Friday, April 28, 2023

R-03 Resilience and Self-Reliance - The Foundation of Resistance

Resistance 03

By Tim Gamble
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Simply put, the less you need them, the less power they have over you. 

I've talked about this before, but wanted to make it part of the ongoing Resistance series. It is a hugely foundation requirement to have an effective Resistance program. Of course, I am talking about resilience and self-reliance. 

The more resilient and self-reliant we are as individuals, families, and communities, the less need we will have for government, and the less power the Elites will have over our lives. This fact is is obvious to the Elites, which is why they have focused so much effort on attacking the concept of self-reliance, labeling it as too hard, unrealistic, unfair, and selfish, among other things. The Elites want us as dependent on government, and therefore on them, as possible.

This desire to control the people through dependence is why the Elites have dumbed-down our educational system, attacked Biblical Christianity, destroyed the traditional family structure, pushed the concept of victimhood, and promoted the welfare state. And it is why the survivalist mindset is so important.

Survival isn't about heading for the hills, hiding from world. Instead, survival is about developing resilience and self-reliance as individuals, families & communities, so that we don't need government or the Elites. Not needing government takes away most of the power and influence of both elected politicians and unelected bureaucrats, as well as the lobbyists of the corporate world.

If you want to be a part of any Resistance against the Elites and their plans, you must develop your resilience and self-reliance. Otherwise, they win.

Ad: Survivalist Family: Prepared Americans for a Strong America, by Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness), is a great guide to beginner and intermediate preparedness and survival for both short-term disasters and long-term emergencies. Highly recommended!!!  

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