Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Food Prices Rise as Farmers Face Dire Situation

The Epoch Times is reporting on what they call a "triple storm" facing farmers. This triple storm is the sharply rising costs and simultaneous shortages for fertilizer, pesticides, and machinery. The article examines the many reasons for these problems, most of which are not temporary or transitory in nature. The news article goes on to explain that 2022 may be the last year for many farming families after generations in the farming business. 

What This Means To You:  The high inflation at the grocery store over the last year is NOT going away anytime soon. Prices will NOT be going back down to previous levels. In fact, 2022 may see even higher food inflation than 2021. Food inflation is NOT temporary or transitory, but rather seems to be here to stay for at least the next few years. And serious shortages caused by decreasing production, rather than supply chain problems, may hit in 2023 and beyond. 

What You Can do:  Stockpiling food may help you avoid inflation and shortages over the short-term, but not over the long-term. And our agricultural problems are long-term. The real long-term solution is self-reliance and local economies built around agrarian communities (see my recent article). Providing at least a small portion of our own food and becoming part of an agricultural-based community and developing real relationships within that community  (when is the last time you shook hands with an actual farmer?) is the best path to long-term survival.  

This can be done in the cities and suburbs (see my articles on City Farming and on Small Plot Gardening), but obviously it would be easier in small town and rural areas of the country. 


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