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Giving Tuesday (or any day) Recommendation

 Hi Folks,

If you are looking for a good organization to support, please prayerfully consider Grindstone Ministries / Kaleb House. This is a a 501(c)3 not-for-profit located in Eastern Oklahoma that does disaster relief and also runs Kaleb House, a rescue and recovery facility for juvenile human trafficking survivors. Link to their donation page: https://grindstone-ministries.snwbll.com/giving-portal . These are good people carrying out an incredibly important mission.

(Full disclosure, I am NOT affiliated in any way with Grindstone Ministries / Kaleb House, other than supporting their mission.) 

Please watch this video by TJ Morris, President of Grindstone. Text can be read below the video.  --Tim Gamble

Giving Tuesday 2023

Grindstone Ministries is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit located in Eastern Oklahoma. We perform disaster relief and construction projects for underserved communities adversely affected by critical weather events. GSM has deployed 36 times in the last 42 months to notable storms including Hurricanes Ian & Michael in Florida, the Mayfield Kentucky tornadoes, and most recently to Southeastern Oklahoma for the tornadoes that affected Idabel. During these deployments, we have: • donated tens of thousands of man-hours of labor for relief and recovery efforts • hauled tens of thousands of cubic yards of debris at our cost • remediated, rebuilt, or replaced a dozen homes at our cost • provided more than ten thousand hot meals to residents, first responders, line workers, volunteers, and recovery personnel at our cost • coordinated and performed Search & Rescue missions at our cost • provided medical expertise & capabilities to strained EMS agencies at our cost • warehoused & distributed thousands of tons non-perishable food items, potable water, hygiene products, infant and childcare products, tarps, construction materials, and medicines at our cost • raised more than $500,000 of private funds for disaster relief efforts and residents affected by severe weather In order to maintain the readiness required to deploy quickly and efficiently to critical weather events, Grindstone is dependent upon the generosity of folks like you who monetarily support our disaster recovery efforts. We couldn’t do this without you. In addition to disaster relief, Grindstone Ministries is also actively constructing Kaleb House, a recovery facility for juvenile human trafficking survivors. We estimate the construction costs for Kaleb House to exceed $1.5 million dollars; but for this cost we will be able to provide a safe and secure recovery facility for up to 60 children. Utilizing the House Parents model, Kaleb House will address the mental, emotional, spiritual, educational, financial, and physical challenges that survivors of human trafficking face. Our program has no time limit; when our kiddos are grown and ready to face the world on their own terms, they are free to go. But until then, we’re not asking anyone to leave simply because a certain length of time has transpired. How does someone tell a six year old that their time is up? Kaleb House already has 24 survivors in its care, which are being stewarded in a series of safehouses staffed 24/7 by professional caregivers. The cost to care for these children, ages 1 to 19, exceeds $20,000 per month. So not only does Kaleb House require funds to complete construction of the facility, but we are also dependent upon your donations to fund our monthly operating costs to continue to steward the survivors in our care. Please consider establishing a recurring donation through our giving portal at www.grindstoneministries.com to assist in our ongoing efforts to bless underserved communities and rescue & restore juvenile human trafficking survivors. Funds can be specifically earmarked through the giving portal, as per the following: General Fund: Supports operational costs & disaster relief efforts Kaleb House: Supports ongoing recovery efforts for our survivors Construction: Supports the actual construction of the Kaleb House facility Thank you for your time and prayerful consideration. TJ Morris President Grindstone Ministries Kaleb House Matthew 18:6

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Facing Up to the China Threat

Credit Line: "Reprinted by permission from Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College." 

This article is from the September 2020 issue of Imprimis. Get your FREE print subscription to Imprimis now! (click link to go to the Imprimis subscription webpage). 

Facing Up to the China Threat

Brian T. Kennedy
American Strategy Group

The following is adapted from a speech delivered on September 29, 2020, in Rapid City, South Dakota, at a Hillsdale College National Leadership Seminar.

