Here is a list of ministries and causes that I personally support. In my opinion, all on this list do good works, are efficient with their resources, and have not "gone woke" as so may other organizations have. I urge you to look into these ministries and prayerfully consider supporting them. (For the record: I am NOT affiliated with these ministries.) Thank you. --Tim Gamble

1) Grindstone Ministries - A disaster relief ministry that provides disaster cleanup & construction services and critical materials distribution in the aftermath of natural disasters, such as tornados and hurricanes. Grindstone is largely a volunteer-based ministry that does not charge anyone (victims, insurance companies, or government) for their services. 

2) Kaleb House - A residential recovery and restoration ministry for child survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. 

3) David Rives Ministries - A non-denominational education ministry centering on Creation Science (in other words, scientific and archaeological proof supporting the Bible).

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