Thursday, August 29, 2019

PSA - Suicide Prevention

Last week a neighbor committed suicide. He left behind a wife, grown children, and young grandchildren.

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of talking to a veteran who serves on the honor guard at military funerals. He told me about the number of funerals he has served at this year and how many of those were suicides. It was a shocking number.

There is definitely a suicide epidemic happening now.  So, I would like to take a moment to address the issue. If you are having suicidal thoughts, please ask for and get help. If you know someone who may be having suicidal thoughts, or who may be suffering from depression, PTSD, or other mental illness, please say something to encourage them to seek help. There are no easy answers, but silence is always the wrong answer.

Where to Get Help*
❗ National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

❗ Veteran's Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255

❗ Anxiety and Depression Association of America Website:

❗ SAMHSA Treatment Referral Helpline – 1-877-726-4727  (Get general information on mental health and locate mental health & treatment services in your area. Speak to a live person, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.)

❗ Refer to the article Finding Help: When to Get It and Where to Go on the Mental Health America website. 

❗ Local clergy (pastors, priests, rabbis) often will be able to refer you to local programs, support groups, and counselors that can help.

* Having relationship with God is a very important part of getting help. I encourage everyone to pray and read the Bible daily, and to attend Church regularly.
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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Five SHTF Events I am Preparing to Survive

I sometimes get the question "Tim, what are you preparing for? What do you really think is going to happen?" Well, here's my answer:

1) Life's Everyday Emergencies.  Life is full of smaller emergencies that fall short of being a civilization ending doomsday - house fires, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, winter storms, power outages, car accidents, household accidents, recessions, an unexpected job loss, an unexpected illness, and even an unexpected death. These type of emergencies happen everyday to lots of people. They are so common, I guarantee that everyone reading this article will face some of these emergencies not just once, but multiple times in their lives. I certainly am preparing with these everyday  emergencies in mind. 

2) The Threat Within. There are elites in both government and corporate board rooms that want to destroy America and western civilization for their own benefit. They believe traditional western civilization and culture is bad, that America in particular is evil, and that Biblical values and ethics are too restricting (for them). They hate capitalism, even though they personally have greatly benefited from it. They look down on the lower and working classes with great disdain (we are uneducated, unsophisticated, vulgar...). They want to create a world with no borders, where they are basically global citizens unrestricted by normal laws and ethics. They desire a large underclass (they need workers), a small middle class (they need some working professionals), and a small but extremely prosperous upper class made up of themselves and their fellow elites. They want to create an elite class who, by virtue of their obvious superiority, have absolute rule over the lesser classes. 

Over the past decades, the elites have already done great damage. The introduction of centralized banking and fiat currency is one example, along with massive government debt they have generated. Destroying our educational system and dumbing down the people is another example. Their current attempts to restrict Free Speech and Free Press come straight out of the elites' desire to control the lesser classes, as does their desire to eliminate the Second Amendment, to ridicule patriotism, to end borders, to weaken the traditional family, and to greatly restrict parental rights. The attempt in recent decades to recast the broad Freedom of Religion our Founders gave us into the much more narrow freedom of worship is very much a part of their attempts to overcome traditional western civilization (see my article on the important difference between Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Worship and how the elites are weakening our freedoms in this regard). 

The threat within may lead to massive economic, political, and social instability, along with a loss of rights, traditions, and culture. In fact, we are already starting to see these things, and it will only get worse. 

3) The Stealth Invasion of the West. There is an active, but stealth, invasion of Europe and the Americas by Muslims through "peaceful" immigration, along with increasing (often violent) demands for various accommodations, privileges, special legal status, and the acceptance and even imposition of Sharia Law. This stealth invasion is well-documented by investigative journalist Leo Hohman in his book Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and Resettlement Jihad. Also documenting this stealth invasion are Sam Solomon and Elias Al Maqdisi in their book Modern Day Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration.

Add to this stealth invasion the much higher birth rates of Muslims compared to native westerners, who have been convinced that large families are a bad idea (overpopulation, climate change), and you have a situation where western civilization is slowly being replaced by Islamic civilization.

