Friday, June 9, 2023

Addendum to R-22 Dump "Woke" Media! - Here's How

Addendum to Resistance 22

By Tim Gamble
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Having posted R-22 early yesterday, I happened to catch a few minutes of Fox Business later in the day (5 o'clock hour, I think). The few minutes I saw pretty much proved my assertion that "Even the former conservative stalwarts of Fox News and the Drudge Report have sold out their souls to the Elites, and can no longer be trusted."

The Fox Business host, Elizabeth MacDonald (?) was interviewing someone. During the interview MacDonald stated flat-out stated that Donald Trump "incited" (her word) the "violent" (her word) protests at the Capitol, although MacDonald did reluctantly say that "later" Trump repudiated the violence. No alternative viewpoint was allowed. No mention of the serious and legitimate questions surrounding police and FBI involvement in the incident. No mention that protestors were allowed into the Capitol, even waved-in, by police. No mention of the multiple videos that exist of police doing just that. No mention the fact that the only shots fired at the Capitol were fired by police. No mention that the only death was of an unarmed protestor who was shot by police. No mention that Trump's last two tweets were calls for peace, before he was banned by Twitter.

Elizabeth MacDonald didn't have the personal or professional integrity to give anything other than the establishment narrative of those events. So much for Fox being a conservative news outlet, or even "fair and balanced." They are neither. 

Trump's last two tweets before being banned by Twitter for inciting "violence." Do thewy sound like inciting violence to you?

For more information on the events of Jan. 6, please see: 
The January 6 Insurrection Hoax.

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