Friday, November 3, 2023

Car Crashes Gate at SC Nuclear Plant, Shots Fired

By Tim Gamble

The Associated press is reporting that "A driver tried to crash through the exit gates of a South Carolina nuclear plant Thursday night about an hour after security asked the same car to leave when it tried to enter, authorities said.

A pop-up security barrier stopped the car with an Arkansas license plate at the Oconee Nuclear Station near Seneca around 8 p.m., Oconee County Sheriff’s spokesman Jimmy Watt said in a statement."  [Source Link]

The car and driver remain at-large as of this morning. A nationwide bulletin was issued to police across the country to look for a silver 2002 Toyota Camry with an Arkansas license plate 380-VDR

Is this a probing attack, designed to test nuclear plant security? If so, by who? 

In light of the border crisis, rumors of Iranian sleeper cells, growing China aggression, the current antagonistic relationship with Russia, and political unrest in America, the list of possible suspects is quite long. It is a very concerning situation. 
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  1. Hardly a probing attack! I am sitting inside the wire at Oconee where this happened. I was here last night when the disgruntle outage worker did this. 66 year old white male. Take a subject and run with it with zero info...

    1. Thanks for the info. There was nothing in the AP story I linked to about who the attacker was, just that as of Friday morning the suspect was still at large. Breaking news is that way - not all facts are immediately known. I plan to post an update to this story tonight or tomorrow.


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