Friday, June 9, 2023

RSP-03 NEW Warning To All Trump Supporters and Patriots

Resistance Special 03

By Tim Gamble
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You all know by now that Trump has been indicted on multiple federal charges, and has been ordered to report to a Federal Courthouse in Miami next week for arraignment.. Some folks, rightly very upset by these circumstances,  may be planning protests in Miami or elsewhere. 

Before doing so, here are some things you should consider:

The Deep State and Leftist Elites already know that protests are highly likely. They are probably counting on it. They are likely planning some sort of Jan. 6 style trap for protestors. They are hoping for violence, even if they have to instigate it themselves. They are expecting threats of violence, even if they have to twist our words to find it.

Don't let them instigate anything, or give them anything to twist. Keep all protests peaceful, non-threatening, and civil. Protests are a valid means of resistance, but only if we are smart in how we use them. We must decide for ourselves the when, where, and how of our protests. We cannot allow the Left to manipulate our emotions in a way that gives them what they want.

There are peaceful ways to show your support for Trump:
  • Wear Trump, MAGA, and America First hats and shirts next week
  • Fly Trump, MAGA, and America First flags
  • Put up Trump, MAGA, and America First yard signs and posters
  • Donate to the Trump campaign, if you are so inclined
  • Control the narrative:*
    • in conversations with others
    • in communicating with your congressman and senators
    • when calling in to local talk radio
    • when writing a letter to the editor of your local paper
* Control the narrative, stick to these three points:
  1. This is purely a political prosecution
  2. Biden's DOJ is applying a massive double-standard to Trump, while protecting Biden
  3. This is nothing more than an attempt to eliminate Biden's main political rival in 2024 and amounts to nothing less than illegal campaign interference
When talking to others about these events, do not make any threats, or say anything that could be even remotely misunderstood as a threat. Stay polite at all times - do not use obscene or vulgar language. Do not use racial slurs. The Left is looking for these things, so don't let them find them.

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