Monday, November 20, 2023

Time For The #NoShame Movement

By Tim Gamble

One of the tactics successfully used by the Far Left and the Woke Mob instilling shame and self-hate into people for not being "woke" enough. We are being taught to feel shame in being American, to be ashamed of being White, ashamed of being Asian (for being too successful), ashamed of being male, ashamed of being straight, ashamed of being a serious Christian, ashamed of supporting traditional values, traditional family, and traditional (only two) genders. 

Have a good job? A successful career? A happy traditional marriage? Shame. Shame. Shame.

Want a secure border? Shame. Own a car with a gas engine? Shame. Like your gas stove? Shame. 

Want criminals to go to jail for their crimes? Shame. Want a gun for hunting or self-defense? Double shame. Don't want the school system to change your child's gender without your knowledge or permission? Triple shame. 

Disagree with any part of the woke, socialist or LGBT agendas? You should be ashamed of yourself for being such a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, greedy, white-privileged bigot.   

The Epoch Times recently released a documentary touching on this subject: How Schools Are Teaching Children to Hate Their Country, Their Neighbors, Themselves. The white rap star Eminem has famously stated that "Being white is so embarrassing, I just want to kill myself." 

They want you to feel shame. They want you to hate yourself and your country. They want to put you in a position so you feel you need to prove that you are not really a bad person. All so you will willingly acquiesce to all their demands. 

It is time for a #NoShame movement.

#NoShame in being an American.

#NoShame in respecting our Founding Fathers, or the principles upon which they founded our great nation. 

#NoShame in respecting the Constitution, or believing in the Rule of Law. 

#NoShame in being White or Asian. Everyone should be proud of their particular heritage. 

#NoShame in being Straight.

#NoShame in being a Man. 

#NoShame in being Conservative. 

#NoShame in being a serious Christian or following the Bible.

#NoShame in believing in the biological fact of two genders.

#NoShame in being your children's parent. YOU are their parent. They belong to YOU, not their teacher, not the school system, not society, and sure as hell not the government!

#NoShame in wanting secure borders or an end to illegal immigration (which is NOT anti-immigrant, despite jhow they intentionally misconstrue it). 

#NoShame in wanting the many benefits of cheap and plentiful energy.

#NoShame in supporting the Second Amendment, or demanding your right to defend yourself and your family. 

#NoShame in questioning "The Science" or questioning "The Experts." Remember, if it can't be questioned, it is propaganda, not science. 

#NoShame in exercising your Free Speech, even if others don't like what you have to say. 

#NoShame in having a good job, making good money, or working hard to provide for yourself and your family.

Don't fall for their shame tactics. #NoShame
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