions, unconscious bias, etc., and enhance retention/inclusion. In addition, we must train our leaders across the institution on how to facilitate critical conversations on racial issues within their workplaces, so all Airmen can bring their full selves to work and leaders can create more inclusive spaces. Correlated to this effort is the need to develop a more robust racial bias incident reporting system with associated accountability and rehabilitation processes to restore relationships in the event biases or microaggressions are experienced. 
In the “Triple Threat Proposal,” appendix, the review calls for “Cultural Immersion Movie Nights:”

Cultural Immersion Movie Nights is an initiative we propose to be held at Arnold Hall throughout the academic semesters. This initiative will allow cadets and permanent party to learn about racism, racial discrimination and the several historical events and policies that have impacted minorities through cinema. The goal is to help inform all members at this institution of the cultural history of other races and thus bring greater unity and understanding of other groups within the Cadet Wing.

The recently obtained documents also include an August 17, 2021, email, in which the sender and recipients are redacted, that discusses required textbook readings on “prejudice and discrimination,” which includes:

Identify examples of prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination.

Describe how explicit and implicit prejudice differ.

Describe some of the social, emotional, and cognitive roots of prejudice.

The email goes on to state that Academy cadets were “asked to watch a video of the well-known ‘Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes’ demonstration.”

According to STARRS President and CEO Dr. Ronald J. Scott, Jr., Colonel, USAF, Retired, USAFA ’73: “Diversity, equity, and inclusion training stems from Marxist-inspired ideology known as critical race theory. While attractive to those who believe in justice and equal opportunity, it empowers those who hold positions of authority or influence to coerce others into compliance. This phenomenon is what C.S. Lewis wrote about when he grouped people into ‘the conditioners’ and ‘the conditioned’ in his 1940s book ‘The Abolition of Man.’”

“These documents show our military and its rising leadership are under attack from within. The documents confirm U.S. Air Force Academy leadership is obsessed with anti-American critical race theory and seeks to punish and smear cadets through leftist indoctrination programs,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Judicial Watch lawsuits and FOIA requests on critical race theory and other leftist extremism are extensive:

In November 2022, Judicial Watch separately sued the Air Force Academy for training material records on critical race theory.

In July 2022, Judicial Watch sued the Department of Defense for records related to the United States Naval Academy (USNA) implementing critical race theory (CRT) in the training of naval recruits

In August, Judicial Watch’s client David Flynn, who was removed from his position as head football coach after exercising his right as a parent-citizen to raise concerns about critical race theory and Black Lives Matter propaganda in his daughter’s seventh-grade history class, settled his civil rights lawsuit against his former employers at Dedham Public Schools. As part of the settlement, the Superintendent of Dedham Public Schools, Michael Welch, acknowledged “the important and valid issues” raised by Flynn and specific changes in school policies because of Flynn’s complaint, including banning teachers from promoting Black Lives Matter to students online.

Also in August, Judicial Watch sued on behalf of a Minneapolis taxpayer over a teachers’ contract that provides discriminatory job protections to certain racial minorities. The lawsuit was filed against the superintendent of the Minneapolis Public Schools, the Minneapolis Public Schools, and the Minneapolis Board of Education for violating the Equal Protection Guarantee of the Minnesota Constitution.

In June, Judicial Watch received records revealing critical race theory instruction at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. One training slide contains a graphic titled “MODERN-DAY SLAVERY IN THE USA.” [Emphasis in original]

Records produced in April 2022 from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) show the government agency responsible for regulating credit unions required “inclusion and unconscious bias training” for the agency’s employees and contractors and offered advice on how to recognize and address alleged “microaggressions” in the workplace.

Records produced in February 2022 from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) included a PowerPoint presentation titled “Race and gender based microaggressions” that was used for training at the organization.

Two sets of records obtained by Judicial Watch in November 2021 related to the teaching of critical race theory in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), Maryland’s largest school system, included a training course with information about a book titled “Antiracist Baby” that introduces the youngest readers to “the concept and power of antiracism,” and says it’s the “perfect gift” for “ages baby to age 3.”

Records from Loudoun County, VA, obtained in October 2021 revealed a coordinated effort to advance critical race theory initiatives in Loudoun County public schools despite widespread public opposition.