We are at risk of losing a war today because too few of us know that we are engaged with an enemy, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), that means to destroy us. The forces of globalism that have dominated our government (until recently) and our media for the better part of half a century have blinded too many Americans to the threat we face. If we do not wake up to the danger soon, we will find ourselves helpless.

That is a worst-case scenario. I do not think we Americans will let that happen. But the forces arrayed against us are many. We need to understand what we are up against and what steps must be taken to ensure our victory.

Our modern understanding of Communist China begins during the Cold War, with President Nixon’s strategic belief that China could serve as a counterweight to the Soviet Union. This belief seemed to carry with it two great benefits. First, the U.S. wouldn’t have to take on the Soviet Union by itself: Communist China was a populous country that bordered the Soviet Union and shared our interest, or so we thought, in checking its global ambitions. Second, by engaging with China—especially in terms of trade, but also by helping it develop technologically—we would help to end communism as a guiding force in China. This second notion might be called the China dream: economic liberalism would lead to political liberalism, and China’s communist dictatorship would fade away.

At the end of the Cold War, pursuing the China dream appeared a safe course of action, given that the U.S. was then the world’s preeminent military power. The 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks reinforced the notion that superpower conflict was a thing of the past—that our major enemy was now radical Islam, widely diffused but centered in the Middle East. Later that same year, China was granted “Most Favored Nation” trading status and membership in the World Trade Organization. Little changed when the Bush administration gave way to the Obama administration. The latter’s “pivot to Asia” was mostly rhetorical—a justification to degrade our military capabilities vis-à-vis China, integrate even further the U.S. and Chinese economies, and prioritize the Middle East above all else.

Under both administrations, the U.S. failed to build a military that could challenge Communist China’s aggression in the Pacific—specifically its building of a modern navy and its construction of military installations on artificial islands in the South China Sea—and acquiesced in the export of much of the U.S. manufacturing base to China and elsewhere.

History will record that America’s China policy from the 1970s until recently was very costly because it involved a great deal of self-deception about the nature of the Chinese regime and the men who were running it.

Communist China Today

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has a population of 1.4 billion. They are governed by the Chinese Communist Party, which has 90 million members, and by an elite class of approximately 300 million additional Chinese who are deeply invested in the regime’s success. Not all of them may believe in every aspect of what the party calls “socialism with Chinese characteristics”—an admixture of Maoist, Marxist, and Leninist communism—but they actively support the regime. The system benefits these elites, whose businesses, mostly state-owned enterprises, are privately run with active participation by the CCP. Once a business reaches a certain size, it will take on board a cadre of party members who serve as a direct liaison between the business and the government.

However inefficient this may sound, understand that the CCP operates a massive global intelligence network through its Ministry of State Security. This network does its part to assist Chinese business and industry through industrial espionage, cyber warfare, and economic coercion. This type of state capitalism or neo-mercantilism has led to the creation of a modern economy that rivals that of the U.S. We might like to believe that communism in China cannot be sustained and will lead to the collapse of the regime. And it well may someday. But the CCP has proven extremely capable in building an empire that can govern 1.4 billion people. This required the conquest of a large number of peoples who were not willingly subjugated, as well as the physical mastery of a territory not easily managed. Doing this in such a short period of time and in such a ruthless and determined way is an achievement unparalleled in the known history of the world.

Today the PRC has a military of two million men, including the world’s largest navy. This military may not be qualitatively on par with the U.S. military, but quantity has a quality of its own. In the last five years of U.S. naval war game simulations, in which the U.S. is pitted against China, the U.S. has failed to come out victorious. We do not have enough ships and munitions to defeat China’s navy absent the use of nuclear weapons. And while it is often said that the Chinese do not have a nuclear arsenal to challenge the U.S., the fact is we don’t know what the Chinese possess. We know they are capable of building nuclear weapons and advanced missiles and rocketry. We know they stole or otherwise obtained advanced U.S. technology involving warhead miniaturization and guidance systems and that they have had the industrial capacity to build these for nearly two decades.

