Sunday, December 4, 2022

Donald Trump Comments on the #TwitterFiles

The #TwitterFiles thread from journalist Matt Taibbi can be read on Twitter at this link:

President Donald Trump posted this comment on Truth Social in response:

In additional posts, Trump went on to say:

"What the FBI did with harassing, cajoling, and intimidating Big Tech companies into corrupting the 2020 Presidential Vote to the side of the Radical Left is no different in meaning than STUFFING THE BALLOT BOXES, only far more sophisticated and impactful. This is a major and very serious violation of the law, yet they come after me for what virtually every other President has done, and is allowed to do by law, probably as a means of complicating and covering up their massive Election Crime!!!"

"I am glad that everyone is now seeing the light on what I have been saying loud and clear for the last two years, that the 2020 Presidential Election was rigged and stolen by a combination of Democrats, Big Tech, “law enforcement,” and other bad actors. Sadly, we have become a corrupt Country, perhaps one of the most corrupt anywhere in the world. We MUST right this horrible wrong, and take our Country back!"

Again, the #TwitterFiles thread from journalist Matt Taibbi can be read on Twitter at this link:

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