Wednesday, June 28, 2023

R-31 We Do Have To Defend Our Beliefs. Here's Why...

Resistance 31

By Tim Gamble
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I am going to post a link to a You Tube video of a conversation between Dave Ramsey and Dr. Jordan Peterson. In it, Dr. Peterson relates what caused him to his political thinking as a young man. Dr. Peterson's story is interesting, and I do hope you watch it, since their are lots of nuggets of wisdom in it. However, what I really want you to see is an exchange between between Peterson and Ramsey towards the end of the video. 

First, let me give you the link to the video on You Tube: This Caused Dr. Jordan Peterson to Change His Political Thinking =

In the exchange, Dave Ramsey said something that I've heard lots of folks on the Right say - that we don't have to argue with the Left; that we can just say "you're crazy" and move on; basically that the Left is the one wanting to change centuries of tradition, therefore the burden is on them to make the argument for their position, not on us to defend our position. 

Dr. Peterson then gently corrects Ramsey, and says that simply refusing to engage the Left or just not being able to articulate our position, is a sure-fire way to defeat. I agree. In fact, I think this is something that most folks on the Right are extremely na├»ve about. We don't realize that the Left has long captured most of our institutions - the beaurocracy, schools and colleges, pop culture, corporate boardrooms, corporate media. Big Tech, the medical system, and even in many cases, the Pulpit. We don't realize that the Left (+ the easily swayed "middle"), now outnumber us on the Right. There are now more of "them" then there are of us. A sobering fact many of the Right simply don't want to hear. We cannot depend on mere numbers to save the day. 

Folks, it is the fourth quarter and we are down by three touchdowns. Defense isn't going to win this anymore. We have to go on the offense, or lose. To switch to a hockey metaphor, it is time we pulled our goalie. The situation is that desperate. 

What I am arguing is that WE, us traditional folks on the Right, have to become the activists, the agitators, and the community organizers. We have to convince people who disagree with us that we are right, after all. It is going be hard and long, and will require effort and sacrifice. Not just for a weekend, or a year, or an election, but for generations... And if we aren't willing to do this, maybe we deserve to lose. 

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AD:  Total Resistance - The classic study on resistance & underground operations, by Swiss Major H. von Dach. Recommended by Pastor Joe Fox (aka Viking Preparedness). 

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