Monday, May 22, 2023

R-12 Resisting The Elites

Resistance 12

By Tim Gamble

How do we resist the Elites?  The best way to resist is to simply do the the opposite of what they want. 

  • They want open borders, so fight for secure borders and controlled immigration.
  • They want to end national sovereignty, so fight for national sovereignty and a strong military. 
  • They want to ridicule and belittle patriotism, so be patriotic, and encourage others to be patriotic, too.
  • They want to hide the good parts of American and Western history, so learn real history, and make sure your kids learn real history, too. 
  • They want to end private property rights, so fight for laws protecting private property rights.
  • They want to restrict inheritance, so fight to end restrictions and taxation on inheritance.
  • They want a cashless economy, so insist on using cash. 
  • They want to end traditional Christianity, so be a traditional Bible-believing follower of the Messiah. 
  • They want folks who still insist on being Christians to at least attend modern, feminized, woke churches. So, get out of those liberal, progressive churches, and instead find a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching church or home church to attend instead. 
  • They want to end the traditional family, so fight for it. 
  • They want to end traditional ideas of gender, so teach your children to be Real Men and Real Women.
  • They want control over your children's education, health, and bodies, so fight for your kids. 
  • They want to teach your children, so find alternatives such as private and parochial schools, or homeschooling. 
  • They want you to get your news only from mainstream media, so find alternative sources for your news.
  • They want gun control, so fight for the Second Amendment. 
  • They want you to only trust (their) experts in science, medicine, and academia, so ALWAYS question "the experts."
  • They want you as dependent on government as possible (and therefore dependent on them), so be as independent and self-reliant as possible. 

How to actually do each of these things is each worthy of its own article (or book), but you should see the strategic pattern - always work towards the opposite of what they are pushing. Yes, it is an exhausting war on many fronts, but it is a war they have brought against us. Fight back, or die. 

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