A training document provided to Judicial Watch in October 2021 by a whistleblower in the Westerly School District of Rhode Island, details how its schools are using teachers to push critical race theory in classrooms. The training course was assembled by the left-leaning Highlander Institute and cites quotes from Bettina Love, from whom the Biden administration distanced itself publicly after her statements equating “whiteness” to oppression.

Records produced in June 2021 by Wellesley Public Schools in Massachusetts confirmed the use of “affinity spaces” that divide students and staff based on race as a priority and objective of the school district’s “diversity, equity and inclusion” plan. The school district also admitted that between September 1, 2020, and May 17, 2021, it created “five distinct” segregated spaces.

Heavily redacted records obtained by Judicial watch in May 2021from Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland included documents related to their $454,000 “Anti-racist system audit” and critical race theory classes. Students were taught that the phrase “Make America Great Again” was an example of “covert white supremacy.”

Source: Press release by Judicial Watch dated March 23, 2023

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Friday, March 24, 2023

A Healing Prayer for America

By Tim Gamble

A Healing Prayer for America

Our Father in Heaven, have mercy upon these United States of America. Blot out our transgressions, cleanse us of our sins. We acknowledge our transgressions, our many sins against You: We have allowed our God-given liberties to be taken away by our politicians and leaders. We have allowed Your Word and commandments to be banned from our public squares. We have allowed prayer to be eliminated from our schools. We have allowed Your place in our nation’s history to be erased from our textbooks and our minds. We have allowed the epidemics of abortion, pornography, and sexual immorality of all types to fester out of control. We have allowed perversion, decadence, and depravity of all sorts to become public, commonplace, and even celebrated. 

As a nation, we have replaced the authority and perfection of Your Word and Your Law with the whim of our own opinions for our standards of right and wrong. We no longer keep Your commandments, or follow Your teachings.

We confess these and all our sins to You and ask forgiveness for ourselves and our nation. We acknowledge that we are unworthy of forgiveness on our own merits, therefore we put our trust in Messiah for our forgiveness.

Father, we realize that admitting our sins and asking for forgiveness must also be accompanied by true repentance – actually turning away from our sins, our Lawlessness, and turning towards You and Your Law. We ask that you write your commandments upon our hearts, and enable us, broken as we are, to follow them. Forgive us when we stumble, and help us to our feet once again, so that we can walk in Your ways.

Father, we confess Your authority over every aspect of our lives and our nation. Help us to follow You once again. Restore Your mercy and blessings to these United States of America, and re-establish a hedge of protection around us. In Yeshua's name we ask these things, Amen.

Ad: The Scriptures - This new English translation includes Genesis through Revelation, and restores the Name of our Creator to the text in each place it occurs. This new version in English is a literal translation by Institute for Scripture Research, overseen by Dr. Chris Koster. New in this 2009 edition: Improvements to the text - seeking a yet closer equivalent to the literal meaning of the original language. Quotations / Allusions from the Old Testament are in bold type in the New Testament, and are accompanied by the text references - aiding your understanding of the original contexts, and how they influence the writers drawing upon them.

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Monday, March 13, 2023

Commonsense article on the current "banking crisis"

I have published a commonsense article on the current "banking crisis" and preparing for the real one to come over on my Dystopian Survival website. You can read that article by clicking this link: Banking Crisis? Don't Panic!

Ad: Survivalist Family: Prepared Americans for a Strong America, by Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness), is a great guide to beginner and intermediate preparedness and survival for both short-term disasters and long-term emergencies. Highly recommended!!!  

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Why The "Green Economy" Is Suicide for the USA and Europe

By Tim Gamble

The push is on to develop the so-called Green Economy of alternative energy, sustainable development, sustainable consumption, and low carbon emissions. This new economy is supposed to stop climate change, be much more environmentally friendly, solve resource scarcity, and be generally "fairer" to all peoples. Of course, the reality is that the green economy is a na├»ve and idealistic dream that will accomplish none of these things. In this article, I want to look at one (of many) particular reason the green economy is not a good idea, and in fact is the equivalent of national suicide for the USA and European nations: Rare Earth Metals. 

