Sunday, July 23, 2023

Getting Away From The Worldly Economy

By Tim Gamble
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In an attempt to take my own advice and get out of the worldly economic system, I am trying to get away from reliance on huge multinational corporations and woke companies, such as Amazon.  As you are probably aware, my websites have been Amazon affiliates for at least a decade now, and that affiliation drives much of my websites' revenue. Not a good situation. That is changing. In the coming weeks, I will be announcing a number of new affiliations with smaller, non-woke, American-owned companies. This transition away from reliance on Amazon will take several months, but is filled with exciting opportunities. 

Let's rebuild American manufacturing together by supporting American small businesses!

Announcement: Refuge Medical Affiliation (and Dystopian Survival) is now an affiliate of Refuge Medical and Refuge Training. Refuge Medical is a family-owned business, based out of Oklahoma, which designs and manufactures high quality, American made, first aid kits and supplies for military, law enforcement, EMS, firefighters, and civilians. The kits are made in America and guaranteed for life. A 10% Discount Code will automatically be applied at checkout when you visit their website using links from my websites.

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