Friday, June 14, 2024

Resisting the Elites: A "How To" Starter Guide

By Tim Gamble 
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How do we resist the elites trying to destroy America and Western Civilization as we know it? 

The foundation we must build on is resilience, self-reliance, and preparedness, as individuals, families, tribes, and communities. 

Be able to think, and do, for yourself as much as possible. The more self-reliant you and your family are, the less you will be affected by what is coming, and the more you'll be able to resist. Do everything you can to build as much self-reliance and resilience as you can while there is still time (but, the clock is ticking).

My article, A Quick and Easy Outline of Preparedness, is a good place to start. If you want more in depth info from a much more expert voice, check out Pastor Joe Fox's book, Survivalist Family. Fox, a former Green Beret, has written what I consider to be the best guide to beginner and intermediate preparedness and survival. Highly recommended.  

How To Resist?  The best way to resist is to do the the opposite of what they want. 
  • They want open borders, so fight for secure borders and controlled immigration.
  • They want to end national sovereignty, so fight for national sovereignty and a strong military. 
  • They want endless wars to prop up the military-industrial complex, so fight for peace. (Peace through strength, with a non-interventionist foreign policy).
  • They want to ridicule and belittle patriotism, so be patriotic, and encourage others to be patriotic, too. (Celebrate the idea, and ideals, of our nation's founding, not our current wayward path.)
  • They want to end private property rights, so fight for laws protecting private property rights.
  • They want to restrict inheritance, so fight to end restrictions and taxation on inheritance.
  • They want to take away our guns, our means of self-protection, so fight to protect the Second Amendment. 
  • They want a cashless economy, so insist on using cash. 
  • They want to end traditional Christianity, so be a traditional, Bible-believing follower of the Messiah. This definitely means getting out of liberal/progressive churches.
  • They want to end the traditional family, so fight for it. 
  • They want to end traditional ideas of gender, so teach your children to be Real Men and Real Women.
  • They want control over your children's education, health, and bodies, so fight for your kids. 

Other Ideas for Resisting:

  • Honest elections matter, so fight for election reform, voter ID laws, transarency in counting, and an end to ballot harvesting.
  • Control of the Judiciary is critical. Judgeships matter deeply.
  • Be very active in local politics and talk to local officials. Local efforts, where our "leaders" must deal with us face-to-face, can be very effective.
  • In reality, local politics are more important than state politics. And state politics are more important than federal politics. 
  • Influence your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and fellow church members. Don't be cowed by political correctness or wokeness. 
  • Make use of alternative media sources to stay informed. But always think for yourself. 
  • My opinion: the best source of real journalism today is The Epoch Times.  
  • Learn about Technocracy, which is a primary tool the Elites are using to change our world. 
  • A great introduction to Technocracy is my article Technocracy, The Power Elite, and the Transformation of Human Civilization
  • The best source of news regarding technocracy is the website Technocracy News & Trends.
  • Men: Provide for, protect, and lead your family. Don't give in to worldly ways, modern sensibilities, wokeness, and political correctness. Be a Real Man. 
  • Parents: you are responsible for your children's welfare, not schools, teachers, or even the government. Teach your children, and stand between them and the dangers of political correctness and woke ideologies. 
  • Start building networks and communities of like-minded people you can trust. This takes time and effort, which is why it needs to be done now, not later. (Lots of community building articles on my Dystopian Survival website.)
  • Be especially wary of polices and laws that can be used as a "backdoor" to limit or take away our Freedoms. Hate speech laws allow the government to define "hate" however they wish, destroying our First Amendment rights. School anti-bullying policies more often are used to prevent your children from wearing a patriotic shirt ("bullying" immigrants) rather than stopping a real bully from taking your kid's lunch money. Red Flags laws have "gun confiscation" written all over them, especially in light of the APA's willingness to define traditional masculine traits as harmful.
Next up in my series on Resisting the Elites is "Tips For Being A Resistance Fighter." It will post early next week, so check back soon! 
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