What are Rare Earth Metals

Rare Earth Metals, also called rare earth elements, are a set of 17 soft heavy metals with many applications in electronics, lasers, magnets and magnetic materials, certain engine types, batteries, and other industrial uses. Rare Earth Metals are especially critical to the green economy, alternative energy, and electrical vehicles. Experts agree that the need for Rare Earth Metals will skyrocket as we transition to the Green Economy. However, mining for Rare Earth Metals is extremely destructive to the environment, and many are toxic. Not exactly "environmentally friendly." 

But the real danger of Rare Earth Metals to the USA and Europe is not really their environmental problems, but rather their location. Take a gander at this chart:

World's Estimated Reserves of Rare Earth Metals:
  1. China - 44 Million Metric Tons
  2. Vietnam - 22 Million Metric Tons
  3. Russia - 21 Million Metric Tons
  4. Brazil - 21 Million Metric Tons
  5. India - 6.9 Million Metric Tons
By contrast, the United States only has an estimated 2.3 million metric tons of Rare Earth Metals. All the countries of Europe combined have less than 1.5 million metric tons, and that includes the large deposit discovered in Sweden's artic region earlier this year.


Notice something about where the world's reserves of rare earth metals are located? BRICS nations hold by far the largest reserves of Rare Earth Metals. For those who don't know, BRICS is an acronym for an association of developing nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, with Saudi Arabia and the UAE currently in the process of joining) that stand as an economic rival the the US and Europe. BRICS recently called for replacing the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. 

China and Russia are no friends to the US or Europe. China, which holds more than 1/3 of the world's estimated 120 million metric tons of rare earth metals, has been engaging in a Cold War against the US and the West for a couple of decades now, although we stupidly pretend it isn't. Russia is currently engaged in an actual hot war in Europe. Brazil has drifted closer to Russia since last year's (stolen) election. India has not cooperated with Western sanctions against Russia, and has long been in a closer relationship with Russia than the West. Even the non-BRICS nation of Vietnam is not overly-friendly with the US or Europe. 

The new Green Economy is weakening the US and Europe, and strengthening our enemies, all while failing to achieve its goals. Yet, the powers-that-be seem hell-bent on forcing the transition, no matter what. It is, simply put, national suicide. 

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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Geopolitics: Understanding Chaostan

By Tim Gamble

Mental models are the way we understand the world; the system by which we think. Mental models are important in any decision making process because they are what we base our judgment on - the better the mental models we use, the better our decision making will be. 
Military strategist John Boyd explained the importance of mental models by teaching that in any conflict it is not the one with the most information that wins, but rather it is the one with the best understanding of the information they have, that wins.

Geopolitical Model: Chaostan

Chaostan is the geopolitical theory (mental model) by economist and historian Richard J. Maybury, which postulates that a large portion of the world is "the land of Chaos."  This land is made up of regions and countries with a long history of political and economic instability, little personal or economic freedom, and no experience with common (natural) law. These areas are often tribal, with people more loyal to ancient ethnic lines and religious sects than to their modern nation-states.

According to Maybury, Chaostan consists of about 100 nations, including most of the nations of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Maps and a full list of the nations considered by Maybury to make up Chaostan can be found on the Chaostan website.

Chaostan covers about one-third of the world’s land surface. It contains a disproportionate amount of the world’s natural resources, including at least 80% of the world’s oil supply and 50% of the world’s coal supplies. Chaostan also has a majority of the world's supply of rare earth metals, so important to modern technology and alternative energy sectors (the so-called "green economy"). It also has huge amounts of natural gas, gold, silver, platinum, copper, tin, iron, zinc, timber and grain. These are the basic raw materials upon which industrialized civilization rests, giving Chaostan an inordinate amount of influence over Western economies.

It would be thought that a part of the world with such abundance of natural resources would be very wealthy. This is not the case. Although the ruling classes in these regions often have immense wealth, the common folks tend to be among the poorest in the world. In part, this is due to a lack of education, but mostly it has to do with the lack of concepts such as economic liberty and personal property rights.

In contrast to Chaostan, Maybury lists what he considers the “Lands of Liberty.” These are nations where a tradition of liberty has been established – the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, the UK, Ireland and most of Western Europe. In these areas, economic liberty and personal property rights are well-established, and the citizens are more loyal to their nation-states than to tribal, ethnic or religious groups. Peace and prosperity (at least domestically), rather than chaos, are the hallmarks of these countries.

