Sunday, June 2, 2024

Kaleb House Matching Fundraiser


Hi Folks,

Kaleb House is one of the charities I support. It rescues and restores child victims of sex trafficking. Special donation matching is happening from June 1 to July 10.  This opportunity has the potential to raise up to $500,000 for Kaleb House! Please prayerfully consider donating. Go to for more info, including links to the secure donation page. Thank you. 

From the Kaleb House Website:

What is Kaleb House

Kaleb House is a residential recovery program providing a safe home-like environment for families and child survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. Our goal is to provide a biblical covering through redemption and love while preparing them for long-term success. We are dedicated to helping provide resources and tools for restoring the heart so life can become whole, wounds are healed, and hope is brought back. 

Our Mission

To provide a Biblical covering for sexually exploited widows and orphans while breaking generational curses.

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