Monday, December 20, 2021

The Epidemic of the Vaccinated Grows

By Tim Gamble

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), and Congressman Jason Crow (D-CO) all announced over the weekend that they tested positive for Covid. All three are experiencing only mild symptoms according to their statements. All three are vaccinated and boosted. 

All three politicians claim that the vaccine and booster shots are safe and effective, pointing to their mild symptoms, and stating that their Covid cases could be much worse without the vaccine. Of course, these statements are unprovable since there is no way to determine for certain how severe or mild their cases may have been had they not had the vaccine, or in fact if they would have even contracted the virus. 

The Covid infections of the two senators deals a major blow to attempts in the Senate to pass Biden's Build Back Better plan, since the senators will be unavailable to vote on the plan before the Senate goes on Christmas break.  This forces any vote on the plan to take place after the new year. 

In other Covid news, 48 people on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship tested positive for Covid, despite all passengers 12 years of age and older being required to be fully vaccinated before being allowed to board the ship.  All 48 cases appear to be mild or even asymptomatic. Once again, there is no way to determine for certain how severe or mild their cases may have been had they not had the vaccine. 

We have an epidemic of the vaccinated, who are now contracting and spreading Covid at a higher rate than the unvaccinated. Possible reasons for this epidemic of the vaccinated include 1) the vaccines may actually damage the human immune system, hampering the body's ability to produce white blood cells and T-cells, and 2) the vaccines are preventing people from acquiring natural immunity, which is far superior to any immunity acquired from vaccines. Of course, both these reasons are disputed by Big Pharma, the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci. However, they cannot give a reason for the epidemic among the vaccinated, and merely try to shift the blame to the unvaccinated. 

Speaking of Dr. Fauci, during his Sunday interview on ABC's This Week, he said that the vaccinated need to continue wearing facemasks since they compliment the shots. 

So, if you get the vaccine, you may still get Covid, though it may be a milder case (technically unprovable). You may still spread Covid. And you still need to social distance and wear a facemask. Which begs the question, why get the vaccine in the first place? 


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