Monday, September 18, 2023

R-40 Think. Don't Follow.

Resistance 40

By Tim Gamble

Be a Thinker, not a Follower

Information warfare is being waged against We The People by the Elites (see R-00). Control of information. Control of the news narrative. Control of education. Control of the language. All this is being done to control We the People. This is why I post information on identifying misinformation and propaganda (see R-20, R-23, R-29, R-34, R-35, and another post).

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In an information war, being skeptical and asking questions is a very good thing. No one should blindly trust any authority or expert. Question everything. 

When evaluating information ask yourself "who is putting this out, and why?" Do you actually know the source of the information? Is there an ideological bias? A political or monetary motive? Is the information fact or opinion? How accurate and trustworthy has this source been in the past? Is it an appeal to reason or to emotion? Can you verify the information, either through your own experiences or through other reliable sources? 

Many folks do a good job of being skeptical of "the other side" but we lose our skepticism when it comes to what we perceive as "our side." Question everything means questioning all sides, including our side. 

We should be skeptical of and question the mainstream news media. We should also be skeptical of and question conservative and alt news media. 

We should be skeptical of and question Democrat politicians. We should also be skeptical of and question Republican politicians. 

We should be skeptical of and question the Russian narrative of the War in Ukraine. We should also be skeptical of and question the Ukrainian-NATO-American narrative of the War in Ukraine. 

Don't blindly follow the official narrative or any official party line.

Don't blindly follow any politician or other leader. Don't blindly follow any talk show host. Don't blindly follow any pastor, priest or other religious official. Don't blindly follow Rachel Maddow or Tucker Carlson. Don't blindly follow the "Fact Checkers." Don't even blindly follow me.

Don't blindly reject information that you don't want to be true. Don't blindly accept information that you do want to be true.

Think. Question. Verify. Reason. Then decide. Don't follow. 

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