On our side, we know that the U.S. has not tested a nuclear warhead since 1992 and has not built the kind of advanced arsenal that might be required to deter China. And we know that Chinese President and CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping adheres to the beliefs of Mao Tse-tung, who held that the U.S. was a “paper tiger” that possessed nuclear weapons but would not use them. There is also the rather disturbing belief, also a favorite of Mao, that even if we did use our nuclear weapons, we could not kill all of them. Such is the way a nation at war thinks.

As for China’s air force, it possesses and is building today advanced fighter aircraft that rival anything the U.S has built. They may not yet have the quantity, but that will come with time. As for proficiency in war fighting, that is something that likewise can be acquired. For all of our nation’s military superiority, we have not been in combat with a peer competitor for half a century. As good as we may be, history contains many examples of militarily inferior nations developing military superiority. If we think that this is not what Communist China is seeking to do today, we are mistaken.

Unrestricted Warfare

There is a famous book, Unrestricted Warfare, written in 1999 by two People’s Liberation Army colonels. It argues that war between the PRC and the U.S. is inevitable, and that when it occurs China must be prepared to use whatever means are necessary to achieve victory. This includes economic warfare, cyber warfare, information warfare, political warfare, terrorism, and biological warfare, in addition to conventional and nuclear warfare. The book’s purpose was not only to shape Chinese policy, but also to plant the idea in the minds of U.S. policymakers that China will consider nothing out of bounds. The book itself is an act of information warfare. Understanding the lengths to which the PRC is willing to go, might the U.S. prefer some kind of accommodation in lieu of building a military capable of challenging China’s strategic designs?

In thinking about the implications of the word unrestricted, it is useful to look at the CCP’s treatment of its own people.

Estimates put the number of those killed at the hands of the CCP—whether through war, starvation, or execution—at roughly 100 million. The mass murder committed by the party and its Red Guards during the Great Leap Forward (1958-1962) and the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) alone resulted in some 70 million dead. And these numbers do not even take into account the forced abortions stemming from China’s one-child policy. That number is conservatively estimated to be 500 million—500 million children murdered in the womb.

The Chinese government today is perfecting a system of social credit scoring that relies on constant monitoring of its people using the tools of social media, with the aim of grading each individual based on his or her support of the regime. This exerts a chilling effect on the people, who seem to have decided to go along with their communist masters lest they be excluded from whatever benefits they might enjoy from China’s economic modernization.

Many of us have heard of the CCP’s imprisonment in concentration camps of one to two million Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang province. Fewer of us are aware of how the Chinese government facilitates the abduction of Uyghur women for sexual use by Chinese soldiers—or even worse, if that were possible, how the government harvests the organs of the Uyghur population for sale both in China and abroad. This latter atrocity has become a multi-billion dollar industry: the Uyghur organs, since they are uncorrupted by alcohol or pork, are especially desirable to wealthy Muslims in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The ability of Westerners to avert their eyes from such abject horrors is clearly illustrated by the new Disney movie Mulan, parts of which were filmed mere miles from some of these camps. Disney went so far as to thank the Turpan Municipal Bureau of Public Security, responsible for imprisoning the Uyghurs, for its help during filming.

As an indication of the CCP’s treatment of Christianity, Chinese school textbooks are now promoting a false account of Christianity and of Jesus’s life and teaching. In the Chinese version of the story from the Gospel of John about the adulteress threatened with stoning, for example, Jesus explains that he too is a sinner and then stones the woman to death after the crowd disperses. Despite this and the CCP’s long history of persecuting Christians, Pope Francis will be renewing his agreement with the CCP that gives it effective control over how the Catholic Church, or what passes for it, is run in China.

The CCP operates a vast intelligence network in the U.S as well. It is made up not merely of intelligence operatives working for the Ministry of State Security, but also a myriad of business and industry officials, Chinese scholar associations, Confucius Institutes operating on American campuses, and 370,000 Chinese students attending American universities. Every one of these Chinese citizens is subject to Article 7 of the PRC’s National Intelligence Law of 2017, which requires that “any organization or citizen shall support, assist, and cooperate with state intelligence work.” Students and others must report to handlers in Chinese consulates and embassies about who they meet, the research they’re working on, and whatever else is demanded.

