Monday, January 31, 2022

I Told You So.... The push for many other vaccine mandates has begun.

By Tim Gamble

Christiane Druml, a bioethicist and head of the Austrian Bioethics Commission, is now promoting the idea of mandating flu, whooping cough, and measles vaccines, in addition to the mandated Covid vaccine. In fact, she says she is willing to go beyond even those mandates "to better protect people against unnecessary diseases." 

"There is definitely a social interest" to vaccination requirements in order to avoid unnecessary disease outbreaks, according to Drumel in a recent media interview.

It is worth noting that Drumel avoided the use of the harsh-sounding term "mandates" in her interview, using instead the softer-sounding word "requirements," But, of course, both terms mean the exact same thing. 

This week, Austria becomes the first European country to require Covid vaccines for all adults. Adults have until March to get vaccinated, or face fines of 3,600 euros (equal to about $4,100 US dollars). The Austrian government is also hiring people specifically to hunt down vaccine refusers, so they can be prosecuted. 

Is this a good time for me to say I told you so?  

Since government officials began talking about Covid vaccine mandates, I've been saying that if they are successful, officials won't stop there, but will quickly move to mandate other vaccines.   

Vaccine mandates mean HUGE revenues for Big Pharma. In turn, Big Pharma spends BILLIONS worldwide on lobbying and campaign contributions to the politicians who support the mandates. The more mandates, the more money that goes into this vicious cycle, lining the pockets of both Big Pharma executives and supportive politicians alike. 

Do you get it now?


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