Thursday, November 18, 2021

9 Things Patriots Should NEVER Do!

By Tim Gamble

1) NEVER give up your personal sovereignty. You are responsible for yourself and your family. Never look to the government to protect you or save you, even in a major crisis. Especially in a major crisis. Remember the political saying "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Don't be na├»ve about politicians and bureaucrats. Don't trade your freedoms for the promise of security or safety.  

2) NEVER get on the bus. Figure out now how to survive future chaos without going to the FEMA camp or other facilities meant to "help" you. Anywhere with fencing, razor wire, and armed guards is a prison, no matter what excuses they use or what they actually call it. 

3) NEVER blindly follow the "authorities." Remember the old slogan "Question Authority"? It is time to bring that slogan back. Politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, educators, business leaders, and even religious leaders, should never be considered automatically right just because they have some mantle of "authority." Authorities can be biased, make mistakes, have ulterior motives, and otherwise be just-plain-wrong. Learn to think for yourself, and weigh the dictates of authorities for yourself before deciding to follow them or not. 

4) NEVER let government raise your kids.  YOU must be your kids' parent, not the school system, not TV or pop culture. You are responsible for their upbringing and their education. Homeschool if possible. Or consider a good private or parochial school. Send them to public school only as a last resort. But whatever you do, you must be the ultimate overseer of your kids' education. Pay attention to what they are being taught, look over their homework, read their textbooks. talk to their teachers, be active in the PTA, be vocal at the school board meetings. Run for the School Board yourself, or support like-minded patriots when they run. 

5)  NEVER think of yourself as a victim. Don't look to government to "make life fair" or to "get even" with people who may be richer or more successful than you. One of the most successful tactics of the collectivists is to convince people that they are victims, and need government to protect them and make things right. Victimhood is in a strange way empowering, in that it means you are not responsible for your own crappy life. It is always someone else's fault. And if you vote for the right people they will protect you. But, of course, they won't. 

6) NEVER think you are entitled to anything without having to earn it first. We are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that is it. All else must be earned through our time, talent, and effort (hard work). 

7) NEVER give up your ability to defend yourself. Self-defense is a God-given right that neither government nor society has the right to take away from you. This includes the right to the tools of self-defense, such as guns and knives. Strongly support the Second Amendment, and resist all attempts to curtail it. Avoid situations in which you are required to disarm (such as flying or entering a government building). Learn to defend yourself with your hands and improvised weapons in case you are ever forced to disarm.

8) NEVER stop improving yourself and your situation.  Never stop learning new skills. Never stop practicing old skills. Never stop adjusting your plans. Never stop developing your homestead or bug-out retreat. Never stop building your supplies. Even highly-experienced experts need to keep learning, keep practicing, keep planning. and keep preparing.  The more prepared we are, the more self-reliant we are, the less control government will have over us. 

9) NEVER worry about "fitting in" or what others think of you. Ultimately, you answer to God ONLY. He is who will judge you. And it is His judgment you should fear, not your friends', not your boss', not your children's, not your mother-in law's, and not even your spouse's. Do what is right in His eyes, and the rest will eventually sort itself out. If that means you lose that relationship (your boss fires you, your friend denounces you, your parents uninvite you to Thanksgiving dinner, whatever), then I suggest you are better off without those people in your life. Find new people. 

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