It is worth noting that this stealth invasion by immigration is being fostered by western elites who have become so anti-Christian, anti-capitalism, and anti-traditional values, that they are willing to allow anything that might bring down traditional western civilization, so they might remake it to their benefit. Expect more economic, political, and social instability, violence, and loss of freedoms as this trend continues.

4) War with China. According to the historical concept known as the Thucydides Trap, which has been well-studied by academics and heavily discussed in diplomatic circles, a hot war leading to the destruction of either America or China is coming. Very simply, the Thucydides Trap states that when a rising great power (China, in this instance) threatens to displace an existing great power (in this case, America), a war that will almost certainly lead to the destruction of one of the great powers is almost always inevitable.

China is aware of this concept, and is making policy based on it. They are preparing. America is also aware of this concept. However, we are not preparing. Notice, too, the resistance from elites within our government and board rooms to Trump's attempts to be strong in regards to China. War is coming. Not tomorrow, but it is coming. 

5) Death. Even if nothing I've talked about in this article comes to pass, one SHTF event is certain. I will die. And so will you. At some point, everyone one of us will die. Spiritual preparedness is an important part of my preps, and hopefully, it is a part of yours, too. You may be interested in my recent article on spiritual preparedness for more on this topic. 

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Friday, August 23, 2019

The Thucydides Trap and the War With China

by Tim Gamble

The current trade war with China is only a prelude to what is coming. China is preparing for what it considers an inevitable "hot" war with America within the next 10 years. China is convinced this war must happen because of a concept known as the Thucydides Trap. 

The Thucydides Trap isn't some conspiracy theory twaddle, but is a well-studied historical concept heavily discussed in academic and diplomatic circles. Very simply, the Thucydides Trap states that when a rising great power (China, in this instance) threatens to displace an existing great power (in this case, America), a war that will almost certainly lead to the destruction of one of the great powers is almost always inevitable.
The Chinese are very aware of this concept, and are actively making policy based on it. Again, this is known and discussed within diplomatic circles (i.e. cannot be dismissed as a conspiracy theory, but rather is known fact). It is the basis of their ongoing massive military build-up, as well as their interference in North Korea (the Chinese have always assisted North Korea with their nuclear and missile programs, and are pushing Kim Jong-un to stall in regards to denuclearization). It is also part of the reasoning behind their aggressiveness in the South China Sea (control over vital trade routes), including their building of artificial islands & military bases, as well as their economic & diplomatic push into South America and Africa (the later which includes a growing military presence), to obtain various resources. 

Take a look at a few recent headlines during the past week alone:

When Will This War Happen? 

An honest answer: I don't know. What I do know is that China is preparing for a hot war with the United States. I assume they are waiting for the right moment to strike, a moment when they feel ready and believe the US is at its weakest. I suspect they will wait to see what happens in the 2020 election (notice the last headline posted above is about China already meddling in support of the Democrats in the 2020 elections). 

I also know that we need to start preparing, as a nation and as individuals, for the coming war with China. History says it is almost certainly inevitable. The clock is ticking.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

SecuringYour Current Assets Before the Next Economic Downturn

Here are some ideas for securing your current assets before the next economic downturn:

1) Make sure the banks and insurance companies you use are financially healthy. There are rating services you can use, such as Bauer Financial and BankRate for banks and credit unions, and A.M. Best Company, Inc for insurance companies.

2) Pay off your mortgage if at all possible, or at least refinance into a fixed rate. For most people, their home is their largest and most important financial asset. Yet, in 2009 over 3 million homes were foreclosed on.  Don't be one of those in the next economic meltdown.

3) Pay off your vehicles, and anything else that you are making payments on that you don't want to loose. Can't pay off your vehicle anytime soon? Then trade down and get out from under that car payment. That clunker you own outright may look embarrassing, but it will be of more use to you than that shinny new car that gets towed away because you missed a payment. Same goes for other things that your making payments on that might get repossessed in a crisis.

4) Pay your taxes on time and in full. The government has given itself extraordinary powers to seize your paycheck, savings, investments, and property to collect back taxes.

5) Put a portion of your savings into silver, gold and/or other hard assets. How much? Depending on which "expert" is talking, anywhere from 5% to 20%. I lean on the high side of that range. Remember, certificates that say you own X amount of gold or silver being held for you by some bank or investment company will only be worth the paper they are printed on during a severe financial crisis. Take physical possession of your gold or silver before the crisis hits.