It should not be surprising that a combination of the efforts of this network and of China-based cyber criminals yields $500 to $600 billion of intellectual property theft annually. Also aiding the effort is China’s Thousand Talents Program, which seeks to recruit the brightest Chinese and American professionals to support Chinese science and industry. This has proved to be a real problem for the U.S.—consider the recent arrest of Harvard chemist Charles Lieber for not disclosing his ties to the Chinese government and the firing of the Chinese-American CIO of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, who had invested CalPERS funds in Chinese corporations tied to the People’s Liberation Army.

Perhaps the greatest threat to the U.S. posed by the CCP is its corruption of America’s business and financial elites, who view the economic benefits of dealing with China as more important than America’s national interests. If there is a single group committed to the globalist project and the delusory China dream, it is Wall Street. Our great investment banks are now selling trillions of dollars in debt and equity in Chinese corporations to American investors and retirees. They are literally betting on the success of China at the expense of the U.S.

The People’s War

Over the past decade alone, the PRC has stolen almost $6 trillion of U.S. intellectual property, including tech innovations coming out of Silicon Valley and Seattle, entertainment coming out of Hollywood, and medical research and development coming out of New England and elsewhere. Properly understood, this is China stealing the wealth and future wealth of the American people. It is only recently that our government began trying to combat this theft in a serious way. At the same time, the U.S. has begun a strategic military buildup—including the creation of a new branch of our armed services, the U.S. Space Force, sending a signal that the U.S. would not cede the strategic high ground of space to China, which is already active in militarizing space.

In response, on May 13, 2019, the PRC, through the Xinhua News Agency—which is controlled by the CCP—declared a “People’s War” against the U.S. This was specifically in response to U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods, which themselves were a response to restrictions of access to Chinese markets and China’s failure to negotiate in good faith on the theft of intellectual property.

What was meant by this declaration of a People’s War? Was the phrase essentially rhetorical or did it signal a fundamental shift or escalation in Chinese thinking?

I would not go so far as to say that the COVID-19 virus that originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology was part of this People’s War. But the virus did set into motion a radical reorientation of American society that had grave economic and political consequences.

We know with certainty that after the virus began spreading in Wuhan in the fall of 2019, the Chinese government closed down flights from Wuhan, which is in Hubei province, to the rest of China. At the same time, it allowed flights from Wuhan to continue to go to Europe and to the U.S.—where the Chinese knew with certainty that the virus would spread. And when President Trump closed the U.S. to flights from China, its foreign ministry and one of the CCP’s propaganda arms, the Global Times, pushed for a reversal of this policy—again, knowing full well how contagious the virus was. Indeed, the Chinese government locked down Wuhan and released videos of men in hazmat suits welding doors shut so that people could not leave their homes.

The U.S. government and its Centers for Disease Control, which has offices in China, asked to be let into Wuhan to investigate. To this day China has denied us access. The initial gene sequencing for the virus that we received from China—evidence that led the now famous public health bureaucrat Anthony Fauci to say that China was being open and cooperative—was incorrect, a fact that made testing Americans for the virus all the more difficult. Were these decisions by the Chinese government part of the People’s War?

When challenged on its dishonesty regarding the virus’s origins, the CCP’s Xinhua News Agency threatened that China could plunge America into a “mighty sea of coronavirus,” pointing out that China controlled the supply chain for the active pharmaceutical ingredients used in the production of 90 percent of our medicines. This fact alone—the result of the loss of the U.S. manufacturing base to China and other nations, an explicit policy of our government until recently—is a scandal of immense proportions that our government is now working to correct.

Regardless of whether the COVID-19 virus was a by-product of biological weapons research or resulted from inadequate safeguards in a virology lab, it is the CCP that is to blame for its spread throughout the world, and it was criminal for the Chinese government to keep the world in the dark about the nature of the pathogen.

