Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Big Pharma and The Global Medical and Health System

By Tim Gamble 
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As we have learned in  recent years, our healthcare and medical systems are controlled by a few highly centralized and authoritarian organizations of unelected technocrats, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), among others. These organizations are heavily influenced by their ties to both the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and to Big Pharma companies such as Pfizer, Merck, et al. All of these are wholly unaccountable to We the People. 

It became clear during the pandemic that these organizations are extremely political and are motivated as much by ideology (and money) as they are by the actual medical science. Censorship of dissenting voices, even among scientific and medical community, has been rampant. A lack of transparency and the active suppression of research into the pandemic's origins has been another hallmark of these "experts" as they protect their turf (and their benefactors). Even suppression of actual medical and scientific research into possible alternative treatments and preventative measures has occurred. This is unacceptable. 

We need alternatives to the current system. The problem is that those in control now are not willing to give up their power. Doctors and scientists who push back against the controlling powers are finding their reputations smeared, their funding eliminated, their medical licenses threatened or revoked, their social media censored, and even their back accounts closed. The message is clear: Support the current system, or have your lives destroyed. 

Building alternative systems against such pushback from the powers that be is difficult, but it must be done. I believe the United States should pull out of the World Health Organization. I believe the FDA and CDC should be reformed or replaced. I believe Big Pharma lobbying must be curtailed, and that financial ties between government agencies and Big Pharma must be severed. I believe top officials of government agencies should be banned from holding positions with Big Pharma for at least five years after stepping down from their government positions. I believe that US taxpayer dollars must never again be used to fund research in China or in any way given to any agency of the CCP. I will support any politician of any party who is willing to push for these goals. I denounce any politician of any party who accepts contributions form Big Pharma, has a close family member on any Big Pharma Board, or who any any way does any business with the CCP.

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