6) Guard against identity theft. Identity theft is a $20 billion dollar a year industry, and it will only increase as the economy worsens. Be careful who you share your information with. Shred or burn financial documents instead of just throwing them away. Be especially careful online, and keep your antivirus updated daily.

7) Take steps to protect your current job. Check out the article Fifteen Commandments of Keeping Your Job. Don't give your employer a reason to fire you.

8) Get ready now to look for a new job. Don't wait until you are fired. Keep your resume constantly up-to-date. Make sure you have updated contact info for all your references. Start networking now - you will be more likely to find a new job through a friend or colleague than from the classifieds or even employment services. Building a network is essential career advice, good times or bad. 

9) Learn new skills. Realize you may have to find a new job in a different field from your current job. Or you may have to go into business for yourself. Learn new skills. Take some classes at a local community college. Take a marketing and/or public relations class (surprisingly useful to most jobs/careers). Learn to sell (read the book SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham - considered a business classic). Brush up on your computer skills. Learn coding. Learn bookkeeping & accounting. Learn Spanish for the workplace. Consider learning a trade (electrician, plumber, welder, HVAC repair, etc.) as a back-up to your current career. The more you know, the more employable you will be. 

Don't wait until the next financial crisis hits to protect your assets. Start preparing now.
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Thursday, August 8, 2019

More Fulani (Muslim) Violence Against Christians in Nigeria

The genocide against Christians in Nigeria by Muslim militants continues. Over the last 18 years, an estimated 50,000 to 70,000 Christians have been murdered by Muslim groups, while another 2 million people have been displaced." Countless others have been injured. And the genocide is only increasing. The following unedited press release by International Christian Concern details the most recent violence. 

Three Young Men Wounded During Fulani Militant Ambush

08/07/2019 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on Thursday evening, August 1, 2019, Fulani militants ambushed and shot three young men, all members of the Baptist church in Ancha village of Miango District in Nigeria’s Plateau State. The three men were serving as part of the community volunteer watch. Thankfully, all three survived; however, they all suffered gunshot wounds and had to be admitted to the local hospital.

The three survivors, Akore Joseph (19), Nuhu Ishaya (21), and Achi Danjuma (22) shared their story with ICC. Akore began, “We had gone on patrol earlier [that day], and had left my mobile phone battery to be recharged in the next village. So I asked my friends to come with me to go and get it.  On our way back from picking it up, we were walking and talking [when]… all of a sudden, sporadic gunshots erupted from the corn farms. I turned to flee. It was as I fled that a bullet hit me.” Akore was shot in his right shoulder. After fleeing, the three men hid from their attackers until they felt it was safe.

Corroborating the incident, Nuhu Ishaya said, “We tried to hide as secure as we could.  They searched for a while, but didn’t locate us so they went away. We were bleeding. We eventually ran to the nearest village and told the villagers what happened to us.” Nuhu was shot twice, once on the left wrist and also on his upper thigh.

Achi Danjuma, the third survivor, recalled that they had been talking about a previous attack that took place in the village of Hukke, which they were returning from. As they discussed it, they were then attacked themselves. He explained, “The militants recently killed some boys at Hukke village.  It was the memory of that attack that came upon us and we became uneasy and talked about it along the way.” A bullet struck Achi on his right arm.

Pastor of the local Baptist church, Rev. Nanchwat Laven, lamented about the toll that the attacks have taken on his congregation. Yet, he continues to look up to God to intervene and bring them relief and peace. He said that after he learned about the attack, he called Nuhu Ishaya’s cellphone. Someone else answered and eventually told the pastor that he was Fulani, and that they were attacking the Irigwe (the major tribe in Miango), because they are proving “stubborn” by not letting the Fulanis’ cattle graze freely.

Nathan Johnson, ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, said, “This attack is deeply concerning. Ancha village is a small community that has suffered on numerous occasions. They lost 20 lives during an attack in 2017 and have suffered several other smaller attacks since. I have personally prayed over the mass graves in Ancha that these attacks have created. The Nigerian government must intervene, protect their citizens, and prosecute those who are killing wantonly.”
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