Friday, May 5, 2023

R-05 Don't Be Part Of Their System

Resistance 05

By Tim Gamble
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As I've said before, the more we are part of the current worldly system established and controlled by the Elites, the more control they have over us, and the less ability we have to resist their plans. The more we remove ourselves from their system, the less control they will have over us, and the more we will be able to effectively resist their plans.

Many people are already afraid to speak out. Ordinary folks have been made afraid of being labeled as racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, or otherwise a "hater" by a dozen other labels. People aren't just afraid of the labels, they are afraid of the consequences of those labels.

Cancel culture means people labeled as "haters," no matter how unjustified, face many possible consequences, including losing not only their social media accounts, but also their jobs, their businesses, or even their friends and family. Some folks have actually lost their bank accounts, credit cards, and other services over "hate" allegations. 

The weaponization of the legal system, the DOJ, the IRS, the FBI, and various State and District Attorneys' offices and Law Enforcement Organizations across America, is a very real and growing problem. These organizations are being used to not only intimidate the opposition, but also to actually punish political and social dissent. These are the tactics of Nazi Germany, Communist China, and Soviet Union. Sadly, they are also the tactics of the Deep State of America, at the behest of the Global Elites. 

Political correctness has never been about wanting people to be nice or polite to each other, it is about intimidation and control of the language. Wokeness isn't about social or environmental "justice," but rather is no more than a bullying tactic the Left uses to get their way. Do what we say to do. Say only what we allow. Think the way we tell you to think. Or we will destroy you.   

See The Matrix

How do we get out of their system? First and foremost, we have to see that we are caught in their system. We have to see The Matrix. Most people don't. We have been intentionally dumbed down, drugged up, bribed with "free" stuff, and distracted by modern day bread and circuses. In that state, is it any wonder most folks don't really realize what is going on? 

Then we, as individuals, families, and communities, can start to untangle ourselves from their system. It won't be easy - nothing worth doing ever is - but it is absolutely necessary.

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AD:  Total Resistance - The classic study on resistance & underground operations, by Swiss Major H. von Dach. Recommended by Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness). 

AD:  Resistance Operating Concept (ROC) - Another great resource for resistance & underground operations. Recommended by both Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness) and Bear of Bear Independent. 

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