Some areas, such as Central and South America, exist somewhere between Chaostan and the Lands of Liberty. Only time will tell what direction these regions take.

It is also worth noting that the Lands of Liberty share a common heritage of Judeo-Christian values and worldview, whereas Chaostan is dominated by Islam (a perversion of the Abrahamic faiths) and other pagan religions.

How can the Chaostan model help in understanding world events? 

There is a vast difference between the worldviews and values of the Lands of Liberty and those of Chaostan that often make it difficult for the two civilizations to understand and interact with each other. Likewise, the disparity of wealth between the Lands of Liberty and Chaostan cause a certain amount of misunderstanding and mistrust between the two. The people of Chaostan often have negative feelings towards the West, including jealousy and anger. The people of the Lands of Liberty often look down on those of Chaostan as being backwards and even dangerous.

It is a mistake for the West to pretend that these differences don't exist, or worse, that the two civilizations are morally equal. They are not. Western civilization (the Lands of Liberty), though not perfect, is demonstrably the superior civilization. The domestic peace and economic success of the West, along with its far superior record regarding basic human rights, relative to the lack of these in Chaostan, is proof of the better system. 

The West does have the superior civilization, but does not have the right to impose its system on Chaostan through force. Nation building will never work in Chaostan because its people lack the necessary foundations for modern peaceful and stable nation-states. Simply put, they don't think the same way we do. Therefore, it is foolish to think we can forcibly squeeze them into a Western mold.

However, the West has the right and duty to protect itself from the very real threats posed by Chaostan. This includes controlling immigration (even "refugees") from Chaostan, and  insisting that immigrants, students, and temporary workers from Choastan adapt to the Western system while in the West. 

This means zero-tolerance for Sharia law and other forms of religious and cultural "accommodation" that are contrary to the Western system. 

This may also mean stopping countries like North Korea and Iran from developing nuclear programs because they lack the needed foundations to be responsible and peaceful nation-states. They will use their nuclear programs in an aggressive fashion because they know no other way.   

With such a large difference in worldviews, beliefs, values, and experiences, shouldn't the Lands of Liberty simply stop dealing with Chaostan? Nice idea, but it wouldn't work. The industrialized nations of the West need access to the immense natural resources of Chaostan. 
Chaostan needs the West as customers for those resources. Chaostan also needs access to Western technology, medicine, and education. 

Like it or not, we need each other. Besides, the genie is already out of the lamp, so to speak, as the Lands of Liberty have foolishly allowed  many millions of immigrants and refugees from Chaostan into our countries without insisting on full assimilation into our culture. 

There is a war of civilizations going on between the two sides. Virtually every hot spot and potential flashpoint in the world is explained by this model. The war, violence and poverty in Chaostan is mostly due to the lack of personal and economic liberty, including the lack of private property rights, as well as tribal & sectarian divisions. The inability & unwillingness of Chaostan immigrants and refuges to assimilate into Western culture is likewise explained.

Ultimate Reason We Should Care

Chaostan, with its war, violence and poverty, stands as a warning to the Lands of Liberty should we ever reject the concepts of personal and economic liberty, and our common Judeo-Christian heritage. Chaostan is our future should we continue down the path of collectivism, rejecting free markets and private property rights in favor of socialism, and rejecting personal and religious freedom in favor of imposing wokeness and political correctness. It may already be too late to stop the Western decent into chaos.  

***** I want to give Richard J. Maybury full credit for his concept of Chaostan. The middle section of this article is my summary of Mr. Maybury's geopolitical theory, as best as I understand it. For more details, please visit his website.

Mr. Maybury is also the author of a great set of educational books on economics, law, history, and personal finance, called the "Uncle Eric Books." I strongly recommend these easy-to-read, highly informative books. Here are two of my favorites:

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?  A Fast, Clear, and Fun Explanation of the Economics You Need For Success in Your Career, Business, and Investments

Whatever Happened to Justice?  Explains what's gone wrong with America's legal system and economy and how to fix it.

