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Article Selection and Commentary  by Timothy Gamble 

10-26-2020 - Having trouble believing that the Corporate Media are being intentionally dishonest and protecting Joe Biden? The Washington Post is calling on media outlets to report Hunter Biden leaks as foreign disinformation, even if it 'probably' isn't. Think about that for a minute. The Washington Post is deliberately reporting information they know is false, and wants other media outlets to do the same, in order to protect Joe Biden. 

It is good to be related to the Vice-President, especially when that vice president is Joe Biden: Emails Reveal Biden Family Lobbied For ‘Nepotistic’ Presidential Appointments AND Received Them.  

10-22-2020 - Newest development in the corruption scandal involving Joe Biden and his son Hunter:  Hunter Biden's business partner has come forward to confirm Joe Biden received a cut of son’s China deals, while Joe was the Vice-President. Big Tech and the Corporate Media are still suppressing this story!   

Joe Biden just announced the first step in packing the Supreme Court. He is appointing a commission to study "reforming the Supreme Court" once he is elected. Once the Supreme Court is expanded with additional Leftist judges, expect major restrictions on Free Speech (in the name of stopping "hate speech"), Free Press (going after alt media sites and independent journalists in the name of stopping "hate speech" and "fake news"), Freedom of Religion (shutting down opposition to LGBT agenda and abortion), and the Second Amendment. Also, abortion restrictions will be removed, including restrictions on the horrific practice of partial-birth abortions. 

Across the country, people with Trump signs on their property are receiving anonymous letters in the mail, stating that they have been added to a database and threatened with arson should Trump win the election. This type of intimidation tactic has long been considered acceptable in pursuit of their goals by Marxists, Maoists, communists, and socialists. 

10-21-2020 - Both the FBI and the Dept. of Justice have now confirmed that the emails on Hunter Biden's laptop are genuine, and that the emails are NOT a part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Yet the Corporate Media and Big Tech continue to suppress this story.  (see articles: Breitbart, Fox News, Zero Hedge, Canada Free Press, Epoch Times).

As further proof of the Biden - corruption story, the NY Post has published a picture of Joe Biden meeting Hunter Biden's  business partner from Kazakhstan. Joe Biden's campaign staff had initially said such a meeting never "officially" happened, but now say that an "unofficial" meeting might have taken place. You can see the photo and story on the NY Post website at https://nypost.com/2020/10/20/photo-biden-meets-hunters-alleged-partner-from-kazakhstan/

The Antifa and Black Lives matter movements have been successful in getting am number of police departments partially defended, and some school systems to remove police officers from campuses. Now the San Diego school district has announced it will eliminate grading standards to "combat racism." This move not only fails to combat true racism, but it hurts students of all races. 

10-20-2020 - There used to a a famous slogan "Question Authority" popularized by the likes of Timothy Leary and others of the counter-culture movement of the 1960s. Sadly, this slogan is no more. In today's modern world of political correctness, the last thing anyone is supposed to do is question authority. But maybe it is time we started to question authority once again. Check out these stories and quotes: 

  • Ten Times The World Health Organization Erred: Why Is WHO Still Credible & Not Disbanded?
  • New Study: East Antarctica Was Up To 6°C Warmer Than Today During The Medieval Warm Period (more evidence current "global warming" is well within normal ranges of natural climate cycles)
  • Sweden has destroyed the case for lockdown - While most authorities insist a lockdown is the only possible way to deal with Covid-19 
  • C.S. Lewis: “I dread government in the name of science. That is how tyrannies come in.
  • President Dwight D. Eisenhower: “We must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite."
  • Thomas Sowell: “Experts are often called in, not to provide factual information or dispassionate analysis for the purpose of decision-making by responsible officials, but to give political cover for decisions already made and based on other considerations entirely."
  • Reporter:Well, don’t the voters deserve to know?Biden:No, they don’t.” (Joe Biden, refusing to answer questions regarding the "packing" of the supreme court, reveals the attitude of the Elite towards regular folks.)

10-15-2020 - Here is a link to the NY Post story on Hunter Biden that Twitter, Facebook, and other big tech companies are trying to censor:  https://nypost.com/2020/10/14/email-reveals-how-hunter-biden-introduced-ukrainian-biz-man-to-dad/

Despite the initial claims of Twitter and Facebook, these emails were NOT obtained by illegal hacking, but were obtained in a completely legal way. Tucker Carlson explains it in this segment from his show: 


10-15-2020 - The Hunter Biden story is not the only news story that Big Tech is censoring. Facebook in particular is protecting VP candidate Kamala Harris by restricting this story: Kamala Harris Tried to Put Pro-Lifers in Jail Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts  

I urge you to read these articles for yourself. Don't let Big Tech determine what news you are allowed to see, and what thoughts you are allowed to have. 


By Timothy Gamble 10-11-2020

One of the greatest threats we face is an internal threat.  Western Elites want to destroy America and Western Civilization to create their version of utopia (for them). They believe Western Civilization and culture is bad, that America in particular is evil, and that Judeo-Christian values and ethics are too restricting (for them). They look down on the lower and working classes with great disdain, as uneducated, unsophisticated, unworldly, crude, and common.

The Elites want to create a world with no borders, where they are global citizens unrestricted by normal laws and ethics. They desire a large underclass (they need workers), only a small middle class (they need a few professionals), and an upper class made up of themselves and their fellow Elites. An Elite class who, by virtue of their obvious superiority, have absolute rule over the lesser classes. 

They seek to destroy everything that stands in the way of creating their vision of Utopia - the traditional family unit, traditional gender roles, the Church, patriotism, and self-reliance. Current attempts to restrict free speech comes straight out of the Elites desire to control the lesser classes, as does their desire to eliminate the second amendment, and to greatly restrict parental rights. 

The Deep State, made up of powerful career politicians and bureaucrats, along with their allies in the corporate boardrooms of Big Business, have sold out to and work for the Elites. Big Tech, Big Unions, Academia, the Corporate Media, and even know-nothing Pop Culture Icons, have all lined up in support of this New World Order being created by the Elites. 

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