Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Celebrating Independence Day?

By Tim Gamble
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I celebrate July 4th as Independence Day, but not the way most Americans celebrate it. I don't believe it is a day to celebrate the United States of America, as it exists today. Instead I celebrate it as a day of remembrance - a day to remember and celebrate what this country used to be. America, as it exists today, isn't worth celebrating. Celebrate what? Over $32 trillion dollars of national debt? Celebrate decades of useless wars and foreign entanglements? Celebrate stolen elections? Political prosecutions? Sexual immorality and perversions that are flaunted in front of children? Tens-of-millions killed by abortion? Mutilation of the sexual organs of young children? Parents treated like terrorists? A corrupt and dishonest media? A senile President and his utterly corrupt family? A Constitution that is largely ignored by the powers-that-be? The emerging surveillance and police state?

No. I cannot celebrate these things. Instead, I remember and celebrate the accomplishments of our Founding Fathers, and the principles upon which they built the American Republic. And I celebrate the faint, but real, hope that the American Republic may one day be restored from the ashes that now surround us. 

May you all have a good, safe, and happy day of remembrance.

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