Nor has COVID-19 been the only line of attack in this People’s War. It should come as no surprise that the PRC uses its diplomatic missions around the world as a base for industrial espionage and to conduct political and information warfare. Thus it was that on July 24 of this year, the U.S. State Department closed down the Chinese consulate in Houston, saying that it was serving as a hub for CCP operatives who were engaging in theft of America’s research into, among other things, the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

To quote a State Department official:

Consulates are also bases of operations for Fox Hunt teams. These are teams of agents sent from China here to coerce economic fugitives—meaning political rivals of President Xi, the Communist Party critics, and refugees—coercing them, that is, to return to the PRC. Consulates enabled the activities of those teams. Consulates also enabled direct lobbying of state and local officials, as well as business people, to favor Chinese interests. And while that’s to be expected by diplomats, when it takes a turn towards the coercive or the covert, that becomes a national security problem.

It is also believed that Chinese operatives in the Houston consulate provided intelligence to Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters in Houston as a way of demonstrating their solidarity. Indeed, there is growing evidence that the CCP’s United Front includes these groups, and that some of the funding for BLM and Antifa is coming from CCP-sponsored or affiliated groups: Liberation Road, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and the Chinese Progressive Association.

In conclusion, Americans are not looking for war with Communist China, but Communist China appears to be at war with us. As a first order of business, we must continue what we have at long last begun: building a military designed to deter Chinese aggression and pursuing trade and other policies that put our own national interests first.

Equally important—especially given the violence in our cities that our foreign enemies cheer—is defending our American way of life and teaching our countrymen why America deserves our love and devotion, now and in the days ahead.

Credit Line: "Reprinted by permission from Imprimis, a publication of Hillsdale College." 

The above article is from the September 2020 issue of Imprimis. Get your FREE print subscription to Imprimis now! (click link to go to the Imprimis subscription webpage). 
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Fun gifts for the Conspiracy Theorist in your life!

11-23-2022  Here are some fun gift ideas for the Conspiracy Theorist in your life! I wouldn't mind getting a few of these myself. I am a Amazon affiliate, so I do make a tiny percentage (and I do mean tiny) off any purchases made through these links, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting this website!!

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None Dare Call It Conspiracy (Hardcover) - The 2014 edition of Gary Allen's and Larry Abraham's 1972 classic that started it all. A "must have" for all good conspiracy theorists! 

Call It Conspiracy - Larry Abraham's 2016 sequel to None Dare Call It Conspiracy, featuring six all-new chapters, plus various bracketed updates and new appendixes. 

Behold a Pale Horse - Another conspiracy classic, this one by Bill Cooper, former United States Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member.

Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win - By Peter Schweizer. Exposes the real life corruption of American Elites. Best political book of this year, in my opinion. 

The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zombie Banks Are Destroying America - By the legendary investigative journalist, Jim Marrs. 

Also by Jim Marrs:

Conspiracy Theory DVD, Blu-ray, or VHS - Starring Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, and Patrick Stewart. 

They Live! DVD or Blu-ray - Starring Rowdy Roddy Piper (GREAT movie, in my opinion). 

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Various Anti-Spying Gadgets - Professional  quality gear to detect hidden cameras, listening devices, GPS devices, RF signals, and so forth. Some of these get pricey, but they are real.  

EMP Proof Bags - Protect your electronics and digital records from EMP events

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Statement on Resistance / Statement on Self-Defense

For the benefit of the federal agent assigned to monitor my websites, I thought it would be useful of me to post a Statement on Resistance, and to repost my Statement on Self-Defense and the Use of Force, in order to prevent any potential misunderstandings. Note that I do not in any way call for civil war, armed revolution, or political violence of any type. 

Statement on Resistance

By Tim Gamble  11-20-2022

We the people have an inalienable right to resist, by all means peaceful and moral, any and all oppressive or tyrannical governments, corporations, and other authorities, including individuals who by their wealth, station, influence or other means, exercise or attempt to exercise power over others. 

This Statement on Resistance is short and simple, but for the sake of clarity in these troubling times, I will explicitly point out a few things. 

