Tuesday, September 26, 2023

R-41 Two Additional AltNews Resources

Resistance 41

By Tim Gamble

Just a quick note to let folks know about two interesting Alternative News resources that I only recently discovered myself - Dissent Watch and American Faith. 

Dissent Watch is a link aggregation website, similar to Drudge Report or Whatfinger News. The Dissent Watch tagline is "The Web's Most Forbidden News." The website links primarily to websites, video channels, and journalists who have experienced censorship and even deplatforming by Big Tech and Social Media companies. This includes the likes of ZeroHedge, Tommy Robinson, Emerald Robinson, Gavin McInnes, Dr. Peter McCullough, and many others. Link = https://dissentwatch.com/ 

American Faith is a nonprofit news media network that provides breaking news and analysis on current events. It was founded in 2021 by Pastor Phil Hotsenpiller. The American Faith mission is "to be the most trustworthy source of news, media, and education in defense of the Constitution and Judeo-Christian faith."  Link = https://americanfaith.com/

Currently over 1/2 off at Amazon! Exposes the facts regarding how America's leadership (government, corporate and academic) are largely paid off by the Chinese Communist Party. Link = https://amzn.to/3wVFnLk 

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