A Short History of Slavery

Great video by Candace Owens and Prager U. Slavery didn’t start in 1492 when Columbus came to the New World. And it didn’t start in 1619 when the first slaves landed in Jamestown. It’s not a white phenomenon. The real story of slavery is long and complex, as this video explains:


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Wednesday, March 1, 2023

(Cross Post) Nuclear War Preparations

I posted the following information on my Dystopian Survival website on February 19. I think the message is important for everyone, prepper or not, so I decided to cross post it here. It is a scary topic, but please don't ignore it. -- Tim Gamble

What If...? Nuclear War Preparations

By Tim Gamble 

I went to elementary school in the 1970s, during the Cold War with the old Soviet Union. The public school I attended held "atomic bomb" drills every so often, much as public schools today hold fire drills. An alarm would sound (different from the fire alarm), and we all had to get up from our desks and move into the hallway, where we would line up along the walls. Then the teachers would have us sit down on the floor with our backs against the wall, our knees pulled up in front of us, arms around our legs, and our heads placed between our knees. These "duck and cover" drills were commonplace throughout America during the Cold War. 

As horrible as it is to contemplate, the possibility of a nuclear war, either all-out or limited in scope, is at least as real today as it was back then, probably even greater. Unless you die instantly from a direct hit from a nuclear warhead, you will survive the initial nuclear attack and have to deal with its aftermath. How do we do so? How do we prepare for nuclear war and its aftermath? Here are some ideas and resources to get you started:

1) David Kobler (aka SouthernPrepper1) has a new book, entitled Nuclear War Survival: A One Hour Crash Course - Learn the basics fast, just in case. It is a short book that is exactly what it says it is - a crash course covering the basics for nuclear war survival. Only $7.99 for the paperback or just 99 cents for the kindle edition at Amazon. 

2) The 1987 edition of Cresson H. Kearny's Nuclear War Survival Skills is available for free download at http://www.oism.org/nwss/. This is the highly-recommended classic nuclear war survival guide commissioned by the US government. It is also a good idea to have a hard copy of this book instead of relying solely on a digital copy. The paperback of the 1987 edition is available on Amazon for just $10.39 at the moment. Folks, it doesn't matter what edition you get, as the physics of nuclear war haven't changed, and the information presented by Kearny is not "out of date."

3) Potassium Iodine (KI) tablets are used for radiation poisoning. They are not expensive, and are available without prescription, but learn how and when to use them first*. Click here to find them on Amazon (there has been a big run on KI so prices are going up quickly and supplies are running low). 

* According to the CDC "People should take KI (potassium iodide) only on the advice of public health or emergency management officials. There are health risks associated with taking KI." Learn more on the CDC website by clicking here.

4) SouthernPrepper1 (David Kobler) has done many videos over the years on preparing for nuclear, radiological, and EMP events. I highly recommend you look up those videos on his YouTube channel

5) Dust kicked up by nuclear explosions can travel great distances, but the good news is that the fallout dust is contaminated by gamma radiation, which degrades very rapidly. You will need to protect your homes/shelters, and especially your skin, eyes, and lungs, for the first 48 to 72 hours after a nuclear event. I recently bought some extra plastic sheeting, tarps, and gorilla tape to build dust barriers (covering windows, doors, attic access points, etc.) from potential nuclear fallout. 

N95 masks and even those ear loop facemasks we all have now are actually pretty good for protecting against fallout dust (the dust being considerably larger than viruses). Long pants, long sleeves, shoes, safety glasses, ski masks, and gloves also work. Reduce the amount of exposed skin as much as possible. You don't have to have really expensive gear. If you do want to go the extra step, check out protective suits and N 95 masks on Amazon. You do not need gas masks to protect yourself from nuclear fallout dust. 

6) All other forms of prepping - from stockpiling food and water to establishing a family communications plan - will come in very handy in surviving a nuclear war, so keep up and even intensify all your current preparations. 

7) Distance + Mass = Safety. The more distance, and the more mass, between you and a nuclear event, the safer you will be. If you live in or very near potential targets (large population centers, important cities, military bases, etc.), you may want to consider moving further away. 

***** Completely new to prepping? Please check out my recent article Preparedness - A Quick Start Guide, for six easy steps you can take this week that will get you more ready for any future chaos than 90% of other folks. 


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