Tuesday, June 6, 2023

R-21 Dump "Woke" Schools!

Resistance 21

By Tim Gamble
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Get your children out of the incredibly "woke" public school system. Separate your family from the failed public school system. Public schools are little more than indoctrination camps for the Worldly system built by the Elites. If you are not aware of the many dangers, failures, and wokeness of public schools, then you haven't been paying attention.

And that includes your kid's school. Yes. Your kid's school is as bad as any, whether you want to admit it or not. It used to be, pre-lockdowns, that many parents would agree that public schools were bad. But it was always other public schools, in places like California and New York. It wasn't their kid's school, and they would get mad at any suggestion that it was.

Then the lockdowns happened. Parents had to closely supervise their kids' education on a daily basis. And they were stunned. Parents were forced to realize that, yes indeed, their kid's school is as bad as any. The indoctrination their kids face on a daily basis is staggering. So parents got upset. They started demanding answers, and changes, from school boards. 

This, in turn, upset school board members, who are activists and politicians NOT educators (something else parents have started to realize). These school board members consider themselves experts above questioning, and consider the parents who dare question them to be criminals and terrorists. Sadly, many DAs and even the US Dept. of Justice, took the side of the School Boards, so corrupt is our modern Worldly system.

In response, many parents have pulled their kids out of public schools, placing them in private or parochial schools. But, we have learned that many of these have also gone woke. Homeschooling is the best choice in most cases. And many folks now home school their children. 

Oddly, this surge in homeschooling was made possible by the lockdowns, as many parents (typically mothers) had to quit work to take care of their kids, who were no longer in school. And in doing so, many discovered that the family didn't need a second income after all. 

After deducting taxes, the cost of commuting, the incredible cost of day care and after school care, and other expenses associated with both parents working, a second income in many cases actually added little to the family's net spendable income. Homeschooling is affordable for many, it turns out. 

And many parents discovered the joy of actually taking care of their children. No wonder the activists in the educational system are so upset... 

Full Disclosure: Homeschooling is outside my personal experience, so you will need to do your own research to find out the details of how to do it in your state. 

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