Monday, July 10, 2023

R-33 The Greater Good (A False Idea)

Resistance 33

By Tim Gamble
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Do you belong to yourself? Or do you belong to the State? Are you meant to be an individual? Or are you meant to serve the "collective good?"

Do your children belong to you? Or do your children belong to the State? Is it your responsibility to raise your children? Or is it the responsibility of the larger society (as Hillary calls it, thee "village")? 

Are we meant to be individuals, accountable to our God? Or, are we meant to be merely another "cog in the machine," serving only the "greater good" (which means the system, and ultimately the Elites which created the system, since they decide what the "greater good" is)?

The Elites believe in "collectivism" (for us, not them) - that we exist to serve the system. The system meaning the structures of  politics and economy (power and wealth). The system created and controlled by them for their benefit. 

The Elites believe we should have no Rights, save those they grant us through the State. They believe those Rights, including the Right to our very Life, can be revoked by them at any time for any reason. In their eyes, we all nothing more than cogs in the machine of their creation. Cogs that are easily replaced.

This is what irks them so greatly about the Founding Documents of the USA. Those documents state the reverse of what the Elite believe. The United States was founded on the idea of Individual Liberties - irrevocable (unalienable) Rights granted to us by God, over which the State, and ultimately the Elite, have no control. 

It is why the Elite and their lackeys so often bemoan and disparage the Constitution. It is why Barack Obama says "the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, says what the states can’t do to you. Says what the federal government can’t do to you." 

Our Founding Principles are pro-individual and anti-collective at their very core. Yet so many people, especially over the last couple of decades, are falling for the concept of the "greater good" or the "collective good."  But who defines "good?" Is it actually good for all, or just good for those who benefit from it? We are not supposed to ask those questions - and most folks don't. 

[Also heck out the article I posted today on the Dystopian Survival website, Our Dystopian World and the Bill of Rights, which covers this same topic from a slightly different angle.]

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