First, this is a statement of peaceful and moral resistance. It is not in any way a call for, or an endorsement of, armed revolution, civil war, or political violence of any type. 

Second, resistance is an inalienable right, meaning that this right cannot be taken or given away by any means. This right is not subject to governmental or legal authority, nor is it subject to any vote. It cannot be legislated by politicians, nor regulated by bureaucrats. It is not subject to corporate policies or terms-of-service agreements. 

Third, "oppressive or tyrannical" refers to any exercise of illegitimate authority, unconstitutional power, and immoral acts. It refers to any attempt to limit or restrict our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It refers to any attempt to revoke or restrict our personal freedoms as outlined in the Bill of Rights. It refers to any attempt to change or invalidate the Constitution, or any portion thereof, through any means other than the prescribed legal and proper amendment process. It refers to any attempt to limit, restrict, or take our economic freedoms for any reason, including the right to personal property, the right to work, and the right to engage freely in commerce (the right to buy and sell). It includes any attempts to deny or limit the rights of parents to raise their children, including overseeing their children's education and healthcare. It includes any and all attempts to force people into any form of collectivism, including fascism, socialism, communism, marxism, and maoism. It includes any attempt to cancel individuals who hold traditional viewpoints, values, or beliefs, or to otherwise bully people into accepting or conforming to so-called "woke" ideology. 

Fourth, this statement does not preclude self-defense and the use of force as a last resort to protect oneself or others from the threat of imminent harm (see my Statement on Self-Defense and the Use of Force).

Statement on Self-Defense and the Use of Force

By Tim Gamble  (originally published January 20, 2020)

This statement reflects my views on Self-Defense and the Use of Force, prayerfully developed over many years of consideration. I do not seek to prove these views to the reader, but rather hope the reader will investigate the many sources given in the footnotes, should they have questions about why I hold these views. 

For the purposes of the following statement, I define self-defense as "the use of force, including potentially deadly force, as a last resort to protect oneself or others from the threat of imminent harm." This definition therefore excludes the use of force solely for personal gain, or out of a desire for revenge or vengeance. Also notice some key words of that definition - "last resort", "protect", and "imminent harm" - that suggest there are limitations upon the use of force in self-defense. Self-defense is not an excuse for the unlimited use of violence.  

Statement on Self-Defense and the Use of Force

I strongly believe in the unalienable right of self-defense, including the defense of others. It is a biblical concept, which can be proved with numerous passages from both the Old and New Testaments. (see footnotes 1, 2, 3, 4, 8)

I strongly support the Second Amendment. We have the right to possess the tools of self-defense, including guns and knives. (see footnotes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,)   

I reject retaliation, revenge, and vengeance, because God's Word makes it clear that such belongs to the Lord, not man. (see footnotes 1, 6)

I reject unwise and inappropriate use of force in self-defense. This includes being too quick to anger, and lacking self-control. Defensive force should only be used as a last resort. "Employing potentially lethal force out of anger, hatred, jealously, or revenge is always wrong and is condemned by Scripture." (see footnote 7)

I reject unprovoked aggression (the initiation of force without just cause). Aggression (force) is necessary, and ethical, in some circumstances to protect ourselves (or others) from actions or threats against our lives, freedoms, rights, or property. 

I reject the concept of absolute pacifism (the idea that force should never be used under any circumstances, even in self-defense or defense of others). I consider refusing to help defend those in legitimate need, when you have the ability to do so, to be a potentially immoral and cowardly act, because it suggests that life isn't worth defending.


1) See the website Biblical Self-Defense for a lengthy examination of dozens of Old and New Testament passages on self-defense.

See the article Self-Defense by Fr. John Whiteford on the Orthodox Christianity website. 
3) A book on the subject of biblical self-defense that may be of interest is Stand Your Ground: The Biblical Foundation For Self-Defense, by Steve Jones.

4) The article The Six Things Americans Should Know About the Second Amendment, by Richard W. Stevens, contains an examination of self-defense within a Judeo-Christian framework.

