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R-22 Dump "Woke" Media! - Here's How

Resistance 22

By Tim Gamble
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If you have been paying even a little bit of attention, you know how incredibly biased the news media has become. I'm sure most of you have also seen the various charts showing how an overwhelming majority of news outlets are owned by only a small handful of the Elites. They control the "news" for their own benefit. 

Even the former conservative stalwarts of Fox News and the Drudge Report have sold out their souls to the Elites, and can no longer be trusted.

I shouldn't need to convince anybody that we need to dump "woke" corporate media. On the other hand, there are still lots of folks, including many conservatives, who get their news through these corrupt sources. Maybe it is simply out of habit. Or maybe they just don't know where to go for their news instead. Here are my thoughts on getting the news.

Think For Yourself

No matter where you get your news, always think for yourself. Thinking for yourself starts with uncluttering your mind of all the rubbish coming out of the mainstream media, pop culture, and academia. Stop blindly trusting "experts." Stop listening to "celebrities." Turn off mainstream media, including Fox and Drudge. Tune out much of the current pop culture. 

Explore the alt-media, but don't just blindly accept what they're pushing either. Read a variety of sources, investigate for yourself, and think for yourself. Ask yourself questions: Does this really make sense? Is it logical? Does it fit what I already know to be true? Does it give facts that I can check, or is it just speculation? Or, worse, is it just rumors being presented as facts? 

Let logic and reason guide you, not your emotions. Something isn't true just because you really want it to be true. Something isn't false just because you desperately want it to be false. Learn to control your emotions, and especially never let fear take control. Look how successfully the Elites have learned to use fear as a tool of manipulation. Don't let that ever happen again.

I strongly suggest you learn about Technocracy, which is a primary tool the Elites are using to change our world. A great introduction to technocracy is my article Technocracy, The Power Elite, and the Transformation of Human Civilization. Control of information is a HUGE goal of technocracy. 

Specific Suggestions 
  • A great source of real, old-fashioned  journalism today is The Epoch Times. For my money (literally, since I am a paying customer), they are the best news organization today.
  • The best source of news regarding Technocracy is the website Technocracy News & Trends.
  • Whatfinger is a conservative alternative to Drudge Report, with hundreds of daily links. Just be aware that not all alt news sites are equally credible, so always think for yourself.
  • This website,, occasionally publishes news stories that are ignored, downplayed, and even censored elsewhere. 
  • Over the last few years, Fox News and Fox Business has gotten rid of a number of excellent hosts - Bill O'Reilly, Lou Dobbs, Trish Regan, Tucker Carlson, Steve Hilton, and others. Many of these have created their own independent shows and podcasts, worth checking out. 
  • There are a number of independent journalists producing their own great content. Peter Schweizer, Lara Logan, Emerald Robinson, Andy Ngo, Laura Loomer, James O'Keefe, Sharyl Attkisson, Michael Yon, and Lee Fang are just a few of the names you need to know. I will be highlighting many of these folks in future Resistance articles. 
  • A number of doctors - such as Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. John Cambell - have began publishing information and interviews on their own after facing opposition and censorship from the corporate media over pandemic and vaccination information. I will be sharing more information on these efforts in future Resistance articles.
  • Citizen Journalism is also an emerging wave. Citizen journalists are just regular folks reporting on what they see going on around them. David Kobler, on his SouthernPrepper1 YouTube channel, facilitates many of these reports through his "Boots on the Ground" segments. Similar citizen reports are often used in the "Bear Brief" segments on the Bear Independent YouTube channel. I occasionally do my own citizen journalism type reports on the Dystopian Survival website.
  • Important Note: With citizen journalism, react to overall trends, not isolated incidences. There are probably 101 legitimate reasons why a particular store may be out of a particular item at any given time. But if all the stores in your area are out of that same item, and you hear of other stores around the country being out of that item, than you have identified a trend. React to trends, not incidences.

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