Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Avoid These 5 Woke Companies This Holiday Season

By Tim Gamble

As the holiday shopping season gets into full-swing this week, a conservative consumer group, Consumers' Research, is issuing a Woke Alert on five companies, asking folks to think twice before spending money with them. The woke companies are Best Buy, Activision, Target, Nordstrom, and Home Depot. 

According to Consumers' Research, the USA's oldest consumer watchdog group, these companies have especially woke ESG polices, including race-based hiring, training, and promotion practices, pushing LGBTQ+ books and merchandise for young children, and supporting controversial LGBTQ+ youth programs. More information on these companies can be found on the Consumers' Research website at

Consumers' Research is also asking folks to contact these companies and tell them to stop their woke ways:

Best Buy: You can call Best Buy here at their customer care line at 1-888-BEST-BUY (1-888-237-8289) or email them at

Activision: You can contact Christy Um, the Senior Director, Global Communications at

Target: You can contact the Target Media Hotline at (612) 696-3400, email them at or call their customer service line at 1-800-440-0680.

Nordstrom: You can contact Stephanie Corzett at: or call them at 1-888-282-6060.

Home Depot: You can email Home Depot at: public or call them at 1 (888) 237-2889.

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Monday, November 20, 2023

Time For The #NoShame Movement

By Tim Gamble

One of the tactics successfully used by the Far Left and the Woke Mob instilling shame and self-hate into people for not being "woke" enough. We are being taught to feel shame in being American, to be ashamed of being White, ashamed of being Asian (for being too successful), ashamed of being male, ashamed of being straight, ashamed of being a serious Christian, ashamed of supporting traditional values, traditional family, and traditional (only two) genders. 

Have a good job? A successful career? A happy traditional marriage? Shame. Shame. Shame.

Want a secure border? Shame. Own a car with a gas engine? Shame. Like your gas stove? Shame. 

Want criminals to go to jail for their crimes? Shame. Want a gun for hunting or self-defense? Double shame. Don't want the school system to change your child's gender without your knowledge or permission? Triple shame. 

Disagree with any part of the woke, socialist or LGBT agendas? You should be ashamed of yourself for being such a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, greedy, white-privileged bigot.   

The Epoch Times recently released a documentary touching on this subject: How Schools Are Teaching Children to Hate Their Country, Their Neighbors, Themselves. The white rap star Eminem has famously stated that "Being white is so embarrassing, I just want to kill myself." 

They want you to feel shame. They want you to hate yourself and your country. They want to put you in a position so you feel you need to prove that you are not really a bad person. All so you will willingly acquiesce to all their demands. 

It is time for a #NoShame movement.

#NoShame in being an American.

#NoShame in respecting our Founding Fathers, or the principles upon which they founded our great nation. 

#NoShame in respecting the Constitution, or believing in the Rule of Law. 

#NoShame in being White or Asian. Everyone should be proud of their particular heritage. 

#NoShame in being Straight.

#NoShame in being a Man. 

#NoShame in being Conservative. 

#NoShame in being a serious Christian or following the Bible.

#NoShame in believing in the biological fact of two genders.

#NoShame in being your children's parent. YOU are their parent. They belong to YOU, not their teacher, not the school system, not society, and sure as hell not the government!

#NoShame in wanting secure borders or an end to illegal immigration (which is NOT anti-immigrant, despite jhow they intentionally misconstrue it). 

#NoShame in wanting the many benefits of cheap and plentiful energy.

#NoShame in supporting the Second Amendment, or demanding your right to defend yourself and your family. 

#NoShame in questioning "The Science" or questioning "The Experts." Remember, if it can't be questioned, it is propaganda, not science. 

#NoShame in exercising your Free Speech, even if others don't like what you have to say. 

#NoShame in having a good job, making good money, or working hard to provide for yourself and your family.

Don't fall for their shame tactics. #NoShame
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Sunday, November 19, 2023

They are coming for your chickens... and it starts with registration!

By Tim Gamble

Cross-posted from

Zac at An American Homestead just posted an extremely interesting video I am recommending people watch: Confiscation In Tennessee Happening Now! - PROOF (click title to watch the video on YouTube). He's talking chickens, but the tactics used (required registration for a fake permit - see video for a full explanation) can be applied to anything else they want to control, from your guns to your gold & silver. As Zac says, registration ALWAYS leads to confiscation. 

Register your family's vaccine status? Register your rain-water collection? Register your garden? Actually, the USDA wants you to register your backyard garden (you can registrar it on the USDA website by clicking here, but please don't). Don't worry. It is not required. Yet. 

Always think twice before registering whatever the government wants you to register. It is always about control, including eventual confiscation if they disapprove of it.  

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

More on the FBI targeting of traditional Catholics.

[Tim's note: As you read this article, ask yourself, who is next?  Traditional Orthodox? Traditional Baptists? All believers who refuse to conform to the World?]

