Tuesday, July 18, 2023

R-34 Spotting Federal Agents & Other Infiltrators

Resistance 34

By Tim Gamble
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I've written about this topic before, but it vitally important in today's reality. If you are planning on attending any form of protest or rally, or are part of any formal or informal group which might be considered as conservative, libertarian, Christian, populist, nationalist, or right-wing, you need to know the following information.

The Left is more than willing to infiltrate patriot groups, rallies, and protests protests to spy, to instigate, and even to attempt false flag events in order to disrupt and discredit patriots. They use not only Leftist activists (Antifa, BLM, various anarchists, and even SJWs), but also Federal agents (FBI, ATF, etc.) to do so. This has become standard operating procedure for them. 

Peaceful, non-violent protests are a 100% legal and morally acceptable way to raise awareness of issues and attempt to influence the political process. They are also protected by the first amendment rights of Free Speech and Free Assembly. 

This fact is accepted by the media, politicians, and law enforcement when it is the Left protesting (even when those protests do include looting, rioting, and burning entire city blocks). But whenever the Right does it (without the looting, rioting, and burning), protests are suddenly unacceptable and must be stopped at all costs - even if it means instigating situations or even creating false flags to shut down conservative protests, and clamp down on our freedoms. 

Here are a few quick tips to spotting a potential infiltrator:
  • The unknown person who shows up at the protest unannounced, acting as if they are a long-standing supporter of the group/movement. Yet no one knows them.
  • The unknown person who wears a mask, won't show any ID, and obviously is trying to avoid having their picture taken.
  • The person who says all the right things to make it seem they are part of the group, but also seems to be trying hard to "push the buttons" of the group or individuals to get other people to do or say something violent or racist. 
  • The person that shows up with a sign that is racist or threatening, or that is otherwise off-message for the protest. 
  • The person who tries to get the group to suddenly change plans and to do something or go somewhere that was not already planned. Stick to your preplanned agenda. 
  • The person who gets overly-emotional or uses over-the-top rhetoric, especially if they seem to be trying to get others to follow their lead. 
  • The person who advocates violence or illegal activity. 

What to do if you think someone is an infiltrator?
  • Peacefully confront them about their behavior, signs, language, etc.
  • Ask them to remove their mask. 
  • Ask them to identify themselves, and to show ID.
  • Notify event leaders and organizers of a potential problem.
  • Let other protestors know of the potential infiltrator.
  • Take photos of them, especially photos without their face hidden.
  • Take videos of their actions. 
  • Denounce them, their language, and their actions. 
  • Always be polite, but firm.
  • Do not act violently towards them or make threats of violence against them. 
Most importantly, don't let them influence the group. Stick to your pre-planned activities. Don't go along with their ideas, rhetoric or theatrics. 

Is a new member wanting to join your group? Great. We need to expand our numbers to be effective. But don't be too trusting or too desperate for new members that you don't do your due diligence. Treat their potential membership as a job interview. Ask questions. Get to know them. Trust your gut. Let them know up front that your group is a peaceful group, and that you won't tolerate violence, threats of violence, or other illegal activities. Again, be extremely wary of anyone who gets overly-emotional or uses over-the-top rhetoric, particularly if they seem to be trying to push the buttons of other group members. 

Remember: Keep calm. Always stay peaceful. Never make threats.

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