Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ukraine: The Zelensky Problem

By Tim Gamble 
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On X (formerly Twitter), @DC_Draino made a post which has garnered a lot of attention, including from me. His post (see the image below) makes a very valid point about what I call the Zelensky Problem - the fact that the Ukrainian leader has literally become a dictator, cancelling elections and jailing political opposition. 

Here is the text to @DC_Draino's post:

Zelensky cancelled elections in his country

He arrested his biggest political opponent, banned dissenting media, and shut down opposition political parties

Now he is targeting 350+ Americans with an enemies list

Why the HELL are we sending more money to this little dictator?!

To this list of Zelensky's misdeeds we can add:
  • Jailing American journalist Robert Gonzalez, who died in a Ukrainian prison
  • Threatening American journalist Tucker Carlson for interviewing Putin
  • Banning the Russian Orthodox Church
  • Apparently stealing millions dollars worth of US aid and spending it on expensive luxury homes and cars, and lavish international shopping trips by his wife
A close examination of Zelensky's actions reveal him to be a corrupt dictator, not unlike Russia's Putin. One that the US and the West are spending hundreds of billions of dollars, and risking World World III, to support. Hence, the Zelensky Problem. 

Click to enlarge image.
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