11-14-2023 (Washington, DC)
– Judicial Watch announced today that it, along with CatholicVote Civic Action, received 131 heavily redacted pages of records from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) showing top officials rushing to craft a public response to the leaked FBI intelligence memo that revealed its targeting of Catholics who adhere to traditional beliefs on church issues.

Judicial Watch received the records in response to an April 2023 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit it filed along with CatholicVoteCivic Action against the FBI and the Department of Justice after their failure to respond to March 2023 requests for records about an FBI intelligence memo targeting “radical traditionalist” Catholics.

In February 2023, an FBI intelligence document was leaked that revealed FBI targeting of Catholics who adhere to traditional beliefs on abortion and other cultural issues. The Catholic News Agency reported: “The leaked document has been condemned by several federal and state officials, as well as clergy, including Bishop Barry Knestout of the Diocese of Richmond, who recently called the memo a ‘threat to religious liberty.’”

The newly obtained records include a February 8, 2023, email with the subject line “Media Request: FBI Richmond Document cites SPLC” from the FBI’s National Press Office alerting FBI officials regarding media inquiries:

We have inquiries from the Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal (Heritage Foundation) about an article written by [redacted]. It references a January intelligence product from the Richmond Field office. After speaking with SC Goodwater, I am alerting all of you so we can get a copy of the actual document and hear any recommendations on how to respond. I am attaching a cut and paste of the [redacted] article.

Miriam Coakley of the Office of General Counsel then forwards the email on to other FBI officials, noting, “Adding InTo [Insider Threat Office], SecD [Security Division] and OPR [Office of Professional Responsibility]. The date of the leaked domain perspective appears to be 23 Jan. 2023.”

Further along the chain, an official in the Office of Public Affairs forwards the chain to more people, saying, “Adding Pamela Bryon from the DI. [Deputy Asst. Director of Intelligence Pamela Byron.] Any info on how this product came about would be appreciated.”

In a heavily redacted reply, Byron responds:

As mentioned on FBINET, the type of product leaked is a Domain Perspective (DP) – the purpose of DPs is to offer information and/or highlight how a shift or new development in an AOR (domain) related to an environmental variable could impact the threat. Environmental variables include demographic shifts, technology development, economic conditions, special events, social/cultural conditions, etc. In particular the analysis in DPs (as in FBI products in general) is focused on the activity of identified or potential threat actors, not on the environmental variables themselves, and how those threat actors react to shifts in the environment, and the subsequent impact on the threat posed by those actors.

In that context, there are a couple of things to note with this situation: [redacted].

We stand by to assist on any other questions.

The records include a February 9 email with the subject line “Coordination of Draft statement regarding leaked RH intel document” from Office of Public Affairs official Douglas Goodwater to top FBI officials, including FBI Chief of Staff Johathan Lenzner, Asst. Dir. for Intelligence Tonya Ugoretz, Asst. Dir. for Counterterrorism Robert Wells and others:

Draft/pre decision, Coordination for media statement – DI/CTD/OGC [Directorate of Intelligence/Counterterrorism Division/Office of General Counsel]

Potential statement for review/edits-: [Redacted].

Asst. Director for Public Affairs Catherine Milhoan then responds:

All, we have received two new inquiries in addition to the three last night and are making the decision to respond in the next hour. We want to get our statement out before this picks up any steam.


Please review the draft and let us know if you have any edits or concerns.

Later in the email chain, Stanley Meador, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Richmond Field Office, replies, “Looks good. One small suggestion in yellow. I would send it out. It is migrating onto Fox.”

On February 10, 2023, FBI Chief of Staff Jonathan Lenzner emails FBI colleagues with the subject “intel piece that has been withdrawn,” saying, “I don’t know if we are there yet, [redacted].”

Lenzner then follows up on February 13, writing, “Looks like at least one religious organization is speaking out publicly:”

Ryan T. Young, the Executive Assistant Director of the Intelligence Branch replies to Lenzner, “Not a good look … Real frustrating when it is self-inflicted. I’ll be back in town Wednesday. We can look into next best steps.”

“After seven months of delay and more to come, Joe Biden’s FBI remains committed to one thing: covering up their un-American spying on Catholic citizens,” said former Congressman Huelskamp, Ph.D., Senior Advisor to CatholicVote. “By fully withholding more than 200 pages of public documents, the Biden administration is more interested in hiding the truth than ending this unconstitutional witch hunt of Catholics and other faithful Americans.”

“The FBI launched a vicious spy effort against Catholics and sought to spy on parishioners as they sat in church pews,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “These records show top FBI officials were panicked in response about their domestic spying abuse leaking out.” is a community of patriotic Americans who believe that the timeless truths of the Catholic faith are good for America. It makes its mission “to inspire every Catholic in America to live out the truths of our faith in public life.”

