Tuesday, May 23, 2023

R-13 Strengthening Your Family

Resistance 13

By Tim Gamble

I've mentioned this several times in previous Resistance articles, but the Elite want to end the traditional family unit. From R-04" "The Elites want to end the traditional concepts of family and religion, because they want people to have no loyalties other than to their new authoritarian scientific dictatorship.

They want to end the traditional family, so fight for it - starting with yours. How? Here is something I wrote yesterday on my Dystopian Survival website. It is just a few basic suggestions, but it will make a solid starting point for many families:

Family Bonding 

The break down of the family unit over the last sixty years is startling. Is it any wonder our world is in as big a mess as it is? One of the big reasons, in my opinion, is a lack of traditional family bonding. Americans, and other Westerners, typically don't go to church together anymore. We don't typically eat family meals together, at least not without our TVs and smart phones actually dominating this "family time." We don't actually spend much time together as families anymore. We too busy doing all the other stuff we have been convinced we "have to do," instead of making time for each other. 

Some ideas to increase family bonding:
  • Have a least one meal together as a family on most days. Turn off the TV and phones during family dinner hour. Talk. 
  • Have a family game night once a week (or once every two weeks or whatever works for your family) and make it a priority. Don't skip it.
  • Read the Bible and pray as a family. Sure, your teenagers will roll their eyes, but you should be much more concerned about being a good Mom than about being a cool Mom. 
  • Go to Church as a family! Yes, that includes Dad - no sleeping in, playing golf, or watching football. 

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AD: Classic Board Games: Monopoly, Candyland, Operation, Clue, Sorry, Risk, Connect 4, Chutes & Ladders, and even Checkers and Chess, are just some of the classic board games that promote great family bonding. Institute a weekly family game night at your house! 

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