Friday, December 17, 2021

Do you get it now?

Today's headline on Technocracy News & Trends: Technocrats Send Message: You Will Never Be ‘Fully Vaccinated’ . It is worth reading.

Comply with the vaccine mandates, and you will eventually have to get booster shots quarterly for the rest of your life. Notice the ever changing definition of "fully vaccinated" and the ongoing push around the world for "vaccine passports." 

1) Vaccine

2) Vaccine + Booster

3) Vaccine + 2 Boosters

4) Vaccine + 3 or 4 Boosters

5)Vaccine + 3 or 4 Boosters + Yearly Booster

6) Vaccine + Quarterly Boosters for life!

This vaccine insanity means massive revenue for Big Pharma. 

Massive revenue for Big Pharma means massive campaign contributions from Big Pharma to the politicians who are pushing the vaccine insanity. Not to mention the massive boost to the power of politicians and bureaucrats derived from the constant state-of-emergency they have us in. 

Do you get it now? 


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