Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Two Organizations Resisting Tyranny

By Tim Gamble

I want to make my readers aware of two organizations that may be worthy of your participation and support as we resist the tyranny of the elite.

1) Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS) - Website: www.citizensforfreespeech.org

From the CFFS website: "Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS) is dedicated to preserving free speech and enabling citizens to exercise their rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.  

Local involvement is the spirit of Free Speech in America. We believe in the role of the citizen as statesmen in their local communities, and encourage active involvement in local processes, boards and elections."

CFFS does Free Speech advocacy, training, and provides networking opportunities for local Free Speech activists. They also have a podcast and a newspaper, the Free Speech Statesman. 

2) America First Policy Institute (AFPI) - Website: www.americafirstpolicy.com

From the AFPI website: "AFPI exists to advance policies that put the American people first. Our guiding principles are liberty, free enterprise, national greatness, American military superiority, foreign-policy engagement in the American interest, and the primacy of American workers, families, and communities in all we do."

AFPI promotes a 10-point agenda:
  1. Make The Greatest Economy in the World Work for All Americans
  2. Put Patients and Doctors Back in Charge of Healthcare
  3. Restore America's Historic Commitment to Freedom, Equality, and Self-Governance
  4. Give Parents More Control Over the Education of Their Children
  5. Finish the Wall, End Human Trafficking, and Defeat the Drug Cartels
  6. Deliver Peace Through Strength and American Leadership
  7. Make America Energy Independent
  8. Make it Easy to Vote and Hard to Cheat
  9. Provide Safe and Secure Communities so All Americans Can Live Their Lives in Peace
  10. Fight Government Corruption by Draining the Swamp

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