Saturday, January 22, 2022

Censored News - Anti-Mandate Protests

There they go again... Big Tech is trying to stop you from learning about any news that goes against the narrative of the Elites. In their latest censorship attempt, they don't want you to know about the large anti-vaccine-mandate protests going on in NYC, and around the country (and throughout the world for that matter).

Article: Twitter Suspends Independent Journalist After Filming NYC Anti-Mandate Protests 

The allowed narrative of the Elites is that the various vaccine and mask mandates are wildly popular with all but a few conspiracy theorists, white-supremacists, Trump supporters, and other "bad" people. The mainstream media refuses to report on any of the protests (some of which are truly massive with hundreds of thousands of people protesting). And Big Tech is censoring the accounts of the few independent journalists and others who are covering the protests. They have decided you should not be allowed to see the protests. 

Independent Journalist Leeroy Johnson's account is suspended by Twitter for showing the NYC anti-vax protests. 


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