5) See The Bill of Rights, particularly the Second Amendment.

6) See the page Revenge and Retaliation on the Knowing Jesus website for 37 verses on retaliation, revenge, and vengeance belonging to God, not people.

7) Quote is from The Biblical View of Self-Defense, on the Biblical Self-Defense website.

8) Watch the five minute video, Do Not Murder, by Dennis Prager. 


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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Stop The Madness! Keep Cash Alive!!

By Tim Gamble  

The Cashless Society is coming, where there will be no paper money, and we will all be forced to do all our financial transactions digitally. Going cashless is very bad idea for many reasons. Keeping cash alive has many benefits. 

Why Is Going Cashless a Bad Idea?
  • Loss of privacy, as government, banks, and corporations will be able to monitor and track every purchase and every deposit you make.
  • Government will know who is buying guns, ammo, body armor, and other survival/prepper supplies. Makes future confiscation easier.
  • Government know who is buying and stockpiling food. Makes future confiscation easier.
  • Forces all charitable donations, including religious tithes and donations, to go through the digital system, allowing government to track and even regulate such donations.
  • Remember the IRS scandal where Tea Party and Conservative organizations were targeted? 
  • Moves us a large-step closer to a consolidated, one-world government.
  • Forces individuals to be bank customers, even in a negative interest rate environment. 
  • Forces individuals who use cash envelope systems for budgeting and personal debt management to quit using those systems, and become bank customers instead.
  • Government will have the total ability to restrict your spending of your money. Possible examples: restricting meat purchases in the name of climate change, restricting medical services if you don't have the jab, restricting travel if you don't have the jab, or even "cancelling" you from your money if you post "misinformation" about stolen elections or make a "trans-phobic" claim that minors shouldn't have their genitals cut off. Starting to see the power grab, yet? 
  •  No more cash-only side jobs. No more cash transactions at flea markets, yard sales, etc. 
  • No more cash for anything...

For more information on this topic:

1) The Keep Cash Alive page on the Global Walkout website.


Ad: Cresson H. Kearny's Nuclear War Survival Skills: Lifesaving Nuclear Facts and Self-Help Instructions is currently on sale at Amazon for $10.39 (subject to change at Amazon's whim). This is the 2016 edition, which is the most recent edition.

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Sunday, November 13, 2022

ALERT - Arizona Election Protests Possible Set-Up

Folks, unless you have a real, OFFICIAL, reason to go there, stay far away from Maricopa County Tabulation Center in the coming days. Let this play out for now.

They may be trying another Jan. 6 style set-up. Or otherwise inciting violence to be blamed on the Right. Don't fall for it.

Seriously, let this play out for now. No amount of protesting at that site will stop what is going on inside, and ultimately will only aid the Left's narrative (the media will dishonestly spin any protest).

For now, let the campaigns and lawyers fight it out.

Be smart. Stay peaceful.

Ad: I recently bought the book Why Social Justice Is Not Biblical Justice: An Urgent Appeal to Fellow Christians in a Time of Social Crisis, by Scott David Allen. I want to recommend it to my readers, as it does an excellent job of explaining the difference between politically-correct "social justice" and true Biblical justice. Social justice has creeped in modern churches, which have become weak as they seek to embrace worldly acceptance. Sadly, most church-goers today don't understand enough about social justice (or Biblical justice for that matter) to see the dangerous distortions embedded in the social justice concept. 


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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Opinion: 5 Lessons Learned From the Election

By Tim Gamble  11-10-2022

Here are my take-aways and lessons learned from this weeks election. I am speaking as a Patriot-Citizen and a Conservative.

1- We still have a lot work to do on Election Integrity. Obviously, there are huge problems in Arizona, but also problems in Pennsylvania and a number of other states. At least 17 states had issues with voting machines this election. This is a state and local level issue where we can have a lot of impact, if we are willing to put in the effort. 