Source: Judicial Watch Press Release dated 11-14-2023.
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Friday, November 10, 2023

Give Me Your Questions!

 By Tim Gamble

Have questions? Give them to me! I am planning a Q and A type article (or articles), where I answer any questions you may have on anything that I write about on either of my two websites - preparedness, survival, self-reliance, personal finance, community, agrarianism, religion, the Bible, current events, politics, resisting the Elites, technocracy... Almost no topic is out-of-bounds. Also, any questions you might have about me. Ask away.

Please leave your questions in the comments section below, or email them to me at (email link is intentionally not clickable, you'll have to type it in your email client yourself). 

Thank you!
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Thursday, November 9, 2023

Quick Reminder: First Aid Kits and Medical Supplies

By Tim Gamble

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The reality of Resistance in two images

By Tim Gamble
All my links:  

The reality of Resistance in two images:

Both images were found randomly on the Internet. I have no original source information, other than "not me." 

Monday, November 6, 2023

Ways To Escape The System

By Tim Gamble
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"The more we are part of the system, the more control they have over us, and the less ability we have to resist their plans." -- Tim Gamble 
Just a random list of ways to escape from The System:

Take care of your health, so you don't need the medical system.
  • Eat real food, and not too much.
  • Grow/raise your own food.
  • Eat a lot less sugar; Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup.
  • Drink plenty of water; Avoid sodas and sweetened drinks.
  • Avoid fast foods, junk foods, and highly processed foods.
  • Avoid GMO foods; Eat organic whenever possible.
  • Be physically active every day.
  • Go outside - get sunshine and fresh air.
  • Research and use natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals whenever possible.
  • Overcome your addictions (tobacco, drugs, alcohol, whatever...).
  • Learn to better manage stress. 
  • Learn first aid. Carry a good first aid kit and tourniquet. 
Stop allowing yourself and your family to be indoctrinated.
  • Get your children out of the public school system. Whatever it takes.
  • You are in charge of your children. Not teachers, school systems, or the Government.
  • Avoid pop culture. Seek wholesome entertainment choices.
  • Cut the cord. Cancel cable. 
  • Cancel Disney. There are better, safer choices for your kids. 
  • Stop supporting professional sports.
  • Less screen time. More face time with spouse, family, friends.
Avoid corporate (mainstream) news media.
  • Seek out Alternative News Media sources that you can trust.
  • Don't blindly follow any news source, including Alt Media.
  • Verify all news and information with multiple sources, and your own commonsense.
  • My opinion: The Epoch Times is the best source of real journalism today.
  • Check out 
Get out of the doomed financial system.
  • Work hard.
  • Work for yourself.
  • Develop useful skills.
  • Greatly reduce your expenses.
  • Spend less than you earn.
  • Move to a barter and cash-only basis as much as possible.
  • Minimize your dealings with the Big Banks. 
  • Build an emergency fund (preferably at a credit union or small bank).
  • Stop using credit cards. Get out of debt.
  • The borrower is the slave of the lender. -- Proverbs 22:7
  • Consider junk silver.
They want to end the traditional family, so fight for it.
  • Stop watching porn.
  • Get married.
  • Have children.
  • Be responsible.
  • Teach your boys to be Real Men.
  • Teach your girls to be Real Women.
  • There are only two genders. 
  • Reject the LGBT agenda.
  • Reject modern feminism. 
Develop a healthy spirituality.
  • Don't worry about what others think.
  • Don't try to "fit in" with the Worldly System or with even "Big Church" culture.
  • Leave "Woke" Churches.
  • Read the Bible for yourself, daily.
  • Read the whole Bible - New Testament and Old Testament.
  • Don't dismiss any part of the Bible as "old-fashioned" or "out-of-date."
  • Pray daily.
  • Jesus said: “If you love me, you will keep my commands.” – John 14:15
  • Find other Believers; Join with them for Bible study, worship, fellowship.
Never blindly trust the "experts."
  • Consider the possible biases of the experts (money, power, prestige, ideology, etc.)
  • Verify all information by multiple sources.
  • Exercise your own commonsense and consider your personal experiences.
  • Question everything.
  • Think for yourself.
  • Do not comply when you know they are wrong. 
Get away from Big Tech.
  • You don't need to be a Luddite, but don't allow Big Tech to rule your life either.
  • Use Tech for a purpose - don't just waste time surfing the Web. 
  • Limit your children's screen time.
  • Monitor your children's Internet and social media activity. Set rules.
  • Limit your own screen time. Use social media responsibly.
  • Avoid Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 
  • Search engine alternatives: DuckDuckGo, Startpage, Qwant, and Brave.
  • SwissCows is a family-friendly (no porn) alternative search engine. 
  • A good alternative to Microsoft or Google browsers is Brave browser.
  • Understand Technocracy (Link to my article).
Grow/raise your own food.

