Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Where will the riots, civil unrest and political turmoil take place?

By Tim Gamble
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You could be confronted by the Leftist Mob anywhere. But, you will be much more likely to experience civil unrest anywhere the Left is known to congregate: large cities and urban areas, centers of political power, "blue" states and cities, in large corporations, in public schools, and at university & college campuses across the country. Also, businesses that you know to be run by Leftists and/or frequented by them. Be aware of your own workplace.  Is your your boss a Leftist? What about human resources and upper management? Your co-workers? Be aware, and adjust accordingly.

The opposite is also true. Less likely places to experience civil unrest and the Leftist Mob are small towns and rural areas, "red" states and cities, and small businesses, particularly those run by more politically and socially conservative folks. 

Although riots often occur spontaneously in response to a particular event, we have seen a sharp rise in organized, pre-planned political violence, often funded through layers of shady organizations to hide the real organizers and their real (typically political) motivations. These organizers will only be emboldened or grow more desperate, depending on the November election's outcome, so expect this trend towards organized political violence to not only continue, but to grow. The good news is that such organized violence is often predictable, if you pay close attention to the local news and events in your area. Stay aware, and stay safe. 
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