2- Half of the American population is now Woke, and they are socialist or at least comfortable with the idea of socialism. We can no longer out-vote these people, no matter our enthusiasm. We have to change hearts and minds of some of these folks for future elections. In other words, we have to change some of them into more of us

3- The quality of our candidates matters. It is not enough that someone wraps themselves in the flag, and knows the right patriotic buzz-words to say. It is not even enough to hold the right positions on issues. Winning candidates need to have the gravitas equal to the task - they need the competence, resume, experience, and demeanor to be taken seriously by folks not inclined to vote for them simply because they have an R after their name. We need to do better at recruitment and development of candidates. 

4- The Ron DeSantis victory in Florida was HUGE. He won. He won by a huge margin. He won by a huge margin in a formerly purple swing state with a large Hispanic population. He won despite being vilified by the press (and to some extent by Trump). It is a good idea to look at how DeSantis won. "DeSantis won not by being a centrist or by being bipartisan, but by insisting that Florida is the anti-woke state," according to Liz Wheeler (tweet). Glenn Beck summed it up this way: "Ron DeSantis is the model. Be DECISIVE, not divisive" (tweet). 

5- Student Loan Debt is a much bigger issue than we realized. The under-30 vote turned out this election and went heavily to the Dems (+28%) based largely on this one issue. Elections are about the economy, but don't forget that for 45 million Americans with about $1.75 trillion dollars in student loans, those loans are a big part of their personal economy. It is as important an economic issue for them as are jobs and inflation. We need to figure out a better way of addressing this issue than just funny memes and digging in our heels, proclaiming "no help" for this segment of 45 million voters. We need better ideas and better messaging on this important issue. 


Ad: I recently bought the book Why Social Justice Is Not Biblical Justice: An Urgent Appeal to Fellow Christians in a Time of Social Crisis, by Scott David Allen. I want to recommend it to my readers, as it does an excellent job of explaining the difference between politically-correct "social justice" and true Biblical justice. Social justice has creeped in modern churches, which have become weak as they seek to embrace worldly acceptance. Sadly, most church-goers today don't understand enough about social justice (or Biblical justice for that matter) to see the dangerous distortions embedded in the social justice concept. 


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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Learned Helplessness

By Tim Gamble

Think back to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Remember the images of all those people standing around in knee-deep water waiting for the government or someone else to help them? They had several days warning that a major hurricane was on the way, yet they did nothing. Even after Katrina hit, flooding large sections of the city and collapsing its infrastructure, they did nothing to get themselves out of the situation. Instead they stood around in knee-deep water until authorities were able to round them up and ship them to the horrible and dangerous conditions of the Superdome. It was a truly stunning display of passivity in the face of adversity and danger. 

There is an actual term for this passivity. It is called "learned helplessness," a behavioral term for when an organism (animal or human) has been taught through external stimuli to NOT help themselves, but to depend on outside factors. In the case of those people in New Orleans, generations of public education and government dependence left much of the population unable or unwilling to help themselves. For most, it didn't even occur to them to try to get out of that situation on their own. And, if it did, they simply didn't know how to even start to help themselves.

Interestingly, the term "learned helplessness" appears in CIA manuals declassified in 1996 and 1997. The CIA defines learned helplessness as a type of instilled "apathy" which it is very difficult or even impossible to overcome.

Unlearning learned helplessness is difficult, but can be done if one is motivated to do so. Stop blinding trusting government, authorities, and experts (article, article). Learn to be self-reliant (article). Take responsibility for your own life. Learn DIY skills. Learn Situational Awareness (article) and Sociopolitical  Awareness (article). 

The single most important thing you can do to survive future chaos is to start taking responsibility for your own life now.

For more information, the these Wikipedia articles:
AD:  Resistance Operating Concept (ROC), by Otto C. Fiala and the Joint Special Operations University Press, teaches "developing a nationally authorized, organized resistance capability prior to an invasion and full or partial occupation resulting in a loss of territory and sovereignty." Although specifically written to address a foreign invasion, the ideas and concepts it presents could certainly be used by the people to resist an oppressive or tyrannical government. (This is the book T.J. of Bear Independent has often recommended.) 

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