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Resisting the Elites: Tips For Being A Resistance Fighter

By Tim Gamble 
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Being a Resistance Fighter doesn't equate to grabbing a gun and heading into the streets. It is not about fermenting civil war, committing violence, or threatening violence. Self-defense is always allowed, of course, but violence is an option of last resort. Instead, being a Resistance Fighter is about not yielding to the system being forced upon you. It is about living your life free and well, despite the forces trying to impose their will upon you. 

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Here are some tips for being an effective Resistance Fighter:

1) Start with yourself. Build your resilience, self-reliance, and preparedness. In doing so, you will be less dependent upon the system, removing much of the power the system has over you. This includes working hard to improve you health and fitness, overcoming addictions, improving your mental health and attitude, learning practical skills, and building solid relationships (spouse, family, community, church, tribe).

2) Think in terms of concentric circles. 
  • The  bullseye circle = YOU (This is the one circle you have the most control over)
  • The household circle = spouse, children, and other family members living with you (probably the circle you can influence the most)
  • The tribe circle = those you "do life" with. May include close friends, extended family members, fellow church members...
  • The community circle = those living or working in you immediate geographical area, such as neighbors, co-workers...
  • The local circle = Typically your city, town or county.
  • The state circle = The state (or province) where you live.
  • The national level = Most folks will have little actual influence at this level.
  • The global level =  Most folks will have little actual influence at this level.
The idea is that the smaller the circle, the bigger impact you can have. The bigger the circle, the less influence most folks will have. Spend most of you time and effort in the smaller circles. But don't completely ignore the larger circles. 

3) Stay informed. Keep up-to-date with current events at all levels. The more you know, the better you can strategize. Pay attention to both the corporate media and alternative sources. The corporate media will reveal what the Elites want the narrative to be, in both what they cover and don't cover. The alternative media will reveal much about what is actually going on. Be aware that all alternative media are not created equal. Many alternative media sources are also heavily biased, overly emotional, or just plain wrong. Gather information from a variety of sources, compare it with what you are seeing with your own eyes, and always think for yourself

4) Learn survival skills. Learn basic survival skills like self-defense, first aid, gardening, raising chickens and livestock, hunting, fishing, foraging, and starting fires. You will need the skills if society collapses for whatever reasons. Also, learn modern survival skills like situational awareness, money management and personal finance, employability in an age of technology and AI, and dealing with an intrusive government, HOAs, landlords and busybody neighbors. (I've written many articles on these topics, so please check out my Dystopian Survival website!)

5) Learn self-defense. Knowing how to defend yourself could save your life in a dangerous situation. This means learning to avoid bad situations to begin with (situational awareness, being the gray man, etc.), and learning how to defend yourself by both lethal and non-lethal means. 

6) Be discreet. Protect your privacy. In the context of a resistance movement, secrecy is important. Don't share sensitive information with people you don't trust completely (operational security). Be conscious about how you (and your family/tribe) use social media. Protect your online, and real world, privacy. Finding a balance in this area is difficult, and will vary from person to person depending on your own circumstances and concerns. 

7) Build a network/tribe. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your beliefs, values, and goals. Be cautious (see #6 above), but don't be paranoid. This could be the foundation of your resistance movement.

8) Be prepared for the unexpected. Always have a go-bag (bug-out bag) ready with essentials like food, water, first aid supplies, a change of clothes, extra cash, etc. Have physical maps of your area and region.  Wear sturdy shoes/boots that are comfortable for walking. If you must wear dress shoes or high heels for work, carry a spare pair of sneakers with you, or at least have them in your car so you can change into them if needed. (lots of article on bug-out bags and bugging out on my Dystopian Survival website).

9) Know your rights. Familiarize yourself with the constitution and your rights. This will help you navigate interactions with law enforcement and other officials. Yes, they may ignore your rights, but you don't have to make it easy for them by not knowing your rights. Consider keeping a pocket Constitution in your go-bag. (Amazon link:

10) Be ready to adapt. In a rapidly changing environment, flexibility is crucial. Be prepared to change your plans and strategies as needed. Be prepared to move if your location becomes untenable or dangerous for whatever reasons.  See my article Urban Survival - Adaptability Is Key (also appropriate for small towns and rural areas). 

11) Know how to identify federal agents, undercover police, and outside agitators. My article Spotting Federal Agents and Other Infiltrators is a good starting place.   

12) Live your life normally! This is the most important thing you can do. Ignore the insane political correctness and wokeness going on around us. Don't fall for whatever rhetoric the authorities and "experts" are pushing. Use your brain. Don't follow the herd, or fall into the pit of "group think." Always think for yourself. 

If religion is important to you, go to church, pray, read the Bible daily. What if your church has gone "woke"?  Many have. In that case, find a new church or start a home church or Bible study with like-minded folks from your old church! 

If you enjoy hunting, go hunting. Like to eat meat? Eat meat! Are you pro-second amendment? Join GOA. Tired of the LGBTQ+ agenda and celebrations? Teach your kids to be Real Men and Real Women. Join the PTA. Vote in the school board elections. Make your voice heard at school board meetings. Homeschool, or send your kids to a good private or parochial school (but beware, woke is creeping in there, too). 

Don't let the Elites and their system intimidate you into submission.
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