Thursday, December 14, 2023

Perishable Foods For Long-Term Storage

Originally posted on Dystopian Survival on December 1. Discounts at Amazon may have changed.

By Tim Gamble

One of the most often repeated bits of prepper advice, and it is good advice as far as it goes, is to "stock food to the rafters" while you still can. This will help you to provide for yourself and your family in any dark times ahead, as well as provide a hedge against inflation even if we return to good times. 
Hopefully, you have already begun developing your "survivalist pantry" with canned and dried foods, which will store for a long time. But some foods are perishable and difficult to store over the long-term. 

These perishable items, such as milk, cheese, butter, and eggs are problematic for long-term storage. Your best bet, if you can't produce these yourself, is powdered, dehydrated or freeze-dried products intended for true long-term storage (a decade or more), but this option an be very expensive. For my money, Augason Farms has the best selection, excellent quality, and are reasonably priced compared to other long-tern food options. In fact, I ordered some more Augason Farms products earlier this week when I saw them on sale at Amazon .

Right now at Amazon, most Augason Farms products are listed as in-stock, and many are on sale at some great prices. Here are a few  examples (as of 2:00 pm EST on December 1, 2023):

Non-Fat Dry Milk = 60% off

Butter Powder = 50% off 

Dried Whole Eggs = Regular price (but it is in stock for now)

Tomato Powder = 33% off

Many other products are also in stock and on sale, Supplies may not last, and prices subject to change at Amazon's whim, so don't drag your feet! 

Full disclosure: I have NO relationship with Augasan Farms other than being a satisfied customer. I am an Amazon affiliate and I do make a very small percentage off of sales made through links to Amazon on this website at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting this website! 

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