Friday, April 5, 2024

Resisting The Elites: Get out of their system and build self-reliance.

By Tim Gamble 
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There are forces at work in our world which are trying to fundamentally change human civilization. Not for the betterment of humanity, despite their claims, but rather for their own benefit. These forces are known by many names, but I generally call them the Elites. (For more on who these forces are, read my article Who, What Are We Resisting?)

The more we are part of their system, the more control they have over us, and the less ability we have to resist their plans. Many of us are already afraid to speak out. We are afraid of being labeled as racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise a "hater." Cancel culture means we face the possible consequences such as losing not only our social media accounts, but also our jobs, our businesses, or even our friends and family. Political correctness isn't about wanting people to be nice or polite to each other, it is about intimidation. Wokeness isn't about social or environmental "justice" but rather is a bullying tactic the Left uses to get their way: Do what we say to do. Think the way we tell you to think. Or we will destroy you.   

How do we get out of their system? Getting entirely out of their system will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. But we can extricate ourselves from much of their system, if we are willing to do the hard work and make sacrifices to do so. I've written about this before, but here is a recap:
  • Homeschooling is better than parochial & private schools is better than public schools. 
  • Working for yourself is better than working for a small business is better than working for a large corporation or the government.
  • Owning out-right is better than paying a mortgage is better than renting.
  • A credit union is better than a small regional bank is better than a big national bank. 
  • Paying cash is better than a debit card is better than a credit card.
  • Going all cash & barter is best of all, but probably impossible in practical terms.
  • Taking care of your health is better than needing a hospital.
  • Entertaining ourselves (reading, family game night, hosting a bar-b-que, going bowling, going fishing, etc.) is better than relying on TV, the movies, and pop culture.
  • Living in a small rural community or small town is better than living in a small city is better than living in a mega-city.
And the list could go on and on. Its not easy getting out of the system, and may be impossible to do so completely, but shed yourself of as much of the system as you can. 

*** This is part 1 of the Resisting the Elites series. Part 2 should post Sunday. 
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