Own guns. Learn self defense. Support the Second Amendment. 

Do not comply with illegal or unconstitutional edicts. 

Become more self-reliant. Think for yourself. Develop a DIY attitude. 

Reject the attitude of victimhood and dependency that is being intentionally fostered.

This is, of course, only a partial list of the many things you can do to escape the system. If you have more ideas, leave them in the comments section below!

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Saturday, November 4, 2023

UPDATE on the attack at the SC nuclear plant; Arrest made.

By Tim Gamble

Note: This is an ongoing news story. Details are subject to change as new information becomes available. 

A person has been identified and arrested in the attack at the SC nuclear plant, according to multiple news reports. Doyle Wayne Whisenhunt, 66, of Arkansas was arrested Friday night. The motive for the attack was not immediately released. Whisenhunt is also wanted in Arkansas for drug and weapons charges.

Whisenhunt is charged with one count each of attempted murder, malicious injury to personal property, and unlawful entry into an enclosed place, according to Oconee County Sheriff Mike Crenshaw. (Source Link)

Although a commentor on this website mentioned the possibility that the suspect is a disgruntled worker, there is no mention on any news report of an actual connection, current or former, between Whisenhunt and the power plant or Duke Energy. Nor was such a connection made by Sheriff Crenshaw in the video of his press conference. The actual motivation behind the attack is apparently still to be determined; that he is a disgruntled worker remains a possibility. 

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Friday, November 3, 2023

Car Crashes Gate at SC Nuclear Plant, Shots Fired

By Tim Gamble

The Associated press is reporting that "A driver tried to crash through the exit gates of a South Carolina nuclear plant Thursday night about an hour after security asked the same car to leave when it tried to enter, authorities said.

A pop-up security barrier stopped the car with an Arkansas license plate at the Oconee Nuclear Station near Seneca around 8 p.m., Oconee County Sheriff’s spokesman Jimmy Watt said in a statement."  [Source Link]

The car and driver remain at-large as of this morning. A nationwide bulletin was issued to police across the country to look for a silver 2002 Toyota Camry with an Arkansas license plate 380-VDR

Is this a probing attack, designed to test nuclear plant security? If so, by who? 

In light of the border crisis, rumors of Iranian sleeper cells, growing China aggression, the current antagonistic relationship with Russia, and political unrest in America, the list of possible suspects is quite long. It is a very concerning situation. 
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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

23 Republicans Join Democrats To Protect Rashida Tlaib From Censure

By Tim Gamble

The House of Representatives voted to reject the censure resolution of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (Democrat - Michigan), over her pro-Hamas, antisemitic rhetoric. The vote was 222 to 186 against the resolution. 23 Republicans voted with the Democrats to protect Tlailb.

The 23 House Republicans that voted against censoring Rashida Tlaib: 
  • Armstrong (R-ND)
  • Buck (R-CO)
  • Duarte (R-CA)
  • Edwards (R-NC)
  • Griffith (R-VA)
  • Grothman (R-WI)
  • Hageman (R-WY)
  • Huizenga (R-MI)
  • Issa (R-CA0
  • Johnson (R-SD)
  • LaMalfa (R-CA)
  • Massie (R-KY)
  • McClintock (R-CA0
  • McCormick (R-CA)
  • Miller (R-OH)
  • Miller-Meeks (R-IA)
  • Moolenaar (R-MI)
  • Roy (R-TX)
  • Scott (R-GA)
  • Spartz (R-IN)
  • Turner (R-OH)
  • Van Orden (R-WI)
  • Walberg (R-MI)
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Censored News: Fauci-run lab in Montana experimented with coronavirus strain from Wuhan a year BEFORE Covid pandemic

By Tim Gamble

The UK's Daily Mail is reporting that an Anthony Fauci-run lab in Montana experimented with coronavirus strain shipped in from Wuhan a year BEFORE Covid pandemicThis blockbuster news is being ignored by most "mainstream" media, especially here in the United States.

The report states that a SARS-like coronavirus from the Wuhan lab was imported by Fauci's NIH in 2018. The virus was then used to infect 12 bats at an Anthony Fauci run NIH lab in Montana, which were later dissected for study. Although not a direct cause of the pandemic, this study proves that "US taxpayer money was used to experiment with coronaviruses from the Chinese lab thought to be the source of the Covid pandemic more than a year before the global outbreak."

"The research was a joint venture between the NIH's Rocky Mountain Laboratories and Wuhan Institute of Virology collaborator Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina," according to the report. 

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Now, I have a different company managing my email lists (Follow.It) that is not only pro free speech, but has been extremely helpful to me. Great customer service! I am still a long way from 1,500 subscribers again. But, with your help I'm getting closer. 

Thank you for supporting this website. 

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