Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Queer Trans Project Secretly Ships Free Sex-Change Kits to Children Around the Country

By Tim Gamble

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The Epoch Times is reporting on their investigation into Florida-based Queer Trans Project, which has secretly mailed out at least 959 free sex-change kits to children this year, without the parents' knowledge or consent (click here to read the full article at The Epoch Times). 

The kits are offered to children for free via the organization's website, with no age requirement, and no need for a parent's permission or consent. 

Once ordered, the kits are packaged discretely and sent to the children, with kit materials often being hidden inside t-shirts, plushies, and other ways to further hide them from the parents, the investigation revealed. The organization also has a YouTube channel, which includes video instructions on how youth can hide their "Build-A-Queer" kit from their parents. 

"Build-A-Queer" is the actual name used by Queer Trans Project for their kits.

According to The Epoch Times, "the “Build-A-Queer” kits contain breast binders, condoms, fake male genitalia called “packers,” tape used to bind and hide male genitalia, and more." The organization has also sent out about 20 "trans self-defense kits," including knives, tasers, pepper spray, and steel batons. 

How To Identify These Secret Packages

Parents have a legal right and a moral obligation to protect their underage children. If your child receives a package that you were not expecting, you should immediately inspect its contents closely. Remember, kit contents may be hidden inside t-shirts, plushies, and other items to further hide it from parents, so do more than just take a quick glance inside the package. You are absolutely NOT invading your underage child's privacy, but rather are doing your duty as a parent. 

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