Friday, September 8, 2023

R-38 Guard Your Privacy

Resistance 38
By Tim Gamble 
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Privacy isn't a big deal according to many people today. Leftist's don't believe in privacy because it interferes with their desire to control others. Many "law and order" conservatives think anyone concerned about privacy "must have something to hide." Most millennials, growing up with the Internet and its lack of privacy, are used to not having much privascy and just don't see what the big deal is. 

Yet, there are many reasons to be concerned with your privacy:
  • Identity theft in America is now more than a $20 billion dollars a year criminal industry.
  • Politicians and bureaucrats can and do punish folks they disagree with, as the weaponization of the IRS, DOJ, FBI, ATF, and other federal agencies prove.
  • It is now very PC for government and law enforcement to consider preppers, homesteaders, conservatives, Christians, Trump-supporters, parents who criticize schools, and many others as "dangerous" and "potential domestic terrorists."
  • Employers now routinely "spy" on employees and applicants through social media.
  • Many schools now routinely "spy" on students through social media and other means.
  • Self-important bureaucrats, nosy neighbors, intrusive landlords. tyrannical HOAs, community activists, and self-appointed social justice warriors all pose threats in today's world of censorship and cancel culture.  
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policies at many business also pose a real and present threat to anyone who doesn't hold politically correct views. Employees are being denied raises and promotions based not on their performance, but on their political and social views. Some are even losing their jobs. Job applicants are being denied, despite their qualifications. Small vendors are being forced to adopt the politically corfrect policies of their Big Business clients. Even customers are being denied products and services merely because the Big Business has become aware of their non-acceptable" views. There has been a rash in recent months of banks closing the accounts of conservatives and others who don't two the line of politically correct viewpoints. 

Resistance article R-39 should post sometime Sunday and will contain advice and tips on how to guard your privacy. 

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