Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Christian Genocide in Nigeria Continues

By Tim Gamble

01/04/2022 Nigeria - There is a genocide against Christians in Nigeria being committed by Muslims. Records maintained by TheReligionOfPeace.com (TROP) show that in 2021, over 300 separate attacks on Christians were committed in last year by Muslim groups, including Boko Harem and Fulani militants. These attacks resulted in over 1,600 Christian deaths, many in very gruesome ways such as beheading or being burned alive. Over 1,000 other Christians were injured during these attacks. Many others were rendered homeless, as Christian homes are often intentionally burned down during these attacks. 

This situation has been going in Nigeria for two decades, with an estimated 75,000 Christians killed during the last twenty years, with another two million people displaced from their homes by the violence, according to information compiled by The Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project (ACLED). 

Nigeria has a population of about 219 million, which is 53.5% Muslim and 45.9% Christian, according to the most recent census information. However, Muslims maintain almost absolute control of the government and legal system in Nigeria. 

The Muslim-dominated government of Nigeria typically turns a blind eye to these Muslim attacks on Christians. Islamic Law (Sharia) is an official part of the legal system in many Nigerian Provinces. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari (in office since 2015) is a Muslim who has expressed support in the past for the "total implementation of Sharia Law" throughout all of Nigeria, despite the country's population being almost evenly divided between Christians and Muslims.

Even though Christians are by far the most persecuted group of peoples in the world, persecution and genocide of Christians is rarely reported in Western media. This is because the two primary culprits - Muslims and Communists - are protected classes within leftist ideology, while Christians are often considered problematic at best, or actually despised at worst, due to their support for traditional values and Biblical ideas of right and wrong. Thus, mainstream journalists in the West usually ignore the plight of Christians in Nigeria and around the world.

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