Sunday, April 14, 2024

Resisting the Elites: Why Trump Failed and How MAGA Might Win

By Tim Gamble 
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I like Donald Trump. I admire his obvious patriotism. I appreciate that he kept most of his campaign promises (most politicians don't even try). I voted for in in 2016 and 2020, and I will vote for him in November. 

That said, I must admit that he ultimately failed in his efforts to drain the swamp and defeat the Deep State. It took a pandemic created by a bio-weapon, dangerously dishonest advice form Fauci, the CDC and the FDA, as well as a rigged election to do it, but the swamp eventually devoured Trump. (He will have second chance, and I am rooting for him.)

Why did Trump fail?

It turns out the Swamp is a lot bigger and deeper than anyone thought, and the snakes and gators of the Swamp are more corrupt and more willing lie, cheat, and steal than we realized. Those snakes and gators included many of the establishment GOP, as well as "experts" we thought we could trust because they were doctors and scientists. We found out that the Swamp exists everywhere, not just in DC. It is found in corporations, in social media, in school boards, in hospitals, in universities, in pop culture, in blue states and red states, and throughout America. 

Trump ultimately failed because two groups of Swamp denizens betrayed him - the GOP establishment and the medical and scientific advisors at the CDC, FDA, et. al. In fact, they didn't just betray Trump, they betrayed the American people. (Others also betrayed Trump, but these were the two groups who ended the Trump presidency.) 

The GOP establishment turned its back on Trump when he need them the most, refusing to investigate the obviously flawed 2020 election. Refusing to even acknowledge the massive of amount of evidence of fraud in places like Georgia. 

Trump's medical and science advisors provided bad advice and even engaged in lies, censorship, and intimidation in a coordinated effort to cover up what was really going on with Covid, creating the chaos which allowed the election to be stolen. Trump trusted these advisors because they were supposedly non-partisan "experts." But they proved to be snakes and gators instead. 

How MAGA (and Trump) might win: 

Unlike the Tea Party, which burned out too quickly, the MAGA movement shows no signs of fading. The movement is nine years old in June, remains highly enthused and energetic, and may yet re-elect Trump as President this November. 

But for the MAGA movement to ultimately win, it must do more than just re-elect Trump. MAGA has to be about more than just Trump.

To ultimately win, MAGA must:
  • Realize that we cannot place our trust in any one individual, not even Trump.
  • Realize we cannot place our trust in any political party, not even the GOP. It is no longer about republican vs democrat or conservative vs liberal, but rather good vs evil.
  • Realize that we can no longer trust government or the "experts" to do the right thing.
  • Realize that state elections are actually more important than national elections, and that local elections are the most important of all. 
  • Realize that we are not just fighting against democrats and liberals, or even the Deep State, but also against DEI, ESG, CRT, the WEF, WHO, the UN, the CCP, the LGBIQ+ agenda, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Blackrock, Google, the climate change "emergency," and globalism, among many other ideologies and groups. Folks, it is all tied in together.
  • Develop the leaders to come after Trump. (Tim Scott? Ron DeSantis? Vivek Ramasamy? Rand Paul? Tulsi Gabbard? Others?) And that is leaders with an s. It is dangerous for a movement to have just one main leader. We need many leaders. And each one of us needs to be a leader in our home and our community. 
  • Find a way around the mainstream media, academia, and pop culture so that we can drive the narrative.
  • Take control of our children's education, and our own education for that matter.
  • Build alternative systems to replace the old systems installed by the Elites for their own benefit. (Examples: alternate sources of news and information to replace the corporate media, homeschooling and private schooling to replace public schools.)
  • Think nationally, but act locally. MAGA must become a bottom up movement.
MAGA has to become about much more than just politics. If it does, MAGA might ultimately win, with or without Trump. 

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